#1 Resin Artwork Coasters

Hello my beautiful Cranberries! Welcome back to my YouTube Channel I’m so excited to bring, yet another Resin Artwork project for you Today I’m going to create resin coasters & these are done purely with the help of resin as a medium I have taken the help of resin molds which are created all by myself. You can do these yourself too You can use a silicone gun & a silicone sealant & create irregular shapes & sizes that you require Ofcourse I’m going to fill these up with resin as a medium & will use opaque & transparent dyes & ofcourse a splash of shimmer Where are these coasters to be used? They are great for fine dining. To place your Champagne glasses or just your plain water glasses as well Lets see how these turn up. Lets get started Hey! I hope you liked these resin coasters The silicone molds were a success but then the resin was dripping out of it What I recommend is buying a fixed mold These coasters have turned out really fancy & are great to be placed under your beverage servings If you liked my video, do give it a big thumbs up Subscribe to my channel & hit the bell icon See you until next time. Cheers!

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