Art students design trailer for NCTA Caisson Unit

[MUSIC PLAYING] The North Carolina Troopers
Association Caisson Unit conducted its first
mission in 2008 and serves across five
states at funerals for law enforcement,
firefighters, and EMTs killed in
the line of duty. The unit is not state
funded but survives solely on donations from the community. In December, the arts students
at Wayne Community College made a $100 donation
through their philanthropy, the art of giving. However small, the donation
sparked a partnership that is sure to have
lasting effects. With the Caisson,
I tell my students if those horses have
to leave the stable, somebody’s not coming home. My father was a
police officer, so I understand that they go
through such hardships and risk their lives
almost every single day. And so the fact that
these highway patrolmen are donating their
time and efforts into doing this completely
generous thing that they’re doing, the Caisson Unit, I feel
like is a very special thing for me to be donating my
time to this cause as well. They were our everyday heroes,
and they’re often overlooked. And I felt like this project
gave me the opportunity to really not only
reaffirm how I personally felt but be able to communicate
to everyone else how I felt and what those
people mean to me. We give back to the
community not to receive but to help people in need. But also when we give
back, sometimes we have people who give back to us. I want people to
know that no matter how small you think your
community is or no matter how little you
think of an impact you’re putting, if you take
that little bit of time and that little
bit of effort, you have no idea the kind
of people you can meet or the kind of people
that you can impact. To get the chance
to be here week after week as the
project has been growing, to see each piece develop,
and then to get to join them and critique the pieces– man, I was learning through
some of the critiques. It’s not been an easy thing. There’s been a lot of stress,
some tears, a lot of laughing. There’s a lot of magic that
happens in that art room. A lot of times the
places I go, there’s people that tell me that
somehow I inspire them. But in this process, it
was me who got inspired. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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