8 Terrifying Paintings That Are Said To Be Cursed

Some of the oldest paintings ever discovered
are considered to be around 40,000 years old. For this reason, it’s obvious that paintings
have been one of the longest lasting, most timeless forms of artistic expression. It’s also been proven that the colours and
images on certain paintings can have an effect on a persons psychological state so with all
this in mind, it’s not surprising that some paintings have had some strange effects on
either the people who own it or even just the people who view it. It may be for this reason that Numerous amounts
of people have actually claimed that certain paintings are haunted, so that’s what we’re
going to be having a look at today, so here are This is actually a self
portrait done by John Wayne Gacy, who was an American Serial Killer responsible for
the death of 33 people. He is known as The Killer Clown because he
used to dress up like one and entertain people at various events, he would call this character
“Pogo the Clown”. He has a number of strange and creepy paintings
to his name, but this one definitely has the most notoriety. The Painting was bought by Nicki Stone in
2001 but soon after he bought it, Nikki was plagued with bad luck, this ranged from his
dog dying to his mother being diagnosed with cancer. He decided to give it to a friend but the
bad luck continued when that persons neighbor and close friend died shortly after. Finally, they passed it on to somebody else
they knew and that person attempted suicide whilst in the possession of the painting. Now this could all be coincidental but it
seems like anyone who gets their hands on this painting ends up quickly discarding it. Actor Johnny Depp actually had a copy of this
piece and he also got rid of it because he claimed that no one wanted anything to do
with it. Lady Ossington
from Britian was the daughter of William Bentinck, who was the 4th Duke of Portland in the 1800s. She was also married to John Denison, who
was a successful British Statesman. She was a woman who had quite a few titles
to her name and she was quite powerful in the world of British Politics. She was a respected figure in her community
but years after her death, reports began to surface that a painting of her was in some
way shape or form, cursed. Lady Ossignton had actually built her own
Coffee place in 1882, the general goal was to create a place where travelers could sleep
without being tempted to purchase alcohol. Well after she died, the business was run
by several different owners but it was eventually sold and ironically, it was converted into
a bar. In 2011, The BBC reported that the owners
experienced some strange occurrences with the painting since the conversion. It would reportedly fly off the wall repeatedly
and people began saying that the painting now gave off a much stranger, darker vibe. It was eventually sold to a museum and oddly
enough, there have been no reports of anything strange occurring since. People took this as a sign that Lady Ossingtons
spirit was at ease now that she been moved away from the bar. Created in 1972
by artist Bill Stoneham, The Hands Resist Him was a reasonably successful piece when it first
came out and was even owned by actor John Marley After he passed away, the paintings whereabouts
were unclear and there and several different reports as to what happened to the piece but
what is known is that the painting resurfaced on Ebay in they year 2000 and from here, it
spread like wildfire. Apparently, it had been posted by an elderly
Canadian couple who found it a brewery but wanted to now get rid of it because it carried
some kind of a curse. They claimed that the shadows in the background
would move and that the boy in the image would shift around the picture, seemingly trying
to escape from the girl, who apparently was holding him at gunpoint. People who viewed the painting began reporting
that the piece had made them feel uneasy and at times, even sick. The story blew up and the listing was viewed
over 30,000 times, after 30 bids, the painting was sold for over $1000. The new owner contacted Bill Stoneham and
inquired about the paintings backstory. He was surprised to hear about what had happened
to the painting, and even more surprised to hear about the effects it was having on people. However Bill did go on to state that the both
the owner of the gallery it was showed at and a critic who reviewed the piece died within
a year of coming into contact with the painting. Whether or not these events had anything to
do with the painting is obviously unknown but what it is a fact is that this Ebay listing
made the painting into a huge topic of discussion on the internet. The piece blew up and was now known by millions
of people, so much so that Bill Stoneham actually went on to make 2 well received sequels. In 1994, Photographer James Kidd put one of his photos on display in Arizona. It caught the interest of Laura, who was an
accomplished painter. She noticed that their appeared to be a headless
man in the background of the image. Kidd explained that this was not noticed until
after he developed the photo and even after getting it analysed by professionals, it seemed
that the photo had not been doctored in any way This intrigued Laura, so she asked if she
could make an oil painting of the photo. Kidd gave her permission and Laura began her
project but while she was painting it, some strange things began to occur. After she had finished it, she put in her
office but her coworkers asked her to take it out of the building 3 days later because
it was apparently unsettling and they deemed it to be a bad luck charm. After taking it into her home, she began to
notice a lot of strange things happen. Even though her house was brand new, there
would be leaks, gates breaking randomly and objects would fall and break for seemingly
no reason. This isn’t that strange and their could be
any number of reasons as to why these things happened but there was a certain event that
was much harder to explain. One night Laura and her Husband very clearly
heard on a knock on there door. There dogs did not react and when they checked
outside, there was nobody there. Laura states that she does not believe in
ghosts but she does regret painting this piece as it has seemingly brought nothing but bad
luck. Yuko Tatushima
