Hey guys!
So I’m doing a haul video and I’m really excited because I never really get to do haul videos
since I rarely buy much stuff all at once. I usually just buy maybe one or two things
and I think my last haul video was actually on my old channel and I did a Copic haul.
And I actually haven’t purchased Copics for myself since then. Actually no, no no, I might
have bought the anniversary set a little bit after that. All I know is I haven’t purchased
Copics since I bought my anniversary set which was nearly 3 years ago. So, it’s about time
I bought some new stuff. Okay, so first thing on the list is actually not something I bought.
Woops. Gonna break it. Here we go. I might have to zoom out a little bit here. So, this
is my silver play button! HELLO! Hello guys (laughing). No, don’t look at me! This is
what YouTube sends you when you reach 100,000 subscribers, so, I’m super excited to get
this. And they also have a gold play button that they send to you if you reach a million
subscribers, and it’s like, 4 times the size of this one, at least. But I was so excited
to get this and I just wanted to share it with you because it’s all thanks to you guys
that my channel has gotten to this point, and every time I see this on my wall, I’m
just gonna think of you guys and it’s going to put a smile on my face. So thank you for
making my life super fun and exciting. I LOVE doing these videos. I don’t know what I would
do with my spare time if I wasn’t making these videos. I probably would still draw, but,
you know, it wouldn’t be as fun. So thank you so much! This is all thanks to you! (Laughs)
Okay, let’s just not. Okay, moving on to the art stuff! So, most of the items in this haul
are gonna be markers because I decided to make a video about Copic alternatives because
I have Copic markers and people ask me a lot what are some cheaper alternatives to Copics,
or what other markers are good. And I never know what to say because I’ve never tried
other types of markers. I have 6 of the old Prismacolor markers and that’s it, other than
Copics. So I decided to make it one of my Patreon milestone rewards that if I got to
a certain amount on Patreon, I would do a Copic alternatives video. And it’s going to
be live, like it’s going to be public on this channel. It’s not going to be exclusive to
Patreon, so don’t worry – everyone will be able to see this video. This just…yeah,
I just realized that was turned. I kind of, you know, just need this to face the right
way. Anyway, so, it’s thanks you you guys’ support on Patreon that I’ll be able to make
this video. And all the markers came in. I just got the final two sets of markers this
morning, so I’m all excited to make this haul for you guys! So. I’ll bring in first the
markers I have on this side. So, I haven’t tested out all these markers yet by the way.
It’s gonna take me a while to do art with each of these markers, so the Copic alternatives
video won’t be up for probably at least a couple months. But, first brand of marker.
I don’t know how to pronounce this. I’m just gonna call it MEP-SKI. And these feel pretty
nice. I like the way the barrel feels. It doesn’t feel cheapy. And um, it’s just a dual-ended
marker. YEE. Here’s one side, here’s the other side. I really wanted to get markers that
have brush tips like Copics. Not all of them do have brush tips, but, yeah. So these were
from DickBlick and they were on clearance for $1.49. I kind of wish I got more of them
because the other markers I bought, I bought more than this. I have like 20 some markers
here and I wish I kinda got more. Also, I didn’t get a red because when I got my invoice
with this package, it said that carmine was discontinued, so they didn’t send it to me.
I’m like “Oh.” Now I don’t really have a red. I just have dark pink. So, here’s a little
overview of the colours I did get. So I’m excited to try these out. Next up, we have
the Finecolour markers. Look closely at that font, okay, look closely there. (Laughing)
It looks just like the Copic font. Oh my goodness. I mean, the Prismacolor font is pretty similar
as well, but, it’s like, clearly trying to be a Copic knockoff. So, they come in a set
like this, and these were super cheap. They’re like a dollar per marker. So, yay! And here
are all the different colours I got. This one I bought as a set. I didn’t pick individual
colours. There’s a lot of pastels here though. I think I purposely picked that because I
really like pastel colours. So, this is what they look like. Finecolour. And the barrel
is so similar to Copics, like, such a knockoff, BUT these ones don’t have a brush nib. That’s
the one downside. Yep, those are those. Super cheap and I haven’t really tried them out
yet, so I’ll let you know how that goes in the Copic alternatives video. These ones are
all individuals too. The Tria markers. Actually it might be pronounce TRY-A. So correct me
if I’m saying it wrong because I’d like to say it correctly in the Copic alternatives
video. I’m just used to saying TREE-A though. So, these markers look pretty cool. I like
how you can see the colours through the barrels, although I do think the caps are a little
cheapy. I should stop reviewing these! It’s supposed to be for the Copic alternatives
video! I got these – oh wait! I didn’t say where I got the Finecolours. I got these from And these ones I got from Jerry’s Artarama because I went to their website
to see if they had Trias, and they just happened to have this amazing sale going on. I think
these are $4 each regular price, but they were on sale for $1.69 each. And I had no
idea you could get Trias for that cheap. I had to pick out the colours individually and
it was really difficult because a lot of the colours I wanted were sold out. But, I managed
to get this many. Oh wait. Am I missing those greens? There were two greens that arrived
with their caps off I think it was like these ones. Yeah, these ones, cause like, I tried
refilling them with some Copic colourless blender solution to try to revive them cause
they were completely dried out. You should not use rubbing alcohol or Copic colourless
blender to refill a marker that’s dried out because you used up all the ink, but if it
dried out because you left the cap off, you can use that to refill it. Just be aware that
you could overdilute the colour. Like, it won’t be the exact same colour as it used
to be, but, hey, it was worth trying to revive them. I just ended up getting some of the
alcohol outside the central barrel. I don’t know if you can see that. There’s like a wet
spot here because I kind of refilled it too fast, and so yeah, you can kind of see it
there. I refilled them last night. I think they’re alive. I didn’t test them out today.
