5 Watercolor Tips for Beginners – Simple Guide

So you’ve just received your first set of
watercolor paints, you’ve got your paintbrush in your hand, and you’re wondering where
to start. Don’t worry, no one starts out as a pro
at painting – developing your technique takes practice and time, but once you have the basic
steps down, mastering the medium will be much, much easier. Sketch Your Artwork
Before you start painting, it’s important to sketch out how you want your artwork to
look. You can either practice your idea on a sketch
pad a few times to get the creation you want, or you can make your sketch directly onto
the watercolor paper. If you’re sketching on the watercolor paper,
it is important to sketch very lightly so that you do not make indents in the paper
because this will cause the paint to build up in the indents. Find the Right Water/Paint Ratio
You can increase the softness and transparency of a color by adding more water to it. To dilute the color, squeeze out the paint
from the tube onto the wells of your palette. Keep in mind that the paint is highly concentrated,
so you only need to use a pea-sized amount. Then, with the paint already inside, add clean
water to the well. You can now use your brush to mix the paint
with the water. Go From Light Shades to Dark Shades:
To create a gradient effect with watercolors, it is important to first apply the lighter
colors and then add the darker colors afterward because it is more difficult to modify dark
colors once they are on the paper. Since the light parts of your painting are
working with the white of the paper, you will need to think about and plan where you want
your light areas to be. Use High-Quality Watercolor Paint
It is important to use high-quality paint, as it will make a difference to both how it
applies and to how it looks after it dries. Arteza Watercolor Paints are blendable, come
in easy-to-squeeze tubes for mixing, and are accessible to beginners – not to mention,
all products are shipped for free. Be sure to check out the link in the description
to find the right beginner set for your new artistic endeavor. Layer Your Colors
To build up your color and develop more bold washes, add your first layer of color with
your brush, then let it dry for a couple of minutes. Once it dries, you can add the same color
on top of it to get a more vibrant color. Repeat this until you get the color and boldness
that you desire. Thank you for watching this video. We hope that this will help you get started
with confidence in your new artistic journey! Don’t forget to give this video a like,
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