💥Larger Smoosh Paintings – Rorschach would be PROUD💥

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] this was a new and different approach I did a smash poor I don’t know what you call it where it’s I keep calling it a Rorschach inkblot test but like I poured paint on the table and then I smashed the canvas on it and it’s lovely it was a fun thing to play around with I like what the colors did and it’s different I really like these wispy tendrils and that some cells popped out in subtle ways in various places that’s lovely I’ve got a lot of color interaction there but then in other places they really they really held their own and didn’t mix together which is really nice so yeah that was fun and different and I liked the end result so I don’t know we might play around with that some more in the future [Music] this is another one where I tried something new and sort of did that Rorschach inkblot test I painted on a plastic and then smooshed it into the canvas and I really liked it it’s just got a lot of movement and the colors didn’t mix too much and it’s energetic and different and directional but not in a purposeful swipe sort of way it’s more in an organic way and I’d love it this is one of my new favorites let me know what you think [Music] hey did you know that I have a patreon now as well as a teespring account you can support me by becoming a patron or you could buy some merch there’s any banner down below where you can buy t-shirts hoodies tank tops kids shirts also coffee mugs also if you liked this video don’t forget to hit the like button subscribe click the bell if you want to get notified of my next videos and as always thanks for watching [Music]

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