2 COLOR CHALLENGE – Painting with James Gurney

Hey guys. What’s the lav you use instead so I know not
buy one? No, it’s actually really good. Okay, it’s good. It’s actually really good. I don’t know what’s happening. Here we are. You start it out it’s your show. Yeah, there’s all these old ones that I have
tested out. That’s cool. We could paint in here if we want to do a blacksmith shop. That’s nice. Are you still on this then or we’re in this? We’re on that. We’re gonna do limited palettes. I’m gonna do black, white and then kind of
warm and cool. And then, what are you… I’m just going to use black and black and
black, just all black. Just all black. So this is cool because right now it’s all
in shadow. But as the sun goes down, it’s gonna light
up that wagon and that might be interesting. I’m probably going to paint the wagon. Oh okay, that’s perfect. So I’m gonna come back. I’ll give you guys about another 30 minutes, but this whole we’re going to close up. Really? Yeah, so this one is gonna be locked down
in about 30 minutes. So if you guys see anything else, come in don’t let them setup Well, where do you wanna go? Kind of sucks, doesn’t it? We’ll just walk around the plaza and see if
we can find out where we’re legal. We’re gonna walk around some more? I don’t know. I guess then we’ll get out of here. Oh, I think they locked us in. Which way is out That way. God paint everywhere! White, orange, oh schnaps… I didn’t bring ultramarine, but it’s okay. I’ll use a brighter color. S#&! That could work. PROKO!!! What up?! What’s up Mark Did you paint yet? I haven’t started. F&*# I wonder how the greens are going to turn out… cause it’s just gray… It’s the ultimate test right here. That does not feel green at all. I’m trying to give it a glow right in here. Like it’s so bright that it’s glowing warm. Let’s go see what James is doing. Hey.. What are you doing? Working on the back of this old… Man. …old Spanish old house with the tiles kind
of catching the light, although there’s not much light on it left. And then a parked car here… That’s really cool. And so we’ll be putting palm trees and stuff
in there. You get that detail in quick. Oh boy, we had to work fast after our little
mishap there, picking the wrong motif. Actually, I think I’m enjoying my subject
now more than I was before. I think I… I am too, yeah. It’s a little more simple than the wagon inside
of that. You have to believe that. No. Well, yeah I guess I do. It would have been even better if I’d… Yeah. No, it’s true. The light gets better and we were just saying
this with another artist. Sometimes you’d spend three hours on a painting
and then you finish that, and then you spend a half an hour to do another painting, and
it comes out better than the one you spent three hours on. I’ve had that before too. Well, you get your practice in. You get comfortable with the colors. Yeah. The other thing we noticed is that after we’ve
been painting, everybody drive home, everything is a motif. I would go into the motif and trying to get
started. I have a hard time finding what to paint,
can’t decide, but then when you’re going back you say, “That’s the painting. That’s the painting. That’s the painting,” because you’re sensitized. So this is one of a couple different confusing
systems we… That’s cool. It holds on to the gripper here and it’s adjustable
but it just gives you diffused light where you need, just a little work, because why
do you need it over everything else? You wear a hat that’s probably good. Yeah. But it doesn’t block the light. It diffuses a little bit? Well, it blocks light. It diffuses it and blocks it so that you’re
in the shadow. It’s transparent. It’s white nylon so you won’t get any direct
sunlight on your work. Okay. That’s cool. And it won’t blow your easel away. You know a lot of people come by this area? A few people come to say hello. So you’re going in and painting in the tree
and pretty much covering the whole surface whatever the color is. Yeah. I’m just throwing the painting right now and
then I’m gonna go back over everything and figure out details and stuff. Has the light changed a lot on you? No, not a lot. The shadow’s moving towards it but it’s still
open. The shadow is getting longer but as far as
the shadow pattern on the wagon, it’s very close to what it was. Jeanette and I, we did different views of the same
thing. Bring yours over, do you have yours handy Jeanette? And because I did the horizontal, you can’t
see the tops of the palm. And we have worked it out. Luckily, Jeanette… We’ve been married a long time. That’s awesome. There they are. So we gotta stick these together somehow. And did you line them up on purpose? No, that’s what’s weird. We’ve been married a long time.


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