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The Leopold Museum houses the
biggest and most prominent collection of the works of the artist Egon Schiele found anywhere in the world,
as well as masterpieces from the founder of the Vienna Secession movement, Gustav Klimt. And there are loads of other notable pieces of art, from the era known as the Wiener Moderne. It’s found in the most fashionable cultural place in the city, the MuseumsQuartier, and the Leopold Museum is just one of many
outstanding museums and exciting art venues to be found here in Vienna.
My name is Chris Cummins, and in this episode of VIENNA / NOW,
we’ll be exploring the tantalizing art world of this city. Directly opposite the Leopold Museum is the mumok. And just a stone’s throw away, across the street, you’ll find another impressive building:
the KHM – the Kunsthistorisches Museum. It’s considered one of the most eminent
museums in the world. The Kunsthistorisches Museum on Ringstrasse is not only one of the world’s foremost museums. The building itself is also one of the
most beautiful of its kind. The museum was opened in 1891
and houses priceless collections – numerous masterworks of European art history.
Among them, Raphael’s Madonna in the Meadow, Vermeer’s The Allegory of Painting,
as well as the world’s largest collection of the works of Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Objects at the Kunsthistorisches Museum
span seven millennia. The Egyptian and Near-Eastern collection
contains fascinating treasures from mysterious cultures long past. Over the centuries, the emperors and archdukes of the House of Habsburg were avid collectors.
2100 of these treasures are on display in the Kunstkammer Vienna, one of the most important chambers of art and wonders in the world. To sum up, if you come and visit the Kunsthistorisches Museum, take your time. Works of art can not only be seen
in the city’s galleries and museums. If you keep your eyes open,
you’ll find art in the public domain as well, from sculptures to installations,
in several corners of Vienna. And did you know, the House of the Seas, which is located in one of Vienna’s former
anti-aircraft towers, is crowned with a memorial,
warning against war and fascism. It was designed by Lawrence Weiner. “Pi” Is the name of a multimedia installation by the Canadian artist, Ken Lum.
It consists of statistical information, and a presentation of pi with 478 decimal places. And now we’re going to meet Peter Coeln,
a true expert when it comes to photographic art. He is the driving force behind the photo galleries WestLicht and OstLicht. My name is Peter Coeln, I’m owner of Leica Shop, WestLicht Auctions,
and OstLicht and WestLicht photographic museums. Good photographers are very talented,
and they have to see things, and they have to realize, and they have to be very quick. People are always hooked by the same photographs,
even if they’re experts or not. We have already the Month of Photography
in Vienna, with a lot of institutions involved,
and we do the book festival every year for photo book festival,
and I think in future there will be hopefully a big house for photography in Vienna. Well, there are always quite a lot of very famous musicians that are very interested in photography, and some of them are really good photographers
and they take it very seriously like Bryan Adams and Lenny Kravitz
and we did shows with them here, and they both liked the place very much, OstLicht. Photography needs more attention in this country, and will have in future. Well, my favorite artist cafés in Vienna are definitely the Anzengruber Café. And the Hawelka in the city. As you’ve seen, when it comes to art, whether contemporary or classical,
Vienna truly has a huge amount to offer, and in this episode, we’ve only seen a fraction of it. Join us next time for VIENNA / NOW,
when we’ll be dipping into the atmosphere of the city at Christmastime.
We’ll be baking traditional Viennese biscuits, and we’ll go to a Christmas market.
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