3D Printed – Mezzotint Printmaking Tool Holder

hey welcome back to diode press I’m Graham I first off want to thank you all for subscribing to the channel I recently got a shout out from the AV e YouTube channel and I really appreciate the support there’s a fun project and it works with him but in today’s video I’m gonna design and print a storage case for my mezzotint rockers I’ll put a link in the description box showing how the rockers are used if you’re interested in that these tools can cost a couple hundred dollars apiece so I really want a way to keep them safe but also easily accessible so let’s get right to it and start it off to the box I picked up at a thrift store for a couple of dollars it was a perfect fit to hold all the pieces that I needed I also want a way to store the weights and the rockers jig that John over at the NYC CNC channel machine for me last year I jumped into fusion 360 and started modeling up the parts I served with a box measuring the actual box of the pair of calipers and recreating it in the model now I’ve dropped in the models of the weight in the rocker jig and also my largest rocker I had these models created from when I worked with NYC CNC so it’s just a easy you know grabbed from fusion now making the box translucent allowed me to move the parts around inside the box and get them in a configuration that fits really well starting with a base I started sketching and extruding up the enclosure to support the tools as I have them arranged I’m gonna be printing this out of PLA plastic which is pretty strong but I made the walls thicker than they need to be just to make it so it really lasts I wanted to be able to print this without any support material so everything has a nice chamfer at any overhangs and I also added lots of Phylis to kind of smooth out all the corners I found that by filling the horizontal to vertical walls it creates a much stronger piece of 3d printing versus just having a hard 90 degree vertical angle once the tools are all secured I worked at a simple handle it’s a post with a loop to stick one finger in and pull the whole assembly out there really wasn’t much room for a bigger handle now the last things do inside fusion was to create a stencil for the outside of the box it would have been easy enough to do this with just tape and a razor blade I wanted to give it a try by doing it this way I drew up a sketch of a mezzotint rocker and extrude it through a point five millimeter thick panel then I could scale it and figure out where I wanted to sit and then finally print it out and then after a few minutes here I had a reusable stencil and I taped it on to the side of the box and then I hit it with a few coats of black paint and while I was painting that and letting it dry I printed off the main part of the tool holder and I’ll have a link in the description box if anyone wants the files to print on their own you know it’s fairly specific to my needs but you’re welcome to it and here’s the final assembly ready to use thanks for watching to keep up with the videos when they’re posted make sure to subscribe to the channel and if you want to help support this channel you can check out the data press patreon page where I post behind the scenes photos as well as other patron rewards thanks

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