#3 – More Paint Blowing (Dutch Pour)

hey everyone back at it thought I’d do another video of another flower with the blow-dryer this time I decided to use colors I normally wouldn’t use as my favorites are Purple’s blues and turquoises so I thought I’d throw in some yellow and orange there so we’ll see how that works out it might be good it might be an epic fail and turn into mud but we’ll find out together so whether it works or not I’ll still post it up on YouTube so that you don’t make the same mistake I did so here we have a 12 by 12 inch canvas I have put my pushpins on the bottom to keep it up off the table I don’t tape around the back of the canvas like some people do if it gets sturdy on the back I don’t really care because when this is done I cover it up with brown backing paper and put Hardware on it for hanging so it doesn’t matter to me if it gets dirty on the background cuz you won’t see it anyway alright so here we have our cup again it’s just float roll and artists off white paint I had a lot of people asked me in my first video if I put any silicone in any of these and the answer is no I don’t want silicone I don’t want a bunch of cells popping up float roll makes cells on its own anyway they may not be as big as if you were to add silicone but I don’t want big cells and I’d also don’t want the oiliness on the canvas so no silicone for me and as I said in my previous first video you don’t want it to be thick it’s gotta be a consistency or else you won’t be able to blow the paint around very much with the bull dryer so let’s get started I’m just gonna put my glove on here we’ll cover the canvas get all the edges around the edges the first piece I did on the big 20 inch round board has dried and it is perfect it dries exactly how I left it when it was wet which is awesome because sometimes that always sometimes that doesn’t happen you do a painting you do a pour everything looks great you come back the next day to check on it and it’s just not the same so luckily for me it dried perfectly all right so I think that’s good get rid of that and we will pop our bubbles all right so colors I’m using today is the Pepe oh and it’s called dark cobalt violet hue followed by the artist’s loft metallic cobalt blue and then the pebble again opaque primary yellow and liquitex basics which is cadmium red light hue I try and stick to opaque paints I heard that opaque is better than transparent or translucent paint so I try and stick with that weather how it works how it doesn’t work I’m not really sure but so here’s the paint again no silicon just flow trawl and paint no water either I know some people add water to thin it out I don’t you can if you want so I think we’re gonna start with the cobalt blue I hope this works and I hope this doesn’t turn into a muddy mess I think I’m gonna start in the middle as opposed to down here because I’m this time I’m going to try and blow a little this way and a little this way so I’m gonna try and do a diagonal tonight see how that works out so let’s do a little puddle here okay should be enough to some yellow here and orange and then down here I’ll do and Yolo why not okay put these aside so I don’t knock them over and make a mess everywhere there we go so we will take our white and flood the sides all the way around you want a lot of white paint that should be good one more why not okay yeah a little more all right I think that should be good let’s see here I’m gonna try a little bit of that go around the table and do the other side okay let’s see what happens so here’s my lovely blow dryer hair dryer I’ll have to retake that up for now I always hold it upside down I find it’s easier to push that way get the wind to go that way and I use it on high I don’t think the low setting is powerful enough so here goes nothing I’m a little nervous I gotta admit oh well let’s see what happens all right I’m gonna go to the other side go the other way Wow I am pretty happy with that there are some really nice cells happening especially there that is amazing so let’s see what we can do here I got an apron see that I’m gonna wipe my hands on here and set up on my clothes now all right let’s see I like that I like how it’s got that little rim around the end there I really like that let’s see if I can kind of turn this around so all right I’m really liking that I think other than this little spot here which I will torch and we’ll see what happens I’m I’m liking the colors I like the yellow there’s orange it did it really get muddy which is great and I’m just gonna blow a little bit more over here I don’t want to blow here there’s some great cells and they’re they’re actually green so that’s really nice let’s see here I’m afraid to ruin it maybe I should just leave it I did one two three there one two three there let’s leave it at that so let’s see what happens oh that’s nice here along the side you can see here along the side – really nice let’s see what happens when we hit a little bit with a torch shall we oh look at that I don’t know if you can see that probably not bunch of little cells popped up in there which is actually really nice it totally just broke up that plane section there which is really nice now and a little turquoise just came out through the center look at that maybe I should turn this down I put butane in it earlier so it’s a full-strength here see yeah little white tiny tiny cells popping up here I think I like it like that well personally I really like it it looks great I think I’m gonna do a little more up here and see if I can get any colors to pop through there and here I can see purple under there as you can see it just popped up to see if I can get any more down here anything no perfect just gonna check my edges that site is perfect um let’s see here little here on the edge you want to make sure you don’t touch any of the colored paint that has come over the edges cuz you definitely don’t want to ruin that beautiful design along the side so I think it’s pretty colored I will just check the other side real quick oh yeah you definitely need some light here pretty bare I did another little quick video before I did this one on prepping a wooden MDF board so feel free to check that one out and give it a thumbs up and please subscribe so okay I think we’re good I’m really really liking this this one teeny tiny spot right here I like it I like it a lot okay I will take the phone off the tripod and bring you in for a close-up so bear with me guys all right let’s see here hope it’s focusing so there’s little cells here turquoise is beautiful this cobalt blue is probably one of my favorite colors this is where I torched where it was just purple and as soon as the torch hit it the yellow came through and that’s Becca turquoise which is beautiful and then up here as well you can see there’s some green and orange in there and then the purple there so there it is everyone let me know your thoughts if you like it if you guys have any color combinations you would like me to attempt I can do that to let me know your thoughts give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel thanks for watching guys have a great night

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