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Hello, my name is Kerstin Kraus and I am art buyer. I started my career as a photo designer. At the beginning I focused on photography, but then I switched to graphic editing. At that time I was working for Gruner + Jahr in different editorial departments for several magazines. After that I moved to Berlin to work for some other magazines. Finally I was hired by a big advertising agency in Hamburg. and I started working there. After that my career continued in that direction. But originally I am a photo designer and additionally, I have an education as curator. And also I am the owner of a photographers’ agency. So I have a broad base! For me it is really important, that I can see a unique selling point in a picture! and above all… that I can feel the passion of the photographer or that I can imagine what kind of person he/she is and how he/she thinks it and also what makes him/her different. Unfortunately there are many things out there that are similar to each other. What I like is when something appeals not to your mind but to your heart, because it has a strong concept or because the image makes you think, or because it just grabs you because it’s something extraordinary! I love the complexity! I really like having a lot of responsibility. I enjoy the mix of being organised but also creative, working and speaking with many people, the lively part of the job and the dynamic and the content: photography, illustration, art… … and advertising and communication per se. That is my passion and what I love do to. Production Paradise has been really useful for me! Especially when I have to work internationally and I need inspiration. Of course I have millions of contacts … … and I also work with my folders and links and address book well But Iim always on the search for new things and I always want to see new content. Especially when it comes to… … shootings in other places like in Amsterdam or recently in Zurich.. I have a lot of contacts there, but it’s always good to get inspiration and Production Paradise is full of content and new contacts. That’s why I’m always having a look at the website… especially when I need something abroad. Absolutely. I have the feeling that in each country, there is a different visual vocabulary… they have set different limits. The advertising is totally different because the people are different… with a different sense of humour Sometimes it’s more colorful and vibrant, sometimes more low key… I find it really exciting, the differences in the visual languages. If a monoculture develops, you have a feeling of satiety… So you need a new feeling! For several years we use… a documentary style because people were fed up with artificial imagery. They prefered to identify themselves with the images so those became more natural. It can be that there will be a saturation at some point, so things will change again. I saw that on different photo exhibitions… images, which are more constructed and conceptual than before, they are getting more and more important, they are also from other countries. Japan was respresented, in general the Asian countries, and there are completely different visual languages. I take advantage from Production Paradise, for me it is one of the first platforms that has listed photographers, categories and countries in a really good way. The search engine and the user interface are excellent I like it!

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