Alice Springs Antenna – Artwork

This is the story about the caterpillar. This is the MacDonnell Ranges. Alice Springs. This is the river. Geoscience Australia commissioned the Indigenous artwork to go on the antenna to celebrate the local community. Alice Springs is a fairly significant art centre its own right. Particularly the Aboriginal art. We ended up working closely with the Batchelor Institute Art Training Centre, and there were other people and so that is wher we finally got this pathway through if you like and I talking to Roseanne and others down at the art facility. They said yes this looks like a good idea. So I draw a map that I know, even though I haven’t seen it from the satellite. But I know the hills and and the creek, waterholes from here, and from where I grew up. So just before winter you see the Ubringer caterpillars all in line. So this is Ubringer in the Dreamtime. with the hills, the mountain, that’s what it is. It’s more connecting the ancient, mapping if you like, of stories that Aboriginal people and others hold to this new technology that’s here as a new way of mapping the landscape recognising through this project the ancient and modern. Having the artwork on the antenna means a lot to the Aboriginal people here. It’s a stamp for us to say this is Aboriginal country. It’s like a badge of honour really. And we were able to say that we can link in with other indigenous cultures right across the world by having Aboriginal art work on a highly technical piece of equipment.

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