10 CREEPY KIDS DRAWINGS w/ Adults (React)

– Imaginary friend?
Holy shit, that’s scary. Jesus. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we’re gonna
have you look at something strange. – Ah, you have come
to the right man, because I enjoy weird things. – (FBE) So, we’ll be having you
look through ten different creepy kids’ drawings.
– Okay, first of all, I thought you were gonna say
“Ten different creepy kids.” and I was already terrified,
then you said drawings and it made it even worse. – I don’t go out of my way
to search out creepy kids’ drawings. – It’s gonna be interesting to
definitely see what kids put down, ’cause sometimes they do it
and they don’t think anything of it. – I like little kids and I like
when they do dumb things or things that just
don’t make sense. So, I’m excited. – They’ll have a little brother.
Sometimes he draws creepy things, so I feel like this should
be interesting. – I’m sure I’m gonna have
nightmares, but let’s do it. – (FBE) Here’s your first drawing. – “My dad is the best [bleep] ever.”
Wow, this went in a different direction than I was expecting. – He’s wearing a chef’s hat.
That’s what it looks like, a chef’s hat. – I mean, it’s just a normal
drawing of a dad cooking food. – Ironically enough, the child
decided to go with pink for the top of his father’s hat.
The child doesn’t know what a [bleep] is.
You know, he just happnes to have drawn his dad
as a [bleep], but he doesn’t know what this is.
This is more cute than anything. – That kinda reminds me of
when I used to draw when I was little.
I would draw some stupid stuff and put some sentences
that just didn’t make sense. – I feel bad critiquing how
inappropriate it has turned, because it’s like,
“Aww, so cute.” but like, so funny.
I would put it in a file to then show him later
when they’re older and be like,
“Look what you wrote. This is hilarious.” – (FBE) Here is your next drawing.
– “Hanzes Coffee Shop.” Wait, no, I can totally
work out what’s going on in here. Murder. – The coffee shop
and the family has killed everyone. – I see what’s wrong.
The ‘S’ is backwards on “Shop.” – Oh, I just got it.
I was trying so hard to read the sign
of the coffee shop, not realizing it’s literally
a little girl and some older dude with knives with blood on them.
I don’t want to say the kid has mental issues,
but I mean, this is a little disturbing for a little
kid to be thinking about at that time. – It’s so unnecessarily detailed
for a kid’s drawing. You know, they have knives
up in the air and the kid is celebrating, being happy
for his parents that they killed the people.
Think that’s pretty creepy. I don’t know what’s going on
in that kid’s head. – You see, that’s where it’s scary.
It’s like, why are you so small and thinking such a scary thing. – “My first day.”
What? – “My first day.”
Same, same. – This photo could be taken
very, very wrong right off the bat. – This one’s funny, because
her boobs are right by her face and her hair’s really wide. – So, we just couldn’t put
the girl’s [bleep] inside the shirt? Is that what I’m seeing?
I hope that’s what everybody else is seeing. – Maybe the little kid’s drawing it
as he sees it, or she sees it.
I can’t judge. – I don’t know why their hand
is a flower. That’s not dirty.
That’s just a weird detail. – But, great job.
All my characters weren’t perfect as a kid. – “Me and dad dance
on mommy’s grave.” Wow, I can’t put
a positive spin on that. That’s very direct
and to the point. – All right, dancing on the grave?
Okay, now that’s pretty bad. – The kid totally didn’t
mean it like that, you know. Maybe mommy passed away
not too long ago and they’re dancing because
they’re happy that mommy is in a better place. – If the mom isn’t dead,
if I was the mom, I’d be a little bit concerned. – The Sun’s happy.
The dad’s– they’re holding hands
and he’s about to step on the tombstone. – He has good intentions.
They’re having fun. It’s just right on top
of the mom’s grave, you know. – This is [bleep] dark.
I love it. – “My teacher is an atheist.”
Oh my gosh, low key, that’s something I would draw. – The teacher’s in hell,
chained in hell. That’s creepy, but I mean,
again, creative. – That’s kind of out there.
Very, very out there. – We got the biggest frown face
and he’s in chains. Beautifully drawn chains.
Maybe they asked their parents to assist them on the chains,
which is also kind of weird. – That’s what most children
under the age of five would draw after going to Sunday school.
