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This is the December ‘petite’ Palatteful
Packs box – you might notice that it’s a lot smaller than some of the ones that
I’ve opened previously – this brand actually has three separate tiers for
subscription boxes and this is their lower adult tier and I’ll have a link in
the description if you want to check out their website but we’re gonna open it up
and find out what’s inside! ♪ look at that I got this late – I think I got it a
couple days after Christmas so I’m just now opening it if I’d opened this up
before Christmas I would have been like festive whoo!
but now it just kind of feels like the holidays threw up *hehe* and I love the
confetti I make fun of it all the time but I love it this is a water brush so
are we gonna have watercolors? it looks like that – these are all basically the same
I’ve never had one that was bad and I’ve never had one that was like amazing
either – it unscrews there and then you feel that section with water – also in here
there is a ‘Sun Yellow’ – Oh I’ve used these before, these are the Derwent inktense water
color pencils and this one is in the color ‘Sun Yellow’ this is another PITT artist pen I
feel like Paletteful always includes a PITT artist pen I think – I think they
have a favorite art supply this is a medium sized bullet nib one what is this?
these pastels? those look messy on the menu it says these are: these are the
Caran d’Ache Neocolor II water soluble wax oil pastels – What’s this? Oh another Derwent
inktense pencil – this time in the color ‘field green’ – I’ll put it way next to the other one I believe this box starts at… like $23.95 a month and free shipping in the US oh this is a
little sketchbook the Pentallic the dreamcatcher
accordion fold artist journal okay get this open it’s watercolor paper so it’s
140 pounds 300 GSM cold press acid-free woooop! an accordion sketchbook okay this is the
coolest thing it makes me think of like a treasure map – let me see if I can
zoom out – just look at the width of this I can’t even fit it on camera so I guess
you could do either individual drawings like that and use it like a sketchbook
or you could try to draw one super long drawing like this or you could do it
back oh I see so you do it this way and you have pages and you can flip it over
and you can have pages or you can do one super long drawing – that’s really
nifty I would never have thought to make
sketchbook like that – “it’s perfect for painting panoramic scenes and
uninterrupted creation” – so if you were drawing something like this and like oh
I’m just gonna keep drawing it’s like the Super Smash Brothers that like
mural in classic mode whoo that would take a long time [to fill] so the theme
for this month is water-soluble drawing media so they included the watercolor
sketch book and then a bunch of the water soluble art supplies I’m
gonna go fill this with water and we’ll come back and we’ll start creating
something I’m just gonna open it up to the first page and then maybe when we
draw something we’ll use this side I kind of really want to try something
panoramic but I don’t really have any ideas yet so hopefully by testing these
art supplies I’ll get a better idea – try these out and try it on dry and then
we’ll go over with the water and see what we can do with these – all right so
that’s what those look like without water now we can take the water
brush and we’ll see what happens yeah since I actually put way too much water
on that we’re gonna see how the paper reacts to large amounts of water this
paper is super thick by the way I’m hoping it’s gonna handle pretty well I’m
not a huge fan of like the crayon texture before you add water, what I do want to
try and see if I can make a purple using red and blue if I like draw like a red
dot and I put a blue dot over top – well we’re getting a different color but where the
[pastel] still is it’s not really blending as well as with the water it doesn’t
lift up the pastel completely so it’s still got an annoying dot there but the
colors look cool so I wonder if there’s a way to mix that before adding it to
your drawing? – right and then we get to try the Derwent inktense –
look at that yellow ugggggh!! 😀 😀 I mean compared to the oil pastel that’s just
screams yellow and honestly if I use a lot of green, yellows, and browns I feel
like I could make a pretty cool map I mean it’s a really small little guy
but I feel like that’s super easy to like stick in your purse or something
and take with you like it’s probably the size of like a [travel-sized] watercolor
palette and then you can have those two together I think that’s a really good
combo it didn’t include one of those but I think that’d be cool my idea would be to use this tan color as a backdrop but I need to decide if I
want to do go like the ‘Lord of the Rings’ route of a map which would probably be
more this color or if I want to go like a classic sort of map and then I need to
decide if I want to do anything else with that or if I just want draw a boring map –
so I’m not loving the pastels because it leaves like that Crayon
