♥ A favorite printmaking baren for hand printing relief & intaglio Print Frog® Glass Baren tool ♥

hey welcome to iron frog press I’m Matt Bagley and I’m going to tell you what’s going on with a print frog if you don’t already know if the print frog is it is the most efficient most comfortable most durable and most personal bear is available hopefully these videos coming up I’ll get into all of those later but right now I’m going to show you our pro model print frog it’s made of borosilicate glass it’s got a smooth bottom and a radius edge for efficient printing a big urban on handle for comfortable printing and since it’s made a glass nothing will stick to it and it’s also heat proof it can be used for in caustic work it’s our best model available we call it our pro model because it’s great for printing all days you print up 100 over 100 impressions in one day with it next we have our studio model it’s made out of recycled glass hand-blown here in dallas texas they vary in size and shape this one’s clear with a few little bubbles and this one has some swirls in it also we have our cobalt Studio model same as our studio model it’s made out of recycled glass hand-blown they vary slightly in size and shape and they have their stamps with the iron frog logo unless you’re this right-side up but there it is get yourself a print frog you won’t regret it

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