Art by Grieving Children

(counselor) What I
had y’all start on, is to draw about
your loss or change. (boy) It’s my Dad in his car. He died in a car accident.
And there is me crying. (Vicki Jay) Rays of Hope is
a children’s grief center in Midland Texas. We serve children who have
losses and changes due to death, divorce, incarceration and
other painful transitions. I am Vicki Jay I am the
Executive Director of Rays of Hope Children’s Grief
Centre, and I have served as a Stephen Minister at First
United Methodist Church. (Counselor) Ok guys, I want you
to play a song that sounds angry and mad, and as furious
as you can sound it….. Alright ready, go! (Drums) (Vicki Jay) Kids really
do want us to see inside, and sometimes the best way is to
show us, like photography, music, art and drama
and movement, talking, playing and sharing
and being with others. This is our photo journey. The kids have put
their work on the wall. They have each actually hung the
picture themselves, because they want other people to see
inside their hearts. ♪ (music) Don’t speak
to me this way… ♪ ♪ Don’t ever let me say… ♪ ♪ Don’t leave me again…
Don’t leave me again… ♪ ♪ Are you ever felt
this loss before… ♪ ♪ And the world is
closing doors… ♪ ♪ I never wanted
anything more… ♪ (Vicki Jay) This is
my friend Bethany. Bethany she came to us so dark
and really disturbed child, she was so upset with the world. The Bethany that I know
now is nothing like the Bethany that’s there. (Bethany Campbell) When
I was thirteen, um it was a normal
day, November 2005. My Brother he went over
to some friend’s house. As soon as my Mom came home at
eleven, it’s eleven o’ two and he wasn’t home. She said, “where’s Aaron?” I was like I don’t know,
I haven’t talked to him. Comes to it my brother had
taken his own life that night. He committed suicide in
our alley, using his own hunting rifle that he had had. For me I am an artistic person
and you know sometimes I think for anybody it’s hard to
express yourself through words. And you know, if you can’t sit
down and talk to someone, you can sit down and you
can draw a picture. You can take a photograph.
You can write a story. It just helped get my
emotions out in another way, rather than just talking. (Vicki Jay) Our community is
very lucky to have Rays of Hope. They have been very
supportive in our kids. In this community we have
a building that says Children’s Grief Centre. That means our community
recognizes that kids have grief issues and where going
to do something about it. That would be my wish for
every community; I wish every community could
have a Rays of Hope. Some way to serve children those
have had losses and changes, some way to recognize
that their grieving and to do something about it.

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