texture and I can’t seem to get rid of it and I don’t really want to add a
whole lot more water because this is already pretty wet – I wonder if you just
dipped one of these things in water that blends out a bit better if you actually
get the pastel wet first and it just looks like dirty paper at this point –
look at that line. should I make these even? should I get a ruler out or just
wing it? officially ‘wong’ there we go you know they always draw waves – it’s
looking pretty lame *laughs* so after spending some time on this little map doodle, I-I
think it gave me the confidence to say this is not really what I want to do for
today’s video but I think it turned out kind of cute it’s kind of funny I still
want to take advantage of like the panoramic pages just not entirely sure
how I want to go about that yet so the thing about this is we can turn the page
we could still see our funny little map we could start drawing here something
else I learned while playing with these is that they’re really difficult to use
least in a way that I’m trying to like force them to work I’m not entirely sure
how you’re supposed to go about these *awkward silence* look I made a star!! ♪ Reading Rainbow ♪ okay
I just came up with the idea but I’m gonna need my actual watercolors it’s
gonna be a cheat but I think the arts gonna turn out pretty cool so I think
it’s a fair trade like I won’t be using just Paletteful Packs stuff, I’m gonna use
this guy instead this actually came in a Scrawlrbox but it’s the same brand
and type of ink as these pencils so it’s okay okay my idea is on this first page
I’m going to use only one color of watercolor and then hopefully when you
open it up it’ll be a rainbow and I’ll try and use these as much as possible
too I’m gonna start with green is my idea
start with a tree what if the tree cuts across into this area well I should
probably mostly be inside the green one we can have a little cutting into maybe the
yellow block and I’ll have some leaves that have fallen down on this side since
that’s gonna be more yellow maybe a snake? snakes are green right? not loving
that idea draw a little person who is drawing the treen like me – ohh maybe there’s a little
bird, she’s just drawing the bird yeah yeah looks good for the first one and we
can start coloring that in I changed my mind ♪ okay I mess up the legs but no one will notice –
I should keep everything simple and cohesive and try to stick within like the
same sort of style throughout the whole accordion – then yellow I’m obviously
gonna have the Sun because you know those Sun is kinda yellow – I want
to start coloring that way it’ll all kind of dry
consecutively – for the sky I’m gonna try and mix green and blue – and then
paint in the sky with that color probably make it get lighter at the
bottom there – there we go there’s the sky for the grass I’m going to use this dark ‘racing
green’ for shadows under the trees ♪ I’ve decide the back sky isn’t green
enough so I’m gonna go over it a little light layer of the ‘racing green’ ♪ if I can
blend this out to a more yellow green on this end I think we’ll be in good shape like this color whoo it’s pretty add some of the pastel -yeah see it’s just so
textured I don’t like it I use the oil pastels – alright moving on to the more
greenish yellow place I guess I’m gonna have to move the Sun over here and move
the yellow down a smidge – this will be there and stretch out even on to the
next page here – that’s the cool thing you just keep unfolding for more paper –
ooh we can make that ray a little bit more obvious it should hopefully offer a
sense of cohesion *woossht* somehow I’ve got green water in the tube *hehe I’m gonna put some
trees in the background here probably that looks like a weird bumpy rock *hehe color
the yellow green now starting with the yellow I’m pulling away from the Sun and then we’ll
blend into that lime green color – like that – add a little shading there with the
old green/Kiwi color ♪ okay so that’s the green, the light green,
and now we’re moving into that yellow think I just want to put a character in
the foreground for yellow maybe holding a flower just draw that out ♪ pigtails
maybe give her hands so she can hold the flower alright lets ink that puppy – ♪ people who
actually do like illustrations like this they have my full respect because I just
don’t have the patience to do something this large, I can already feel myself
being really lazy and there’s like things that I probably wouldn’t let
slide if this was like a more centered drawing on this specific illustration –
there you go but this will be yellow on this half of her and ‘orange-er’ on that
end of her, I can use this Derwent pencil ♪ then on this side they’ll be that
orange little overalls can be orange so you can see the difference ♪ color in the grass but a bit yellower – next up
is orange to red it’s time for another tree, maybe one that cuts off the top of
the page like like that maybe someones peeking around the edge
– maybe someone is peeking around this side too just try to draw a boy and girly-girl too maybe
