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welcome to the University of California
Santa Cruz art department are you interested in expressing your ideas
through visual media our major allows students to explore and develop ideas in
a host of directions drawing painting photography print media interactive
technologies electronic art sculpture public art and environmental art in the
culture in which the dominant form of communication is logical and verbal art
explores the power of visual imagery for personal and public communication with
your creativity and interest in the world around you the subjects you study
here on campus and events that unfold in your life you can translate your ideas
dreams concerns and vision to others using the theory and techniques that you
learn here working with faculty who are renowned experts in their field and
utilizing our world-class facilities you can stimulate your creative thinking and
practice while also taking courses in other areas of the arts division the
bachelors of art in art provides you with the means to pursue imagery with
the foundation in visual studies this foundation is necessary to develop
practical and theoretical knowledge about a broad range of visual activity
both past and present students are offered courses that expose them to the
complex relationship between theory and practice the art major provides a
sequential series of courses that will prepare you for specialized advanced
upper division studios you will begin with three foundation courses exploring
two-dimensional three-dimensional and four dimensional concepts with both
lecture and studio assignments once the three foundation courses are completed
you will choose three entry-level lower division studios from painting drawing
print media sculpture and public art photography and digital media for basic
instruction in those areas these classes prepare you to undertake upper division
studio specific to the areas that interest you many of our students pursue
a double major or minor with another subject our major is highly flexible and
many double majors can finish both degrees in four years if they carefully
plan it is an excellent way to open up options after you graduate from UC Santa
Cruz into other more specialized areas such as art therapy with a double major
in art and psychology we have double majors with history of art and visual
culture feminist studies politics literature film and digital media
biology neuroscience and many more we currently do not offer a minor in art
our department offers grants for students interested in pursuing a
particular project on their own we also have scholarships available to junior
and senior art majors which give a monetary award as well as a group show
in a gallery on campus Porter Affiliate students can also apply
for the porter research fellowship which allows the student to enroll in an
independent study course to work on their own project while assisting their
faculty mentor with their research this major is open to all students interested
in art you don’t need an art background we have students who have been making
art throughout their life but we also have students who have absolutely no
previous art experience our classes begin with the basics of theory history
and techniques for each medium and allow you to develop your skill set
while exploring the ideas you want to express in your art making if you are
not sure that you want to major in art our foundation courses are open to the
entire university have no prerequisites and may be taken by all we also have
topical art courses such as foundations of photography environmental art or
digital tools for contemporary art practice that are also open to all
students no matter which major they are pursuing all of these courses satisfy
various general education requirements you can take some of these courses to
help you decide if the art major is right for you
students can become involved with internships around the Santa Cruz area
at various museums and galleries such as the Museum of Art and history and the
Santa Cruz Art League located in downtown Santa Cruz
we have internships at various public and private elementary schools assisting
and developing art courses for the children we also have internships with
private artists and arts organizations these internships are great networking
tools and some of our students have been hired
by these agencies after graduation there are also many opportunities to study
abroad taking studio courses art history
courses as well as courses for general education requirements and other majors
to go abroad expands your horizons exposes you to other cultures and the
art and history of that country and creates friendships that will last a
lifetime to see the actual painting sculpture or architecture that you have
read about in a book is amazing these courses may also be used towards your
art major requirements the UCSC art department offers a great selection of
summer session classes that are open to anyone for new incoming students summer
session can provide you with art classes to jumpstart your academic career here
with our summer transfer Academy where you can take courses that fulfill your
major requirements additionally students can take classes in art that aren’t
usually offered during the regular year but only offered in the summer for
summer classes in the art department prerequisites are waived so even non art
majors can enroll check the UCSC summer session website for lists of current
offerings many students who want to teach at the college level have gone on
to graduate schools such as Yale Rhode Island School of Design New York
University Chicago Art Institute to name a few
some have received their teaching credentials and are now teaching art in
K through 12 schools they have pursued careers in arts management Museum and
gallery practices communication technologies media arts magazine
photography some work at bronze foundries and some are doing book
illustration our Career Center on campus is an excellent resource for students
looking for resume writing workshops career options job announcements and
general guidance on pursuing a career in the arts as an art student you will
learn to explore the visual world and produce art that is relevant meaningful
and fun you can explore different techniques that interest you develop
your proficiency in areas you are already interested in and show your work
to your fellow students in one of our galleries it is an exciting time
for artists so if this major interests you please contact the department
advisor and we hope to see you in the fall

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