Art Program

My professors don’t make me just do art because I love it., they prepare me to create works that are meaningful and they also prepare
me to go outside into the world and start growing myself as an artist. We are very open about what kind of work the
students make, but we want them to know what is it that you want to communicate? What do you want? What are you passionate about? The professors here, they really find you
where you’re at and help you exceed and bring up those levels that you may or may not have. Like, ok we need to work on this or we need
to work on this, so if you’re a little anxious about a certain area, like I don’t know if
I’m good enough, they will do everything they can to encourage you
and help you along the way. Um we have a beautiful program. We are very intimate here in the art program
so it’s sort seeing that intimacy between professors and the students that really
keep me into the program. I can work with the students on a very individual
basis to get them to discover what makes art important to them. We have so many amazing opportunities for
you to learn outside of the classroom, whether it’s going to be going to a workshop, going
to a conference, or helping a visiting artist install a show. I had the ability to go to NCECA, which is a ceramics conference national level and I had the opportunity to volunteer over there
and also meet new artists. I have done a quiet few commissions off campus. I have worked for for Walmart, doing a mural
for them. Umm local companies I’ve done sort of side
work and calligraphy for them too. I typically have local self-esteem with my
art as many artists do, so I’ve noticed that it’s really doing these different classes
here and with these great professors Tammy and Dawn. I’ve really noticed that they’ve
helped me to be able to have more self-confidence in my art.

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