Artwork Print Preparation

okay so here in Adobe Illustrator we have our logo that we have just designed this is what we wanted to look like up above our reception desk or ever it might go the first thing I want to go over is outlining text if you send us a design with a form that is not in our system Adobe Illustrator will replace it with one that is in our system to make sure this doesn’t happen you need to make your text uneditable at the moment I can still type whatever I want into this vertex we need to outline this and we do this by going into the type menu and select create outlines or by using the shortcut command shift o or ctrl shift o if you are using a PC now we’ve done map you’ll see that this text is now outlined and also we can no longer edit this text in terms of what the text reads just to note the most important thing about setting up your artwork in Illustrator is your artwork needs to be at 100% scale this means if you want your artwork your logo or sticker to be 100 centimeters wide on the wall you need to be working on it Anila straighter at 100 centimeters wide so we have the design that wants to be printed so now what we need to do is create three different layers of our design you can do this in the layers menu and O or option click and drag out two more layers now we’re going to name these three layers print bleed and cut these are important for different reasons the cut layer is what our cutter will actually see and this is the final outline of what we will cut and then what you’ll put up on your wall the bleed layer is very important this gives an edge to the design outside of whether cutter will cut this just gives a bit of forgiveness if the cutter goes out at all the stops you’re getting small white lines around your logo and finally the print layer is what you’ll see when it is all finished let’s start on the cut layer so what we need to do is select the whole logo and change the color to black but not just any bite it has to be a black that I’ve cutter can recognize you can do this by creating a new swatch over in the swatch menu for the name it has to be cut contour with capital C’s and no space the color type should be spot color color mode CMYK and take see my down to 0% and hey up to 100% click okay and your new swatch will now be in the menu so make sure that the whole logo is this black we also need to make sure that only the outline is cut we don’t want these blue lines here to be cut so what we do here select the whole logo go into Pathfinder menu and click unite now only the outline will be cut also if you select the layer up here and change your layer color to magenta this just makes it super easy for us to see where your cut line should be the next layer we need to move on to is the bleed layer remember this is to ensure you don’t get any white lines around your logo in its cup to do this go into the object menu then down to path and select offset path this needs to be 5 millimeters or not 0.5 centimeters and this is when your artwork is I want 100% so if you wanted your artwork to be 100 centimeters wide the bleed would need to be 5 millimeters once you’ve done this you’re our work will look like this with your cut line underneath as you can see here the gradients on this design haven’t duplicated perfectly so with that it’s just the case of going through them and adjusting them it can be tedious and takes a bit of time but it will make sure your loader doesn’t have like light blue lines here if they cut it goes out at all you’ll also want to adjust the bleed whether two sections of bleed overlap you can do this by using the direct select tool on the edge of the bleed bleed wants to be the same color as the print above it so there we go we have our bleed line with our cut line underneath and now we send this to us as an adobe illustrator file [Music]

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