Art Heals

Art heals. Ask survivors of natural
disaster, men and women injured in combat, a child with autism. The arts can play an
important part in healing the body and mind. Research proves that art therapy
lowers the need for pain medications, improves coping skills, engages the
patient’s family, reduces anxiety and depression, and cuts down time spent in
the hospital. Art therapy can even save money. Art based treatments save more
than $1,000 in care costs per veteran — a potential 1.7 billion dollars in savings.
Traditional medicine is great for fixing what’s broken. Arts and culture help heal the whole person. Advocate for the arts and support
the five million military families caring for loved ones with
post-traumatic stress disorder or a traumatic brain injury. Support people of
all ages striving to overcome addiction, cancer or dementia. Visit NASAA-ARTS.ORG/ACTNOW to find out how you can help bring the healing power of art to more Americans.

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