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We are almost at the end of the road, brothers. Today’s topic is “How to paint leather” Start adding all off the colors on the wet palette I use of the REDGRASS GAMES brand The first color is BLACK (70.950) The second one is BURNT UMBER (70.941) Be sure to shake up the bottles properly The next color is GERMAN C. BEIGE WWII (70.821) Using a wet palette the colors will remain fresh and ready Another color is SUNNY SKIN TONE (70.845) SEPIA (72.091) Which will add saturation to the leather I will use an ARTIS OPPUS size 1 brush First apply the base color I will add some drops of water to the BURNT UMBER (70.941) And I will apply it in thin layers I rest the brush and drag it down By doing this, we will achieve a good base color Some thin layers are better than one thick coat I apply the paint, let it dry, and then repeat I also paint the base color of the glove I highly recommend for you to properly apply the base color Here you can see the final result Now I will apply a wash to get better definition on the leather I take a little bit of SEPIA (72.091) ink and I add BLACK (70.950) I add some drops of water The paint must flow properly to fill all off the leather recesses and crevices I apply the wash and draw it down Always a controlled wash If you apply the wash without control, the paint will run over the entire surface It is better to take a little bit of paint, rest it on the surface, and move the wash To fill all the recesses Be sure to let the wash dry Apply a wash, let it dry, and then apply the next one Here there is the final result For the first highlight, use GERMAN C. BEIGE WWII (70.821) I add a little of BURNT UMBER (70.941) and a little drop of SUNNY SKIN TONE (70.845) I use this color because its composition contains yellow And the yellow adds brightness We make the mixture and I begin applying the first highlights Where? On the edges, on the filigrees, and on the upper wrinkles I apply the paint so softly Pay special attention to the tip of the brush I take the paint very smoothly and I apply it Applying the paint in this way will get good results Pay special attention to the edges To paint the shoulder pad, I hold the brush edgewise to apply the first highlight more easily Do the same with the gloves Paint all the edges to get good definition Hold the brush edgewise This will help us to apply the highlight On the belt we apply little dots This way we will get good texture on the rope [TIP] With the paint we can create volume which isn’t on the model It is very important to paint the edges properly We have to separate the materials: The trousers from the boot The glove from the sleeves Here you can see the final result Now there is a problem As you can see, the leather lacks saturation I will add a little of PLAGUE BROWN (72.039) This color will help the leather stand out This is because it contains more yellow Then that extra yellow will give us more brightness I take a bit of SEPIA (72.091) and I mix it with PLAGUE BROWN (72.039) I make the mixture, add some water and then I apply it by glazing But only on some parts This makes the color stand out a bit more on these parts Afterward I apply some glazes with SEPIA (72.091) on the lowest parts In this step we will get a hue on the leather and add some extra brightness on some parts For example: on the top of the shoulders On the top of the boots This will give to the mini such a cool hue Observe the right boot that is less highlighted Because it is under the skirt it gets less light This is an important fact – when highlighting the right boot, apply more highlights With some BLACK (70.950) we will define more of the filigrees and the deeper edges We could use BLACK (70.950) with a little of SEPIA (72.091) And we apply it in a very smooth fashion Notice each time it has more contrast Here you can see the final result The details make the difference I will add a bit of SUNNY SKIN TONE (70.845) to the previous mixture And I will apply these little touches These little touches makes the difference We will take a little and we will apply it on certain points To make them stand out more We will outline more the filigrees, the edges… It’s important to properly highlight the borders The same the belt Also paint the bags I will add some little touches, to add texture Some lines and dots To add the effect of it being old worn leather As you can see, it needs some more highlights These points of light For that I will apply IVORY (70.918) You have to apply it as smoothly as possible So you don’t notice the contrast, they are just soft touches We take a bit of IVORY (70.918) and we mix it with a little of SUNNY SKIN TONE (70.845) And I will apply it to the edges of the boots On the upper areas As you can see, they are soft touches These little touches make the difference in a good paint job there are very soft, but they are noticeable On the shoulder pad, I add little points to create texture The same on the belt I could apply a bit of SEPIA (72.091) ink to mark up the satin leather more This step is to add definition If we realize more shadows are needed, then we take some BLACK (70.950) and we apply it SEPIA (72.091) is a great color to paint leather Here you can see the final result. The highlights, the shadows, the hue Do you feel it? What you feel is the acquisition of experience As we are about to finish this adventure I will like to inform you of a raffle Leave a comment on the video Hit the like button and subscribe Click on the video description to see the huge list of products I used Ci vediamo a la prossima puntata!


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