Abstract: The Art of Design | Season 2 Trailer | Netflix

This is monochromatic light. It looks like there is no colors. But have a look at this. This is what design’s about. Design is everywhere. -Hey, guys.
-Hi, everybody. It’s a basic building block
for our imagination. What we consider true depends on
how you look at it. There is no obvious route
from beginning to end. And there’s no guarantee
of getting to the end either. It can be really scary,
because there’s lots of people that need to know
what your vision is. The ideas are endless. You have to question yourself
in order to create. I love showing
this is possible. It has to be something better
than what came before. If we can play together,
we can live together. If there’s nobody in the room,
there’s also no art. If we are to survive
on the planet… we must design
where we’re going from here.


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