ART VIDEOS I’VE NEVER UPLOADED – A Potpourri of some clips from 2018/19

This one was supposed to be a Copic tutorial for coloring eyes the video itself is finished but waits for a proper decription and voice over there’s honestly not much to tell you about this XD but maybe it’s still a little help just by watching it maybe someday there will be a new eye tutorial again and maybe even with two eyes! XD This one is just me drawing in my sketchbook I was so into drawing mermaids but I don’t know why I’ve never published this This was also a drawing in my sketchbook I’ve never “finished” this sketch
because I had no ideas to continue so it’s still waiting to get finished you might already know these two ladies from my latest Q & A They’re siamese twins I’m still looking for suitable names for them I guess some russian names would fit but let’s see… Here I wanted to practice and try out
to create a very dark skin tone at first everything was fine to make it short: as I coloured her lip contoures I messed it all up XD I used a reference to color her skin to practice how to create more realistic looking darker skin tones with different shades of colors but I really like how it looks at the beginning the colors work well together I really don’t think darker skin tones are easy to create but it’s interesting and worth to practice it I would love to try it again someday of course with a reference again I made a cut where I started to fail because I’m too shy to show it XD I’ve still got this unfinished
Shikishi somewhere in my shelf maybe I should give it another try and see if I can save it let me know if you’re interested to see that 😀 Here we have just an unfinished linework Most of the time my brain is so empty so I have no real idea what to draw so a theme or interesting details are missing and I stop drawing and never finish some drawings This one was more of an experiment I was struggeling with the proportions but I decided to just continue This was one of those experiments where I’ve no idea where it will lead me I took some cheap water based pens and mixed those colors with water I was not happy with the outcome because it looks so psychedelic XD but I think it needs just some
darker contrasts to balance it I still got this drawing here, maybe you would like to see me finishing it, let me know! This was a chibi portrait commission I often turn people into manga figures at conventions and sometimes I also do those commissions at home unfortunately I’ve not filmed the whole progress and it’s really just that short XD I would love to draw my patrons like this by time as a little event :3 I hope I’ll have time for this soon So here we have another tutorial that was planned months ago XD it’s nothing special so there’s also not much to tell you XD Here I was just testing this super thin brush pen that is so awesome for dynamic thin lines like lashes and hair This was the first page of a sketchbook I bought early this year it can handle water colours and markers without any problems I guess it was a sketchbook from canson I used different markers for this – just colors I like now that I see this clip I think I should stick into character designs again what do you think? unfortunately my camera stopped filming and I couldn’t find any more clips of this qwq mades me really sad but I hope you enjoyed having a peek in some of these unpublished art videos that never had a chance to get published Thank you for watching!


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