I was letting them sit. Yeah, I think it’s kind of okay. This one’s got a bit of a chewed
up nib. But Tria markers have 3 nibs. There’s like a little bullet tip one, and then the
wide one is underneath, and then you have your brush nib on the other side. Some of
them actually have an ultra fine tip. What is one of the ones that had it…I don’t want
to look through them all to try to find one, but some of them have a super fine tip point,
cause that’s how the newer ones come, apparently. And I’m not even pulling off the right side.
Hold on, I’ll try to find one, and then I’ll show it to you guys. Aha! Here’s one, although
it’s kind of a dark colour. I don’t know if you can really tell, but the nib is that big.
That is the nib. It’s as small as a point one multiliner. It is TEENY. So I don’t know
if I prefer this or if I prefer the bullet nib. I think they’re both useful. I’d like
to have both instead of a chisel nib, cause I’m not a big fan of chisel nibs. But yeah,
these are pretty cool. And they were a good deal, so once again, I wish I got more actually.
This one and the Mepxy, I feel like these are the two I have the least of. But I still
have enough that I could test them out and give you guys my opinions on them. And I guess
I’ll officially show you which colours I got. One of the greens actually has a wrong cap
one it. There, this one. It has a red cap on one side. I don’t know why. But anyway,
I don’t know if the camera will focus enough on the colours. It’s written pretty teeny.
So I dunno if you can even read that, plus there’s a lot of glare. Those are the colours
I got. So, mhmm. Next up, I got the Touch Twin markers, and I specifically got the brush
markers. The ones with the black barrels don’t have a brush tip, so just be aware if you’re
buying these markers and you want a brush tip, get the white ones. They’re a little
bit more expensive though, which kind of sucks. There’s the brush nib. Here’s the normal tip.
I actually want to test this out real quick. I was really pleased with the Mepxy nibs.
This one’s actually pretty nice too. It’s a little stiff. The Trias, the nibs don’t
feel that much like the Copic nibs. SHH! I need to stop saying these things! I need to
save it for the video! Uh yeah, but these are the colours I got. I don’t know if this
set has a name. It’s just 24 colours. I don’t think there’s a specific name for it. It’s
just the 24 set of touch twin markers. And I got these guys also from Jerry’s Artarama,
cause that good sale was on. And so, I don’t remember the cost of these. I’ll talk about
it more in the Copic alternatives video. Yeah, they were on sale too, which is awesome. Next
up, I got this set of 24 Spectrum Noir markers, and I got the Lights set. And I got this at
a place called Canuck Crafts. Actually, I got a business card, they stapled it to the
invoice so I might as well show it. It’s a place here in BC, which is pretty cool. And
you can get it at a lot of places. You can even get them at Staples, or at least online
at Staples, but they were sold out when I was looking there, so I got it from this place.
These do not have brush tips, sadly. Here, let me just pull some of them out here. Show
you what they’re like. Spectrum Noir. And these are actually the newer barrels. They
have an older version of these markers. There’s kind of a rubbery, yeah, that is rubber. There’s
rubber grips right there, so that’s pretty snazzy. And then you have your bullet tip.
So it’s kind of like a Copic Original. Then your chisel. And I do not like bullet nibs
as much as I like brush nibs, so I actually bought some brush nibs. The downside is, this
is about $2 a nib. It’s a bit less than that. It was like $7 for 3. And that’s just as expensive
as the markers are. So it’s like, hmmm. It doubles the cost of the marker if you want
to get a brush tip. So I got 6 of them, so I’ll be able to replace 6 of my markers with
the brush nib. But that is it. The rest will have to stay as chisel. There’s all the colours
I got. I’m just so excited to try out all these markers, you guys! I’m in marker heaven!
