Artesplorazioni: arts and crafts

Arts and Crafts was a social and aesthetic movement. The name comes from Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society, created in 1888. For some, it was little more than a decorative fashion. For others it meant to develop an art in relation to fundamental problems of society. He poses almost always at the center honesty. That the production of objects that clearly showed their purpose and their operation. This simplicity meant putting out materials and surfaces with an approach intended to become the basis of modern design. The writer John Ruskin is a bit ‘the theoretician of the movement because they put black white negative effects, aesthetic and social, of industrialization. But the main artist was William Morris considered a forerunner of modern designers. Arts and Crafts developed in the late nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century. When the first world war this movement slowly ran out. But his ideas continued to live and exert a great influence on graphic artists, designers and artists. Where acted this movement? He was born and developed in the UK, but it was a great impact in other European countries and the United States. Inside Arts and Crafts was not very homogeneous because they developed many lines of thought and practice also as a function of the places in which it developed. Its purpose was to promote design and good quality craftsmanship, in full of age when he made his way mechanical mass production. Just because of his vocation, he was on in a particular way the architecture and the decorative arts.

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