Advanced Printmaking Class at Smith

-So, this class is advanced printmaking. What we are focused on here is not just honing those techniques but also combining different processes, and seeing how their own, independent working ideas work within the history and context of using printmaking, using print as a fine art medium. -I’m printing a two plate etching.
I catch the paper under the roller of the press so that when I register each plate, it lines up. So, the image will hopefully all line up. -These are sixteen wood blocks and each of them is a frame of an animation I’m gonna create as my final project. I use these gouges and cut into the wood. -The way the process works basically is, I cut out everything that I want to be white, and I print the lightest
color that I want to be in the picture. Then, I cut out everything I want to be that color and print the next darkest. So, that’s the basic process. I like that you can kind of explore whatever processes you want and learn about… kind of go in an independent direction and do what interests you.

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