A Very Pretty DIY Nail Art Inspired by Scottish Tartan Design

In Scotland, we use the world bonnie as pretty and I just thought this was a really really pretty design and it would suit anyone. We’re just gonna go in with a really nice thin layer of the Infinite Shine Primer. Using a base (coat) is always a good idea especially when you’re using dark colors like Red Heads Ahead and this Rub-A-Pub-Pub. So now I’m just going in with the first coat of this lovely red shade, Red Heads Ahead. Starting at the cuticles, bringing it down to the free edge. Ideally you want to apply this in three thin strokes. And then we’re gonna give it loads of time to dry between the next coat. And then we’re just gonna go in with a second coat of base color. We’re gonna use You’ve Got That Glas-glow which is a really nice cool toned nude. We’re gonna do this light line on the left-hand side of the nail. Press the brush down and use the whole length of the brush to drag it right down to the tip of the nail. The trick to drawing straight lines is actually your brush. You need a long striper brush because the length of the bristles pretty much draw the line for you. And I’m just going in and thickening up this line by drawing another line right next to it. You really really don’t need to be perfect with it. Tartan is a woven material so the lines aren’t ever perfectly straight anyway. So now we’re gonna go in and do the horizontal line. We’re gonna go a third of the way up from the free edge, and we’re gonna start at the side wall and again we’re gonna press the brush down and roll our finger this time to go across the curve of the nail. I think it’s quite scary for people sometimes to draw a straight line on a curved surface like your nail but, if you just roll the finger along the brush,
then you’re gonna get that straight line really really easily. This lovely dark gray color is Rub-A-Pub-Pub and it’s so opaque. I just love using it for these lines. I’m just flipping my brush ’round and just nipping into my side walls. We’re just trying to do some overlapping lines and different thicknesses. That’s all we’re going for here. So I’m just cleaning up a little mark that I’ve got on my finger by taking an angled brush, dipping it in some acetone or polish remover and just cleaning up my skin. And now we’re gonna go in with the white line. I’ve just used Alpine Snow. Mix it again with a couple drops of lacquer thinner and we’re just gonna start from the cuticle- -You’ll be a pro at this by now- We’re gonna press down and just drag our brush down. Can you see how that brush is just making that straight line for me without any effort? So because this is white over some darker colors, I can actually see some tiny little streaky bits so I’m just going in with a brush again. Now because these are accent nails, you’re gonna wanna give them plenty of time to dry. Now I’m just painting a layer of the Infinite Shine Gloss. Again starting at the cuticle, floating the polish over my nail art and then just capping the free edge. And there you have it! A really cool, contemporary, tartan inspired design.

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