is a Japanese artist that often creates surreal drawings that are known for being both dark
and eerie. While she has dozens of paintings credited
to her name, one piece in particular has blown up on the internet because of the effect it
apparently has on some people who view it. The painting is a portrait of a deranged looking
girl who has wide eyes and an abnormally large neck It was said that the image had strange effects
on it’s viewers, with some saying that it made them feel uneasy and others saying that
it made them feel sick to their stomach. One the biggest claims that goes with this
painting however is the theory that it can induce suicidal feelings onto those that view
it. This is more than likely just an urban legend
as it doesn’t seem like theres been any suicides linked directly to this painting but that
is obviously not an easy thing to determine, The strange effects it seems to have on certain
people is harder to debunk, as it’s dark image may very well have had effected peoples physiological
state negatively. Either way, this painting helped Yuko Tatushima
gain a larger in the western world and this piece was recreated several times. Also if you decide to look up the rest of
her work, you’re in for a treat. Delphine Lalaurie was a highly, respected, wealthy socialite from New Orleans in the early 1800’s. However while she spent a substantial amount
of time trying to portray herself as a kind, caring woman, she was anything but. In 1834, A fire broke out in her mansion,
some bystanders outside rushed into the building and attempted to get access into the slave
quarters to ensure that everyone had evacuated. The Lalaurie family members refused to give
these bystanders the keys so they broke down the doors. This is where they find seven slaves, they
had been horribly tortured and they were essentially on the verge of death because of Delphine
Lalauries extreme punishment. Ironically, she was an advocate for american
slaves to have better treatment and less punishment but it was merely a ploy to hide her actions. As more stories surfaced about Delphine, it
was revealed that she had been directly responsible for the death of 4 people, and it was likely
that dozens of slaves died under her care, most likely because of the horrible conditions
they were forced to endure. Her nice, caring image was completely shattered
and she quickly joined the list of the most evil people in American History. So it’s not surprising that her portrait was
also considered to have some kind of an evil force behind it. This actually didn’t happen until 1997, when
a portrait was commissioned and placed into the building that was once Delphine’s mansion. Immediately, reports began to spawn of people
having strange experiences in the building, from feeling a strange pressure to thinking
they were being scratched. It seemed as if the vibe and energy had completely
changed once that painting had entered the building. The old mansion has a disturbing, dark history
and it really isn’t that surprising that her portrait is now considered to be one of the
most haunted paintings in America. Arguably one of the most popular
paintings that is said to be cursed, The Crying Boy is a piece created by Italian artist Giovanni
Bragolin that began being distributed in the 1950s The painting is simplistic in nature and simply
features a detailed drawing of a boy shedding tears While the image obviously has some dark undertones,
you wouldn’t think that it would cause that much controversy but that’s far from the case. In 1985, a British Newspaper known as the
Sun reported that a firefighter had consistently seen this painting in the burned down houses
he was sent too. The paintings were almost always completely
unaffected by the flames. A backstory emerged that the painting was
of a boy who accidentally set fire to his house, leading to the death of his parents
and now these fires supposedly follow wherever the boy is. This backstory hasn’t been confirmed and is
considered to be more of an urban legend than a legitimate reason for these fires but what
has been confirmed is that the painting is actually very difficult to burn. The BBC actually tested this and attempted
to light it on fire but failed in doing so. This is because these paintings posses a varnish
which essentially repels fire and prevents it from fully burning. Although this is a solid explanation as to
why the painting was never destroyed in these burned down houses, it didn’t explain why
so many fires were happening in houses that had the Crying Boy Painting inside of them. So for this reason it’s not surprising that
many homeowners who owned this painting quickly got rid of it just in case the curse was actually
real. In June of 2010, a
man named Sean Robinson posted a video onto YouTube where he claimed that he was in possession
of a cursed painting known as The Anguished Man Robinson stated that the painting was given
to him by his grandmother and that the artist had actually mixed in his own blood into the
painting and then committed suicide after finishing it. He also claimed that ever since he brought
the painting into his home, a number of strange things began to occur, from seeing shadowy
figures of a man to hearing screams and cries inside the house. Obviously a lot of people believed that this
was fake as Sean hadn’t provided any evidence to these claims so he made a follow up video
where he put a camera near the painting for three days and in this time, a number of strange
things happened. A nearby door would randomly open and close
and the sounds of scratches and bangs could be heard every now and then. This video was much more successful than the
first, getting over 1.5 million views to it’s name. The Anguished Man became a well known painting
on the internet because of the success of this video and people began to report that
the painting had a strange effect on them. This ranged from feeling nauseous to having
full blown nose bleeds after viewing the painting. The piece is obviously dark so the idea
that it had a negative mental effect on it’s viewers is not that far fetched, as for the
rest of the story, people are understandably skeptical but most people remain open minded
and are anxious to find out if there are developments to be made when it comes to The Anguished


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