ArtResin – How to artresin your Artwork & Photography (epoxy resin clear coat)

what’s going on guys Brad here from Brad Scott vigils calm today I’m really excited to test out the new art resin epoxy resin so I’m going to be coding two of my fine art canvas prints here one is of bonsai rock in Lake Tahoe and the other one is of the slot canyons one called sands of time one of my newest releases so we’re going to mix it all up get going this is art resins new formula so it’s a one on one one part epoxy resin one part hardener so it’s very easy to measure out and mix and it’s a new formula that is non-toxic so you don’t have to wear a respirator like a lot of the other epoxy resins which is really nice because I’ve used those in the past and they stink up the whole house they give you a headache and I kind of have a little cold going on right now I don’t know if you can notice got stuffy nose so it’s going to be really nice to work with and it’s extremely hard once it’s it’s cured and it’s also perfectly clear there’s no tint no yellowish tint to it no cloudiness and the bubbles pop by themselves apparently I’ve got a propane torch that I’m going to use either way just because I’m used to it make sure that the surface is perfectly clear perfectly flawless no air bubbles so I’m going to get over to the workstation mix this stuff up and show you the whole process okay so I’ve got the starter kit from art resin calm this is enough to cover a 8 square foot surface both of my prints are 16 by 24 inch so I’m just going to use a little over half of this so I’m going to mix 1 to 1 ratio Part A is the resin Part B is the hardener I also picked up the little kit they have on there you get a stirring stick some scrapers and some gloves nice and convenient and I’m just going to mix it in two I’m gonna pour it into these cups first and then I’m going to mix both of them into this big one and start for about 3 minutes ok so I’m just going to put on these gloves this stuff once it hardens up it it’s like hard as a rock so you don’t want to get it on your hands like I said this stuff is the non-toxic new formula so it’s going to be a lot nicer to work with I’ll let you know if it smells it all but apparently it doesn’t smell too bad not like the other stuff okay so both these cups are the same size we’re just going to measure one part part a is going to be the resin we’re going to open this up we’re just going to mix just pour it out nice and slow soon a little more okay so that’s part a we used a little over half the bottle it should be enough to cover it all and you want to make sure you pour it into a cup first so I can get the air into it that’s perfect and then you mix the two together and it says on here that you want to combine both of them mix together thoroughly for three minutes it’s got a 30-minute pot life so you have 30 minutes to work with it you’re going to pour it over the artwork spread it out and then you let it sit for 24 hours okay so this we’re going to do we’re going to mix the two together in this big cup now and then use the stirring stick to make sure that we have all of it and this stuff cure is really nice and hard and it doesn’t smell as sweet I was expecting it to smell at least a little bit and it you can still smell a tiny little bit but it’s way less toxic smelling than the other stuff that you get it like Michael’s soon you just want to make sure you get everything out since we are mixing a 1 to 1 ratio ok I’m just going to mix it around you want to keep mixing it around until it looks nice and clear making sure you scrape all the edges of the cup and you just want to make sure that it’s all mixed in together if you have any parts that are just left unmixed it’ll create a soft spot that won’t cure right so you just need to make sure it’s all mixed up don’t worry about making bubbles right now they’ll basically pop by themselves and then if they don’t pop you either breathe on them or you use a flame like a heat gun or a flame thrower propane torch and that will cause the bubbles to pop faster you want to make sure all of your artwork is leveled before you do this so you have more time to work with it if it’s not level you’ll get one side that’s thinner than the other it’ll just all run off and you don’t want that you can see it starting to get really nice and clear and see the bubbles in there but those little pop ones just spread it all around okay so I’m just going to pour it straight on into the center and I’ve got about a half of this Cup so I’m just going to eyeball that making sure that both of them have an equal amount okay just going to pour it on there pour some on here look some more over here okay I’m just going to use the scraper to scrape the rest out and they’ve made it so this has a 30-minute bucket life so that gives you a nice amount of time to work with it it feels about the consistency of honey right now so I’m just going to put that in the center so I’m just going to work on these individually now and I’m just going to spread everything out get it nice and close to the edge and just keep working it really brings out the color and the image it’s really cool-looking so I want to try and get it nice and close to the edge but make sure I’m not pushing too much of it off the edge of the picture it’ll start to fall over the edge eventually but I want to try and get it to where it’s just on the face a little black bit in there just keep them down there so it’s trying to get nice and close and you just just work it around towards the edge of the image spread it all around and if it gets on the side of the picture I like to have it go over the side of the picture but if you don’t want it to you can just tape off the side of it and that will prevent it from going over to the side I just think it gives it a nice look nice finish to look to the side of the picture when they let it go over like that and I’m not pushing down all the way to the picture I’m just letting the scraper just kind of smooth over the top of it and it’s got like a nice thick consistency to it so it’s not going all the way over so now I’m just going over the surface with a flame and it pops all the bubbles you can just see them popping and it makes the surface perfectly even in the sea all the bubbles popping my favorite part pretty much like painting the side of the canvas just with my gloves just saturating it with the resin doesn’t need to be thick on the sides alright so I double-checked everything hit it with the flame one more time I’m going to go ahead and cover them and let them sit for a little while I might come check in about 10 minutes to make sure everything is hardening okay but so far looks really good I get nice and close to it and look there’s no bubbles is perfectly clear so I’m really happy with it so far it looks awesome so I’m going to cover it and we’ll check tomorrow to make sure they’re all good if they need to another coat if there’s not enough we can go ahead and do that but looks good so far alright so I put the boxes over there and I just put there open-ended boxes so I just put the plastic on the sides of them so I’m going to let them sit for pretty much overnight and then I’ll check on them in the morning and they should be rock-solid perfectly clear no bubbles should look pretty sweet so I’ll show you when they’re done alright so they’re all done and they look amazing you can see it’s got this nice glassy finish to it this one is called bonsai on fire it’s a photo of bonsai rock and Lake Tahoe it’s on the north side of Lake Tahoe one of my favorite spots and then this one is called sands of time this one just looks amazing the colors are so cool it’s got pinks and purples and oranges this one’s in Antelope Canyon so that’s what the resin looks like once it’s all cured you get some close-up shots here focusing on moon it’s just got this really cool shiny texture to it check this one out up close it looks like you’re there in real life when you look up close I shot these photos with my Nikon d810 and it’s a 36 megapixel sensor so the clarity and detail is just insane but if you would like to purchase any of these prints just go ahead and check out my website Brett’s got visuals comm and also you can send me an email at Brad’s planet at I’ll put those links in the description below but that’s how you resin images with art resin I highly recommend their product it turned out amazing super clear super hard and it protects your images for a long long time as well it gives you that just really cool glassy look and finish to the art super impressed

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