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I’m at the Arts & Crafts store Michaels today Look at all these colors! Amazinzg,isn’t it!? Pipe Cleaners in so many different colors! This is where it’s at for those who are interested in arts and crafts see these tiny pompoms,so cute So I sometimes come here to get some diy ideas and new items to work on later Such a cute chocolate mold! There is instruction on back of the package says, melt chocolate in microwave mold,and it’s done once they get hard in shape I found cute mold! For Valentine’s day, right The price for these molds are not bad They are about $2 Sweet I think I wanna try making cute chocolate with one of these shapes I found some more molds in other cute different shapes Star,Heart,etc… There you are! I’ve been looking for cookie cutters all over the places! $3.49 ‘Cmon camera,focus! These are the shapes come in this package To me,it is almost miracle that I found these cookie cutters here because just to look for cookie cutters I had tried quite different places such as walmart,taget,and a few local grocery store but I couldn’t find then anywhere I always thought cookie cutters are something we can get any grocery stores Cannot believe it took me this long to find…I was almost giving up a hope Super cute! A Whoopie Pie Pan in heart shape Look at this cookie cutter. Sexy lips, $3 And $5 for these Perfect for Valentine’s day gifts How cool is this,mold with big lips! They can be nice gifts for anyone I’m sure they will be happy These are too cute, $11 Here are some cake sheets Oh,so this is how you make your gifts for people $4 for 8 bags Some plates with hearts Over here we have gift boxes $7 for 6 These wrapping bags and boxes make gifts even cuter and perfect to give away Super sweet Just can’t get enough of looking at these My heart is literally melting Here we have some goods and accessories for babyshower Here in the States,baby shower is a way to celebrate the pending or recent birth of a child by presenting gifts to the mother at a party It’s a little party with your girls freinds and lady family memberes Aww look at this confetti,so cute blue is for boy and pink is for girls You can sprinkle these on table and make it look cute therefore these come as a bunch in one bag such adorable colorful ponpons There is one idea for diaper cake of course I know I can goole it for more ideas but I also like coming here and see stuff in person Candies in bags These are the sweets you can give away to those who attend your babyshower and these are the favor bags you can organize those sweets in $5.99 for 12 pieces, And these can be used for diaper cake or other purpose Next section Here we have goods for wedding, There are cute place card holders for seating arrangement some more cute favor bags with silver hearts $5.99 for 12 pieces and more colorful sweets to go with Aww There are cuter favor boxes $20 I’m simply enjoying looking at these more clear bags with silver hearts There it is,this is how you can customize your own favor bags $5 Moving on to the next section OMG! Are these what I think they are?! Aren’t these wedding garters,right At wedding,I love when groom pulls it off of bride’s thigh with mouth Aww Super gorgeous ring pillow ever! Oh,what a beautiful candle!!! $40 These are $34 And they are buy one get second half off Look at those interesting cake topper! I love those I remember one of my friends actually had those on her wedding cake lol Here you can find your own initial Wow! These are the biggest rings I have ever seen in my life,really Boom! Right on your wedding cake So as you can see Michaels has everything you need for diy I can literally spend all day here they have so many items for so many different occasion I truly enjoy myself here I will make more videos of Michaels if you are interested so let me know and They also have such humongous picture frames Here is one of the best aisle where Olivia Oki loves There are ribbons with all kinds of patterns more than you can imagine You can diy hair bow etc… I’m thinking about making a video of diy hair bow tutorial sometime in future alright, Thank you very much for watching See you on next video Bye!


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