Art of Smash Ultimate: Advanced – Part 2

This time we will be diving into Mechanics
and the rules of the game, as having full knowledge
of what you can do to influence
your gameplay at all times is key. 21 Marth Sweet spot is the part of an attack
that has the greatest effect. It’s usually the one that deals the most
damage and knockback. Sour spot would be the opposite: it’s the
weak hit of an attack, which happens because you didn’t Space the move right or because you hit with the late part of the move.
This isn’t necessarily bad. Sometimes, it’s even better to hit with the sour spot
because it can lead into things that a
sweet spot wouldn’t lead to. 22 Young Link Invincibility (or Intangibility) Frames are the
period of time during which a character
cannot be attacked or damaged. They’re basically the same thing.
The only tiny difference is that during intangibility, the character is completely unhittable,
and any attacks will pass through them. During invincibility, the hits will register,
although there will be no damage or knockback. Find out if your character has any frames like this
and put them to good use, as some characters have invincibility
at certain areas during a move. 23 Ganondorf Some characters gain Super Armor
during some attacks. If you hit them while the super armor is active,
they will take the damage but won’t Flinch. Super armor can always be countered
by a simple grab, however. Heavy Armor is a bit weaker than
super armor and can only
take a certain amount of damage. The damage threshold can be different,
depending on the move. 24 Mewtwo Directional Influence, also known as “__,” Directional Influence, also known as “DI,” is a mechanic that allows you to alter the
trajectory or direction you get hit in. A direction can be inputted at any point
but then must be held when transitioning from
Hitlag to actually being launched, so, basically, you have to DI before you get launched. There are two kinds of DI:
Combo DI and Survival DI. Combo DI is used to escape Combos by
DI’ing away in most cases, which can make your disadvantage state
much more manageable since you’ve created more distance
between you and the Opponent. Characters with bad recoveries don’t have
as much of a benefit DI’ing away, since they risk getting Edgeguarded in that case, meaning they have to DI in on some combos
that’ll lead them offstage, which means that they’ll mostly fall into more
combos or Setups in general. Survival DI is obviously for surviving
crucial killing moves. If you get launched straight upwards,
you can only DI to the left or right. DI’ing __ or ____ or __________ does
absolutely nothing. DI’ing up or ____ or __________ does
absolutely nothing. DI’ing up or down or __________ does
absolutely nothing. DI’ing up or down or diagonally does
absolutely nothing. Once you start getting launched a bit more
diagonally away from the opponent, you should DI away from the opponent. When you get launched horizontally, you can
increase your knockback by holding up or decrease your knock back by holding down. This can be referred to as “LSI.” Usually the most optimal way to DI
is towards the stage. In some rare cases though,
depending on the positioning and how
the move launches you, holding towards the stage and diagonally up or down
can let you survive longer. Generally, you always want to try to aim yourself
for the very corners of the Blast Zone, as that’s where you will be able
to survive for longest. And, to try surviving even better, you need to double jump towards the stage
to try cancelling your momentum. Using air dodge can actually kill you even sooner, but, of course, if you don’t die,
it will give you even better
directional momentum towards the stage while also keeping your double jump. The best options, however,
are always your special moves that
can cancel momentum, such as Villager’s, Zero Suit’s and
Sheik’s special moves. You will also receive
more knockback if you get hit while
charging a smash attack, and if you get hit while crouching, your
knockback will be decreased. 25 Roy Smash DI influences the characters position
as you are in Hitlag. The main use of this technique is to get out of
attacks with multiple hits. The most efficient way to smash DI is by
rubbing the Control Stick. 26 Mr. Game & Watch This is a mechanic
that makes a move weaker
the more you hit an opponent with it— by “weaker,” I mean
less knockback and damage. The game keeps track of every move you land
and puts it on a hidden list
with nine spots. All of these nine moves are now
a tiny bit less powerful, and, of course,
the more you spam a move,
the weaker it will get. Let’s take it to down smash as an example. When you’ve used up enough moves so that
it gets taken off the list, then you’ve basically Unstaled the move,
making the down smash Fresh again. Projectiles can also get stale, although throwable items don’t get stale.
