6 Nail Art Designs Nail Tutorial Using Toothpick as a Dotting Tool

Are you ready to learn how to create these
five cute designs only using a toothpick? All of them are very easy and fast to make.
Hey guys! You asked for it, so here it is – third episode of the toothpick nail art.
I’m going to show you five, actually six designs that you can create only by using a toothpick.
The designs we are making are heart balloon in the clouds, kisses, heart leopard print,
puppy paws, dotted exclamation mark and dotted heart designs. Quite some hearts going on
there right? Well, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so go grab some toothpicks
and let’s perk up those nails. You guys know the drill: start off with a
base coat to protect your nails against staining. Especially if you’re using darker colors or
strong pinks, this step is absolutely essential! Hi! I’m mister toothpick, friends call me
douchepick. Whatever. I love nail art and we’re gonna make some designs today.
Now our nails are ready and we can jazz them up with some color.
The first design we’re making is a beautiful heart balloon in the sky. Start by painting
your nail in blue. I need to apply two coats to get an opaque result. Now, we’re ready
for the heart, but before I’ll show you some tips on how to work with a toothpick to get
smaller or larger dots. All toothpicks are very pointy on the ends, which is great when
you need to make small dots. When you want the dots to be bigger, just cut the end like
this. Since the toothpicks I am using have this triangular shape, I also need to cut
them along like so. If cutting the end of the toothpick isn’t enough, and you want your
dots to be even bigger dip the toothpick into the polish and let it dry, dip it again and
let it dry. You’ll see how the drop of the polish on the tip of the toothpick is getting
bigger and bigger. When the size is perfect, draw a heart, by making a v shape. To get
the color right, I need to go over it again, but you can skip the step if your background
blue isn’t that dark. When you’re happy with the heart, draw a thin black string hanging
down. We’ll come back to the balloon later when it’s dry. Meanwhile let’s dress the sky
up with some fluffy clouds. Just dip toothpick in white and make bunches of dots close together
to form clouds. Make as many clouds as you like, I made many as you can see. They are
just so cute! Now it’s time to give the balloon a 3D feel by drawing a tiny white stripe on
one side. Apply a layer of a fast drying top to finish off this adorable design. I think
this one will be perfect for the Valentine’s or just any other day. You can wear it as
an accent, with the rest of the nails painted solid blue, or you can make these cute clouds
on all the nails! Next design is perfect for all the animal
lovers! Start off by applying two coats of this iridescent pinky nude shade. I really
love this color for every day, especially when I don’t have time to make a proper manicure.
I would just paint one layer of this polish and it makes such a big difference. Apply
some black polish diagonally on the tip of the nail like this. If you got some polish
on the skin around the nail, clean it with a q-tip soaked in acetone. Now start making
red dots on the edge of the black line. I want to make small bows. Therefore, I am making
pairs of two dots together, leaving some space between the bows. Now we are going to make
three adorable puppy paws. As before with the heart, dip the toothpick into the polish
and let it dry, dip it again and let it dry. see how our drop of polish on the tip of the
toothpick is getting bigger. Now you can make three white dots like this. Besides each of
them we need to make three tiny dots. For these super small dots, you don’t need to
cut the toothpick, just use its original pointy tip. How amazingly adorable is this one!?
Ahhh, I can’t even… It’s just better than words. Lastly, apply a top coat to protect
this gorgeous design. I’ve always wanted a puppy; now at least I have this sweet puppy
design on my nails. For the third design I’ll show you how to
make a funky heart leopard print nails. I am first applying two layers of white polish,
because the orange I’m using on top, pops out so much more with the white under. To
make a heart draw a v shape like this. I know this doesn’t look like a heart yet, but trust
me it will look gorgeous in the end. I am making 4 hearts in three different colors:
light pink, green and medium pink. Dip the toothpick into a taupe grayish color or you
can just use black and start outlining the edges of the hearts. Don’t outline the hearts
all around, you want them open so you can squeeze more people you love in there. So
just make some lines here and there, but make sure to outline enough of it so you can tell
it’s a heart shape. Lastly make some random dots and marks to cover the empty spaces between
the hearts. I love the colors I used for this a bit different take on the leopard print.
The design looks so cool and different! It is definitely one of my favorite designs to
wear. Don’t forget to apply a generous amount of the fast drying top coat, which will bring
the design together and protect it, so it will last you a long time.
Next design is a bit more girly and would be perfect for the upcoming Valentine’s or
just any other day, as love is always important. Apply two coats of pinky nude polish. Then
apply some white on the tip of the nail diagonally like this. The easiest way to do this is by
rotating your finger, while keeping the polish brush steady. Next, start making small green
dots on the edge of the white. Here, I am making the dots close to each other. Now it’s
time to show your nails some love by giving them two sweet cartoon kisses. Make two lines
to get kind of a reverse W shape. This is the upper lip. For the lower lip, make a dot
first, and then drag the color to each side. Voila, you get the perfect lip shape! You
can also apply the white polish all over the nail and then make a lot of kisses on top.
I love how this one turned out! To finish off, apply a layer of a fast drying top coat
and here’s our finished kissed nail art design. It’s so easy, yet it looks perfect. I’m definitely
going to wear this one more often as it’s really quick and simple to make, but it looks
fabulous. The last design is a pinky dotted exclamation
mark. For the base color I chose white, so I am painting two coats of white polish. I’m
going to make a stencil using a tape, which will help me achieve a neater and more precise
design. Fold the tape, draw a half of the exclamation mark on like this and cut it out.
If you are precise enough and don’t need a stencil, lucky you, you can skip this step!
When you unfold the tape, you get this triangular hole. Stick it a few times at the back of
your hand, to make the glue less strong. Now you can stick the stencil on the middle of
the nail like this. Next, start dotting the polish inside the edges of the tape. I recommend
making some small and some large dots. I decided to use three pink shades for my exclamation
mark. When you’re done, simply remove the tape and you’re left with a lovely triangle
shape. You can now add some more dots here and there to perfect it. In the end, I am
making a big dot below the triangle and my exclamation sign is complete! Apply a generous
amount of the fast drying top coat to bring the design together and to add some shine.
Using this technique you can create different shapes like a star, flower or a heart, which
I’ll show you as a bonus. Draw a half of the heart on a folded piece of tape, cut it out
and stick on the nail. Now start making dots of different sizes inside the edges. As you
can see I used this design as an accent on my ring finger. I painted all the other nails
minty green. I love how girly and cute this manicure turned out. The heart and exclamation
designs remind me of a mosaic and I love how you can play with different colors and shapes
to make countless designs using this technique. Why buying nail art tools when all you need
is a simple toothpick! I can’t believe this was already my third video with five toothpick
nail art designs. I really hope you like them and let me know which design is your favorite
in the comments below! If you try to make any of these designs yourself,
you must share them with me on my social media, because it makes me so happy to see your recreations.
You promised this time :). Also, if you like the video, don’t forget to rate it and share
with your friends. If you do that, I may film another episode of the toothpick nails. So
now, I am going to enjoy the rest of the day in the sun. I hope you have an awesome day
wherever you are. Love you, bye! Also…
I’m going to show you 5, actually sis, sis :D…
Hey guys, you asked for it, so here it is! Thirdpick… Thirdpick :D… Thirdpick Episode


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