Art Program at UMA

[ Music ]>>We approach everyone
on their own terms, and yet have high expectations about what everyone
can accomplish.>>They have really
designed a curriculum for me that has been able to coordinate
with my family life, my job, and I’ve really, really
benefited from them.>>We are multi-discipline. We don’t necessarily
specialize in one art form. We let out students engage
in a variety of media.>>I really appreciate
these a lot, and I also appreciate the
faculty and students here, give me opportunity to know
what American people think about Chinese traditional
culture.>>What we’re trying to do
is we’re preparing people to engage community, to be
flexible, to have a portfolio, so they don’t just have a
degree, which is like a receipt, but they can show you
here is what I can do. Here is what I’ve already done.>>I would definitely
recommend UMA to other students. It’s been a really
positive experience for me.>>I would recommend University
of Maine to any student that wants to grow as an artist and improve their
personal portfolio, as well as get some
technical background. [ Music ]

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