some birds in love, literal love birds up here all right! ink! ink! ink! before my battery dies all right now it’s time to color: orange
to red – start with straight orange and color whatever I want to be the darkest
like the tree ♪ i can color the trunk a little lighter ♪ but we can also add like a shadow
underneath the leaves ♪ probably can color in this grass pretty dark orange ‘red-er’ for
the shirt color in the hair – do I want to add little
blushies? yeah – do the same for her ♪ okay, now I need to transform that red to
more of a blue color so I guess it’s probably gonna end up being purple – ooh yum! if I could
eat a color well, this one. I guess grape juice is this color – if I want to go
fully to blue somehow in these two pages that’s the goal at least, I just make
this right side of it blue in the middle ish purple oops I just cleared the beak
blue! – oh what was I thinking? I don’t know why I can’t seem to color inside
the lines today my – hand is just all over the place ♪ so this isn’t the best paintbrush – this is
the one that came with the December box color in this mushroom bright red ohh that’s
a really nice color too, its a bit ‘Pink-er’ than the other grape color ♪ well there’s is by no means professional alright gotta zoom out in time for the
grand reveal, are you ready? are you ready? bum bum bum bum !! so we have our blue and a
green and yellow and a orange and a red and a blue – boo boo! this is by no means a professional
illustration I think this brush is lacking something
in the detail Department or when I try to get certain strokes I don’t know it
just sort of flattens maybe that’s my wrist but I’m gonna blame the brush I really
like the way it’s a rainbow so it starts at blue and ends at blue – this side
of drawings like all dark and dreary and this one’s a lot brighter and happier
and then there’s a little bit more serene and I kind of like the way that
flows I think I got better at like fitting things on the composition on
this side whereas the sides a lot more opened and like empty and I kind of
failed the Paletteful Packs challenge for the month since I didn’t really use
these pastels at all I did use these two a little bit you’ll see like there’s a
little like detailed things here and there where I used the watercolor
pencils I used the watercolors of the same name as these pencils to do all the
watercolor and of course I used boo-be-de-boo the sketchbook that came with this
month’s box which I’m in love with I love the way it opens up I wish I had
finished those last two pages but I keep looking back at this and seeing how just
sort of n00bish it looks and I’m feeling the need to step away from this
I don’t think I can make it look any better by adding the last two pages but
there it is oh and then there’s also other drawings that we made right there
so that’s how we started with the sketchbook then if we flip it over we
have my drawing, isn’t that pretty cool? I did my best to do a panoramic – backgrounds and
stuff are not my specialty, im more um character art is so this is definitely
outside of my comfort zone and I just loved the colors they just make me
happy – oooh its a rainboww! this Paletteful packs was sent to me for
free to try out and share with you if you’re interested in getting your own
subscription I’ll have a link in the description where you can check that out
and see which tier is right for you this again was the Petite Box, there’s the
premier, and then I think the young artist box is the third one – I’ll have a
link you can check that out but this is what I came up with for this month’s
box even though I didn’t use the supplies but the sketchbook is what
inspired me to do the rainbow panoramic thing and if I hadn’t had this Sketchbook
I wouldn’t have thought of that and I want to grab my watercolors but look how this
is still wet so I can’t really – try and dry that out a bit – but I love the size
of this sketchbook and like how big you can draw when it’s so small I think they
said it was 4×6 and if you have like a little travel watercolor kit – look! This Derwent one is like the same size you can just put it in a purse this is so small
I love it you don’t have to have like a separate art bag yeah
I’m very impressed with this little sketchbook and like I show you I used a
lot of water in some of those places and you know there’s isn’t any buckling that’s
some real nice paper – pretty cool yeah that’s the accordion – what brand is this?
“the Pentallic watercolor dreamcatcher accordion fold artist’s journal” that’s a
mouthful – I really like this this was definitely the star of the show
I love how you can like turn the pages and it’s like a different little
illustration – that’s definitely my weakest with the watercolor but my
strongest with the layout ooh I like that one and I like the perkiness of this green yeah and then the empty page [whispers: but we don’t talk about that] thank you guys for watching and I hope ♪ you all have a delicious evening full of
waffles!! ♪ BYE! ♪ ♪


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