However, they do unstale other moves. A move will also stale if they hit a shield, projectile, or counters. If you die, all your moves will refresh. 27 Meta Knight If you’re having trouble finding a way to properly
edgeguard your opponent, then Ledge Trumping is another option
you can go for. If you grab the ledge
while the opponent is already holding it,
it will force them off, which can lead to a punish if you
grab the ledge immediately after they grab it. If you trump the opponent too late
after they grab the ledge,
they can avoid the punish. Once you get trumped,
you can hold in to get onstage, hold out, or have no drift at all,
all of which are punishable. You can prevent getting ledge trumped
by Buffering any ledge option, even release ledge by holding away
just before you grab the ledge. If you Regrab the Ledge without first
touching the ground, you will grab the ledge a second time
without invincibility, leaving you open for Hard Punishes. Although, if you get trumped and get hit,
you won’t have to worry about
touching the ground, since if you take damage, you will be able to
regrab the ledge a second time
with invincibility. You can also do an Instant Ledge Trump. This is performed by standing close to the edge, dash offstage,
and as soon as you’re about to leave the edge, do a half circle with the Control Stick
as fast as you can,
and you will immediately grab the ledge. A good Mindgame is to run to the ledge, Fake a Trump so that
the opponent buffers an option, and then punish that option instead. 28 Pit Another way of edgeguarding is punishing
a so called “_______”. Another way of edge guarding is punishing
a so called “2-Frame”. It refers to the two frames of vulnerability that
a character has from recovering. The first two frames of actually grabbing
the ledge are punishable. If you manage to punish a 2-frame,
the opponent won’t get his double jump back. There’s also a rule that
if you recover downwards from above,
the 2-Frame will be nonexistent. These types of recoveries can be done
by pressing up B above the ledge, then tilting the Control Stick towards the ledge, and as soon as you’re about to appear,
release the Control Stick
to grab the ledge. And, if you Tether Recover,
you won’t have the two frames of vulnerability BUT you will be completely vulnerable
during the tether. Most recoveries will sweetspot the ledge,
immediately grabbing the ledge when in range. You can prevent your character from grabbing
the ledge by holding the Control Stick
down as you recover. Then, you can let go of the Control Stick at
any time to grab the ledge. This can be a good counter to trumping,
to knock the opponent away, or even trump them instead, since you can grab
the ledge right after them. It can also be a good counter against
opponents that are trying to
punish your 2-frame— although, be careful using this move
too much because the opponent can easily Adapt and
punish you for doing it. Another rule is that you cannot grab the ledge
after you’ve been hit for __________. [Correction: You can now grab on the 30th frame!]
Another rule is that you cannot grab the ledge
after you’ve been hit for 54 frames. 29 Zero Suit Samus Resets, also known as “_____” or “_________,” Resets, also known as “Locks” or “Jab Locks,” is a technique that will only work if
the opponent misses to tech. By resetting the opponent,
you make them bounce again, and after the bounce, the opponent is forced
to pick normal get up, get up attack… …or roll. Something that should be noted
is that you have a limited time to hit them
as they hit the ground to reset them. If you are too late,
the opponent will not be reset. Only some specific moves can reset,
usually jabs or other sour spots. You can only reset two times
before they get out of it. This can lead into a quick smash attack
or a Combo Starter. Or, you reset them twice and
try to make a read on
what option you think they’d go for. 30 Wario Usually, when you get sent under
and towards the stage,
you can tech towards the wall. However, once you start getting
too much percentage,
you won’t be able to tech anymore if you get hit by a strong attack that
launches you really quickly. This also applies for getting Spiked downwards
towards the stage. However, you won’t be able to tech at much
lower percentage than walls. And, as I mentioned before, if you
hold your Control Stick down, you will decrease your knockback
and make it more likely that you’ll
tech at higher percents, while holding up will increase your knockback, meaning you won’t be able to tech
much sooner than normal. 31 Snake Once you’ve started pressuring your opponents
with aggressive aerials,
you’ll start Conditioning a lot more shield. If you notice that your opponent is shielding
and looking to block and punish
an aerial out of shield, you can instead fast fall and grab as a mix-up. This is referred to as a “Tomahawk Grab”
and is useful for all characters. These are some of the
more Advanced mechanics of Smash
that you should study up on. As for the next episode, it’ll be all about
controls, advanced techniques, as well as I explain what “Buffering” means
and how it works exactly in Ultimate. Until then, make sure you watch
the other videos I made on Ultimate. There’s always something
you can learn and discover in these videos. You could also contact me on Discord, for a private session where I could teach you
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