There’s markers everywhere! Okay, so there’s those ones. And one more type of marker for
my Copic alternatives video, and that is the Prismacolor Premier. And I got the new ones
that have the brush nibs, of course. So, here’s 24 of them. And I actually got a 48 pack,
and it’s weird because it comes as two separate containers. But they had a cardboard piece
around them to show it was one set. So this is a 48 set of Prismacolor Premier markers.
Let’s take a look here. HEY. Oh (laughing) sorry! I fell for this last time too. I was
like, “That’s not a brush nib!” It actually doesn’t come with a chisel nib. Like, oh my
god, thank you! THANK YOU. I hate chisel nibs. I feel like they’re a waste. Yes, sorry, I
forgot about that (laughs). So, Prismacolor, yay, thank you for excluding chisel, because
that is awesome. Let me do a little swatch here. Oh, yeah, these have really nice nibs
too. I think the Trias just had icky nibs. Kind of. They’re okay. Anyway, I have to try
them a little more other than just swatching a little bit on a piece of paper. Okay, SO
many markers, oh my god! And these look pretty cool in their case like this. Pretty snazzy.
So, those are those. These were also from Jerry’s. I got all 48 for $99, which is insane.
I forget what they are regular price. Plus, for reason, you can get the 48 set, or the
48 set that comes with these cases, and regular price, the case is more expensive, but for
some reason with the sale, the ones with the cases were cheaper. So I was like, okay! Yeah,
I think it was $99 for all 48. US Dollars, that is. So, cool man. Kewl. Okay, so that’s
it for the Copic alternatives part of the haul, but I have some more stuff that I bought
for myself. So, Copics. Like I mentioned, it’s been either 3 years or close to 3 years
since I’ve purchased Copic markers for myself. I have purchased them for giveaways and things,
but, like I have so many Copics I was in no rush to get more. I got them from a place
called Curry’s. It’s a Canadian website and they actually do have actual storefronts in
Ontario, but I live in Western Canada, so I can’t physically go to a Curry’s. But their
prices are actually on par with online US stores. So it looks like a bit more money
at first, but when you do the currency conversion, they’re actually super cheap. It’s like $5.27
per Sketch marker, US Dollars that is. So, I got a whole bunch of Copics. Oh, plus they
had a sale, 20% off. So I actually got them for cheaper than that, and that’s why I went
insane and bought a ton. I pretty much bought every Copic Sketch colour they carried that
I didn’t already have, but unfortunately they don’t really carry that many, and they don’t
carry many refills either. I wanted, like, 11 different, 11 or 14 different refills,
and they didn’t even have them all. They only had 3, so sad. Oh my god, my battery light’s
flashing. Please survive! Okay, so these are the 3 refills I got. I got YG67 Moss, Y21
Buttercup Yellow, and BV02 Prune. Cause those are the only ones they had. And I’m quickly
gonna dump all these out, so I’ll be right back. Umm… I’m confused here. Each case
was full of 3 markers, but I ordered 49 colours, and 49 is not divisible by 3. I need to count
these. Oh my god, I only counted 42. I’m pretty sure I ordered 49 markers. I’m gonna have
to cross check that with the online order. Derp. Wow, I am stupid. I forgot that some
of them are backordered. So there’s 7 that are backordered, which is why I only have
42. Okay, well. Problem solved. Here, I’ll maybe say what colours, in case you’re curious,
although they don’t have the colour – oh, you have to look here. I’m missing E18 E39
E40 E32 Y00 YR02 and special blue – I don’t know what that code is – Oh, it’s B29 Ultramarine
Blue. Or something. So, in case anyone’s really curious about the colours I’m getting, those
are the ones that are not going to be part of this haul. Oh my god, I’m so excited I
can finally add these to my Copic, or storage device, whatever. Okay, hopefully the camera
is somewhat focusing on these. I think it’s focusing a bit lower. Hold on. If I just touch
the screen where I want it to focus, it should focus. There we go. In case you’re curious
what colours I got, there’s some. Dump. There’s the next batch. Do do do do. And here is the
final batch of colours. Kewl man. Kewl. So, those are the ones I got, I already showed
you the refills. Cool. Next on the list, Soufflé pens! These are by Sakura. They’re the same
company that makes the Micron pens and makes the Gelly Roll pen. So if you compare it to
my Gelly roll, you’ll see it looks just like it. But these are different because they work
on dark surfaces, and they’re slightly puffy I think. I actually haven’t had a chance to
try them because I wanted to show them in the packaging for the haul. I got these on
Amazon. I think it was $25 or something for the whole set, although I’m sure you can find
it cheaper on the American Amazon website, but I had to get it on the Canadian one. So,
oh my gosh, I’m so excited. Let’s test one out. Let’s take the pink. See how this works.
