Acrylic Paint Monoprinting

hi I’m going to show you an easy mono printing technique first you’ll need something to use as the printing plate there’s a lot of options when I used to work with kids I used a cookie sheet covered with tin foil you could use anything that’s plastic this is a piece of plastic sheeting could use a plastic table cloth or plastic placemat here I’ve taken a piece of cardboard and covered it with wax paper you could use parchment paper in this technique another option is artist palette paper this comes in pads and I have a large size here and it’s a heavy waxy paper so there’s two techniques I’m going to demonstrate one is additive where you’re painting something that you will transfer to to paper for the additive technique you’ll need some different kinds of brushes here I just have a couple different brushes for the subtractive technique you’re going to be adding a layer of paint to the printing plate and then removing areas of it with either a q-tip or a rubber spatula so I’m going to demonstrate both of these techniques and show you lots of options so stay tuned you you there

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