15 Awesome Drawing Hacks And Ideas

I think there’s going to be a paint explosion did you think we accidentally used a spoon instead of a brush nope dip it in blue gouache paint and make strokes on paper dilute it with white paint add some lighter blue shades do some long strokes and some short ones fill more than half of the sheet with blue and makes and smears from below when the base dries draw details with a thin brush this is an oil painting no it’s a spoon painting it’s cute and easy the main instrument of an artist is their hands let’s see what we can do use a thin brush to draw a couple of lines on your index finger meeting at the nail color the middle yellow at a base triangle on top add black paint along the outside draw red tip add shadows to make the drawing look 3d well where did this pencil come from how can I get my finger back but an artist can always use an extra pencil for this idea take a sheet of cardboard a capillary pen and a box cutter in the middle of the sheet draw a man with a roller standing on a ladder go over the outlines cut wavy lines going from the roller using a utility knife make shallow cuts and tear off the top layer of cardboard following the cut lines color the rest of the background with pink paint [Music] what a cool 3d drawing try it out yourself and now get some charcoal put it on the paper horizontally and draw a line going down interrupt every few inches and make a small cut and then keep drawing draw a few stalks turn the charcoal over and a thin leaves using the tip wow this bamboo is beautiful are there any pandas nearby who want to eat it [Music] next you’ll find out how to use eyeliner and mascara for art draw a few zigzag lines with the eyeliner in the middle of a sheet of paper shade half of it cover the lower part of the sheet with mascara adding shades and glare apply the strokes however you want it’s very relaxing and for the final touch emphasize smaller detail the sky the mountains even if you don’t have paint or pencils you can still make a masterpiece let’s take a baby pacifier and a palette of paint dip the pacifier in paint and leave prints on the paper fill in the entire sheet except the central part [Music] then draw dandelion in the middle using a thin brush the center the petals and the green stem let the paint dry and put the drawing somewhere everyone can see it so that your house is always in a summer mood for this idea you need to paint with thin tips make a lot of small dots on paper Oh cute and colorful and now take a fine-tooth comb and move the paint on the paper in a zigzag [Music] when the paint dries cut a couple of figures from this bright painting and use this masterpiece as a bookmark try it it’ll look great and now you need Elmer’s glue put a few large drops on some paper distribute them over the surface using a triangle next apply dots of different paint along the edge of the sheet and distribute them on paper using the triangle when the background dries drop some black paint blow on it through a straw make a few more of these spots add details with a thin brush [Music] take the triangle again cut one of the edges with black paint and move it over the drawing to create a wooden background your masterpiece is ready it takes some effort but it looks spectacular for this drawing you will need crayons draw stars using ochre and yellow crayons place them randomly just like real stars then take watercolors and a wide brush paint the sheet look how beautiful the paint drips are flowing down from the crayon stars add a strip of earth use a thin brush to draw a ladder to the sky and they say you can’t reach the sky and now take a sheet of black paper and a wide brush color half of the sheet with black paint make even long strokes use a smaller brush to paint white and blue ridges on the black background [Music] and now take a big construction brush and distribute the paint on the painted glossy background slowly move it over the surface add mountains along the lower part carefully blend the paint darken the mountains not everyone is lucky enough to see the Northern Lights in real life but with our tutorial you can make your own aurora and admire it every day for this idea take Orbeez several plastic cups and paint pour Orbeez into each of the cups add paint mix them in well now take a cardboard box with a sheet of paper and pour the Orbeez over it turn the box in different directions and watch what happens fill the whole surface of the paper with paint as you can see drawing abstract art is easier than ever even Orbeez can make a masterpiece in no time at all [Music] for this idea you will need a sheet of cardboard and pins with colorful heads glue the pins in the center of the sheet to create a fan [Music] take a capillary pen and draw a chimney at the base of the fan a roof a window in the Attic add walls another window doors a cute fence and small details can you hear it this flying house is inviting us on an adventure for this idea take super glue and a wide brush start drawing a pattern with glue from the corner of the sheet until you fill the entire surface when the glue dries make stripes using watercolor paint makeup pretty gradient [Music] after the paint dries pick up the glue layer and tear it off the paper do it line by line and get a unique watercolor mosaic you see making a work of art isn’t that hard try it [Music] a real artist doesn’t have to stick to canvases use a notebook and markers instead and start drawing a head eyes a torso and legs whoa it’s an alien and I don’t think he came alone draw different details around the alien visitor like UFOs other aliens and a ton of small details carefully trace each lime come in earth space is calling you we have a puzzle for you for the next idea get a capillary pen draw a girl with long hair on a small piece of paper ahead here and shoulders draw to the waist and take a cup put it on the paper and go over it it makes a big skirt draw a lot of small details under it cars train smokestacks let your imagination run wild markup and color the skirt in the colors of our planet make her hair look like fire go over the outlines and while the paint dries come up with some ways that you can be more environmentally friendly our is a great way to raise awareness for important issues did you like our art light packs which one is the most interesting let us know in the comments subscribe to our channel like this video click on the bell and share the link with your friends

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