Oh. There’s a thing. Like a little glob of wax or something to protect the tip of it.
Maybe so it doesn’t get all crusty? Oh yeah, that kind of works. Let’s zoom in a little
bit. This is probably, I mean…hmm. You’d think it would work a little bit better on
this dark surface. But that’s okay. I just thought that these would be really cool for
adding details to my drawings. Not gonna lie, these are a little bit not what I was expecting.
But they’re still cool. They’re pretty much gel pens. That one stands out pretty well.
Yeah, so, those are the Soufflé pens. I think the colours are really cure. They’ll probably
look a lot nicer on white paper. I probably, I’m not really planning on using these on
dark paper anyway. I just wanted to test it out. Okay, so my camera battery died. I just
charged it for a little bit and I looked back at this paper, *gasp*. Look at it! It looks
wet when you first draw with it, but when it dries, it’s totally opaque. Kay, let’s
grab it again and do a comparison. So, I think that was the pink. The pink’s actually pretty
pale. Here, I’ll do purple. So these swirls are purple. When it’s fresh, it doesn’t look
exciting at all. Look at that. Look at the difference. And when it dries, it’s totally
opaque! Wow, oh my god, I’m so much more excited now! Yes! Yay, yayaya, Soufflé pens, so excite
(laughs). Okay, so the next item in this haul is masking fluid. This is the box it came
in. I already took it out of the box. So, you saw me use this in my Craya speedpaint
video. It is masking fluid, and how it works is you squeeze it out onto your paper in whatever
design you want, and then you can paint on top of it, and then when it’s dry peel it
off, and it leaves the paper white. It’s pretty cool, and it has this little needle on the
cap. The needle goes in the hole to prevent it from clogging. And I really wanted this
masking fluid because it comes in a pen like this. You can get them in bottles where you
have to use a paintbrush with them, but I thought it would be really cool to get these
ones. Oh no, I cannot do this. There we go. There we go. This is the brand Fineline, it
says masking fluid, 18 grams, self-cleaning system. (Laughs) Wow! WOW! Sorry, I don’t
know why I find that so funny. And I bought it from this website called Hofcraft. I’ve
never heard of it before, but they had a good price and good shipping cost to Canada, so
I was like, okay, I’ll buy from them. So there’s this one, and then there’s a second one. Same
brand, but it has a smaller nib. Let’s actually open this up here. So this one…wait, it
kinda looks the same, wait. It is thinner, but, okay, I need to compare them. Oh yeah,
that’s quite a bit smaller. Not a huge difference. You probably really can’t see this on the
screen. There’s a bit of a difference there. Oh yeah. I’d say it’s about half the diameter
or something. I’m sure you could find the official specs for that. Oh yeah, cause this
says 20 gauge. This one…oh. Maybe that meant…no no no…oh yeah yeah, okay, that 18g meant
18 gauge, not 18 grams. Cause it’s 37.5ml, so yeah, this is a 0.8mm tip and this is a
0.5mm tip. So that is the difference. So I bought these, I ordered them online like I
said, from that website, and then a few days later I forgot that I ordered them. And I
ordered some more masking fluid. Wow, so now I’m going to have 3 things of masking fluid.
Get in there! It’s because I bought Claire Keane’s book Once Upon a Cloud and I wanted
to get the free shipping and I was like hey, I’ve been meaning to buy masking fluid, so
let’s add some masking fluid on and get the free shipping. Totally forgot I already bought
masking fluid! I forgot that I actually went through with this order. I thought I added
it to my cart and didn’t actually buy it. Woops! So this is Windsor & Newton colourless
art masking fluid. I haven’t had a chance to use this yet but, it’s the kind you need
a brush to use with. It’s got a safety cap. There we go. Cool. This is good thought because
if I want to mask a larger area, I’ll use this with a brush, and if I want to mask a
smaller area, I’ll use these guys. Alright, so that’s it for the haul. We had the three
masking fluids, the Soufflé pens, and a whole bunch of markers, so woohoo! Oh and just a
note about the markers, so the Copic alternatives video was a $500 milestone on my Patreon,
but I definitely spent more than $500 on the markers. But, I mean, that’s fine because
Patreon is monthly, so I’ll still recoup the costs. But um, yes, so many markers that I
wouldn’t otherwise be able to buy. Hoohoohahahahaha! So excited! So, thanks for watching, and I’ll
see you guys in my next video!


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