They’d be like, “Whoo, God loves me.
God is me, but if you he’s not,
then we’re going to hell.” – I don’t know many children
that know the word “atheist.” I’m a little uncomfortable,
actually. Can we–
let’s get it going. – “Imaginary friends?”
Holy shit, that’s scary. Jesus. – Oh, imaginary friends.
That one is really creepy. – I just don’t like how
the imaginary friend, first of all, looks like it has blood dripping
from its mouth and eyes. I would literally think there
was something wrong with my kid. They honestly see paranormal stuff. – You see this drawing
in a scary movie when the plot is being developed still
and the parents walk in. It’s like, “Oh, what are
you drawing?” And it’s like, “Look,
It’s my imaginary friend.” – I don’t know what’s
the creepier part, the imaginary friend,
absolutely creepy, or the fact that you can
see the drawing from the other side creeping in. – This one is straight out
of a [bleep] horror movie. I would watch this movie, though.
For sure. – “Scissors.”
I mean… All right, well,
I’m calling it like I see it. That’s a straight up [bleep] pic
right there. – He tried really hard
to draw scissors. It doesn’t look like scissors,
though. – It’s a good attempt.
Definitely a great attempt. It’s clearly a [bleep]. – I don’t know why
they’re drawing scissors in the first place.
I never sit down and I was like, “Pencil.
Cool.” – This is solid quality.
I would tell my kid “You know what?
Yes, this is scissors.” If I was a parent,
I would put this on a refrigerator. – I mean, at least they got
the ‘S’ the right way, unlike every other kid.
You just look at it, you already know how
inappropriate it could be, but then if your kid brings
this to you, you’re like, “Aww, yeah.
Your scissors do look like that.” – “I am Buzz Lightyear.
I come in…” I can’t even read
the whole sentence. – I assume that’s supposed
to say “I come in peace.” Right. – I think he’s trying to say
he comes in peace. (laughs)
Yeah, he’s trying to say he comes…
(laughs) – Maybe he asked his mom
“How do you spell Buzz Lightyear?” and then maybe she told him
and then walked away and then he’s like,
“Oh, I know ‘come in peace.'” And then wrote “cum in pies.” – The drawing’s really good.
You gotta give her props for the drawing,
or him props for the drawing, because that
is a pretty– that’s an a-okay Buzz Lightyear. – I think the icing on the cake
is just Buzz’s face. He looks so adamant about it.
He’s not questioning it. He’s just like,
“I cum in pies.” – Oh, mommy’s a stripper. – How does the kid know this? – Every person wants to be
their parent when they grow up not knowing if it’s
a bad or good thing. So again, all in innocence. – I’m totally thinking
totally wrong. His mom clearly does some
type of shoveling and it’s obvious that
the neighbors all want a piece of this shoveling service,
so they’re all giving dollars to mommy, who’s a really
good shoveler. – She’s at Home Depot.
She sells rakes or shovels or something. – I’m proud of this kid.
You do what you gotta do, ’cause sometimes you just
gotta make a dollar. – “Hulk smashes the Kardashiens.”
(laughs) That’s great.
That’s kind of scary, actually. – Obviously, the Hulk is killing
the Kardashians, throwing them around
like he did with Iron Man in his giant suit.
There’s nothing wrong here. – It’s just funny that they know
who the Kardashians are and then they want the Hulk
to smash them. – I mean, that seems
pretty straightforward. I feel like that’s what
he was going for. It’s good.
Honestly, he should be a reality TV show writer. – I like this kid.
This kid is going places. – The kid just has
a wild imagination. I don’t think this is bad. – (FBE) So, what’d you think
of these kids’ drawings? – I think a child’s mind
is the perfect combination of a sponge that can suck up
any information it’s given and then also not understand
any of the information it’s given, so when you put those two together,
the weirdest miscommunications come from it
and it’s hysterical. – You know, children are
so innocent. They have no idea
what they’re doing, so when you see a big, old [bleep]
on a piece of paper, it’s very juvenile,
but I like to laugh, because they don’t know any better. – I’m sure if I did draw
something inappropriate, my mom has never showed me
or kept it. – I liked it.
I would like to meet every single on of these kids,
have a talk with some of them. To all the little kids out there
that end up watching this, draw what your heart desires. – Thanks for watching this episode
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