Art Will Bring Us Together – Full Film

You’re either interested in life and what it means to be human or you’re not and the arts is the way that we do it I think. It moves us, it thrills us. Not everybody understands or learns about the world in a single way I think that’s what the arts do They give you another vehicle to either understand yourself or understand the world or understand your neighbour and it brings you closer to what can sometimes feel so far away from you. For me, it basically releases everything that’s in here and it just goes… then it’s out of me, and it’s out there. I think art is most powerful when it isn’t art and when it doesn’t feel like art and when it isn’t anything associated with the word art because the word art has so much baggage with the people who feel they’re not capable of art. So I think the actual moment of art is when you are magically moved. We all have this inherent creativity in art within us So I think when people say art is not for them I like to challenge that. I like to find a way to really expose that because fundamentally, we’re all artists. Everybody has creativity and it’s just a question of finding what the channel for that is. All you’ve got is your authenticity, you’ve got your viewpoint, you’ve got your experiences. You live to hope, that there’re some sort of fragment in the way that you view the world. That’s what we’re all trying to do, is just capture this small moment of how we view the world at that point in time. And hopefully there’s either something in it that someone either finds completely absurd and challenging to their own humantiy or something that someone relates to which they can then relay into their own experiences. We shouldn’t try to provide the answer to everything and I think in some ways, actually allowing people to define art for themselves and allowing people to take a bit of curatorial control and just give them permission for amazing things to happen. Great art can connect you to the place that you are in it can make you transform the way you view the world essentially bring you closer to what I can only describe as humanity a deeper understanding of humanity in all it’s complexity. It’s never perfect I think sometimes you get lost in that quest for perfection Art, is better out than in if it remains in we don’t speak to each other, so it’s being expressed and understood it’s not a form of conversation. I think cities are like people if you are neglected or overlooked, underestimated and yet you know that you have this incredible history you’ve got all these talents you need to find someway of breaking through people’s perceptions and making something happen where people reassess. Art has the power to help us to tackle some of the very basic problems we know that there’s a lot of social inequality lots of isolation I used to find it really difficult to talk about tourettes without tears and then I had a conversation with my friend Matthew who described my tiks as a crazy language generating machine and told me not doing something creative with them was wasteful and this idea took route. Maybe, it’s that hunger I guess Maybe it’s that thing you just can’t seem to turn off It’s a risk, you’re taking a risk I think this is going to work The thrill in the unknown and I don’t know what to do I’m kind of in this no man’s land of fear There’s no right or wrong way to do it anyone can do it It’s having that reason to be alive Art has that ability to make somebody feel differently about their world. Every shared laugh, or conversation or piece of artwork has the potential to create change. As the world evolves, as politics evolve, as relationships evolve as climates change as everything in this world is all orbiting around and fluxtuating there’s never going to be this moment of stillness. It’s impact on people and it’s impact on the city is something to be analysed and understood If this isn’t arts and culture then what is? It’s about us not telling the community well this is art it’s the other way around they tell us what art is and art for them means many, many, many different things culture means many, many different things.

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