16 Tips we Learned Experimenting with Epoxy Art

hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn today we
are gonna be exploring resin and additives and I was exploring them hahaha I was so confused we’re gonna be testing
tips and tricks that we have read on the Internet and seeing if they actually
work now the first thing that you need now the first thing that you need
to do is get a handle on all of the potential stuff you definitely don’t need all of this we just have a few of
everything the first thing that you need some sort of resin or epoxy you can use
two-part epoxy like this there’s a whole bunch of different things we are gonna
be mostly using this total boat because it comes with these applicators that
dispense things at the right ratios and that just makes things easier and
removes one of the headaches you also need cups and mixing devices
another thing that comes in handy are things for cleanup such as gloves and a
big plastic mat to roll out on your work table so you don’t get things really
messy because we don’t want just clear resin we have also got some liquid dyes
some powdered pigment mm-hmm whole buttload of glitter and on top of it all
we might be trying a paint pen these are paint pens Iwas gonna like I was gonna tell
you if it was acrylic or oil based but I think both work if you’re gonna do a
lot you might want a mask and my favorite part
some sort of fire flame thing all right guys it is time to mix the resin you
have to keep them at room temperature about 70 to 75 degrees if you’re in a
cold environment you can always set them in a hot tub of water to heat them up
but ours are good to go this is one pump of this to one pump of
this and we’re gonna need a lot more than that read the directions because
you always have to mix it for more than you think for this particular epoxy we
need to stir for two to three minutes so let’s stick around for those two
three minutes and get that highly engaging content don’t go away you also
want to make sure that the surface you’re pouring on is level do not trust
that your floor or tabletop is level because ours was not
so we’re using some molds we already had for coasters I think most silicone molds
should be fine the shinier they are the more shiny your final piece is gonna be
yeah so I’m just pouring in resin straight and I’m gonna be using pinata
alcohol ink and it has a crazy effect you put a drop in oh look at that
already but the magic happens you put in white oh gonna be hard not to do just like
every single freaking color when you add alcohol ink so you can get these crazy
blooms of color on the underside hopefully that happens on this one so
I’m doing is using the powdered pigments and mixing those individually before
pouring them in so we’re gonna try two different techniques these gloves
are Evan size oh man all these are sealed how much time do we have? I don’t I should have chosen the theme [every single freaking color] I might try like mixing them with oh that is cool Wow mixing it up made it five to six
times better oh that looks beautiful I’m gonna blow torch it what we’ve heard is
do a light boop that’s it don’t do more than that otherwise you can ruin your resin
well this is exciting so I’m gonna start pouring from the
outside and go in Wow this pigment is ri- look at that I should really be
following our safety guidelines and be using gloves oh my gosh Katelyn look at this gold the
gold is ready ooo oh I didn’t add any glitter! I’m also gonna put some of these little beads this is a cool
texture so these are little plastic beads that I used to put my makeup
brushes in we’ll put a link to all this stuff we’re using down below by the way
okay I’m gonna go for more so much is going on more beads this whole experience the
filming and the making has been a learning experience because not
everything has gone as planned I like that you can kind of control like I can
move where the center of this is by adding more to a certain side okay I’m
just gonna add a little bit more to the outside that’s really cool hahaha look at the depth you can see
the layers of gold though like everything you did lower down you can
see it can I put one or two beads right in the center bead me one two three four
you lied you said one or two that’s pretty cool I think it might be
good I don’t want to mess with it too much
Wow okay so we’re about three or four projects deep right now don’t know don’t
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time to eat this and we’ll get back to work I’m excited to see how our
creations turned out like Christmas morning they look like they did last night yeah but when we pop them out
that’s a good sign whoa that show me the other side too ooo the other sides’s cool too wow
that is cra- cra- cool crazy ooo look at that too crazy yours looks like a galaxy one thing I want to test on these is how
well this sands and files and can be manipulated after the pour it’s really
sharp you could oh I thought I cut myself I didn’t you could cut yourself
though I think one of the main lessons I learned is add more alcohol ink than I
thought I really liked all of the crazy details that happen on the edges and
where the alcohol ink dropped all the way down so really I just want to create
more of that and that just means more alcohol ink this side ended up being pretty
cool I think one thing I do differently with mine is actually used more pigment
I think I got nervous I didn’t want to use too much but I noticed the gold that
you mixed was a little bit more than I did and it turned out great the other
colors are a little like not quite as saturated as I would want oh yeah you
can kind of like see through them we so we each learned a lot about the pouring
technique with the pigments and the alcohol ink technique I think it’d be
really cool to try combining them into one pour maybe we try that next
yeah let’s do it already time to try another pour I’m going for a beach shore
on one side waves on other I’m going to do cat eye
cuz cats are cool and I like them we have a bunch of extra resin
I’m gonna do another what happened to all my brown there
was so much browned earlier yeah my cat it doesn’t look like a cat my cat eye looks more like a topographical
thing than yours does I know and we just made this bonus one well I guess we’ll
see if they keep changing or if they even out who knows alrighty it is time ooo that’s nice whoa crazy looking
looks like a turtle ooo you know what’s interesting I had some speckles of just
powder in there unintentionally wow that looks cool this one’s way
more opaque that is so pretty yeah big difference numero two okay
that’s like well I guess this makes sense this is what I looked like in the
beginning when I poured it this is cool I intended for the underside to be the
finish side so whoa is it more brown than blue like you expected whoa weird that
is funky it’s like crackled right it looks completely different yeah since I
poured clear first there was space for things to drop into it anything you
would do differently I think I got a pretty close to what I intended mm-hmm
but I think next time I might layer and more and so it’s clear and then ink and
then resin so if I were to do these again well this line I didn’t really go
into it with any plan but one thing I noticed in some of the darker places it
almost wrinkles a little bit on the surface yeah you see the wrinkles that
was at the end of the life of the resin this one so I was gonna do a cat eye and I
thought I could just like pour things and they would kind of stay in place I
really like how this looks it’s just not what I intended at all
one thing we haven’t tried yet are these so we should test these ooh put a black
cats eye in right now you only got white and silver so it’s not gonna happen but
I’ll test something I don’t overdo it but that’s pretty cool
why don’t you trace one of the outside ones try to make it thicker I hope that this video
gives you enough information to get yeah that does look cool having one a little bit thicker I hope that this video gives
you enough information to get going and the confidence to know that
you can make cool stuff even if you don’t know what you’re doing yes
resin is awesome bye


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