BACK TO SCHOOL Pancake Art Challenge!

– Do you want to eat my schoolwork? – Yeah. Tastes good. – Teacher! My mom ate my homework. – I’m gonna eat paper now. Tastes like pancakes. – I read somewhere that you’re
not supposed to eat crayons. – Wait. What? Best crayon I ever eaten. – Mine looks like a turtle pencil. – What? – What’s a turd pencil? – No, a turtle pencil. (laughs) – Stop laughing! (playful guitar music) – In today’s episode we gonna do the back-to-school pancake art challenge. But before we get started
give us a big thumbs up and subscribe to our channel. – Hey, ___ family today were
gonna do back-to-school… – …pancake art! – We’re gonna be eating
our school supplies. – We are? – Parker and I are going first. This year, I’m going to junior high. And Parker’s going to preschool! – Say what? I like… preschool! – Preschool! I wish I was in preschool. – No! No!
– Yes! Yes! – Like always you guys
are gonna be the judge on who does the best pancake art. – I’m gonna win. – The first thing we’re
gonna draw is…a pencil. Let’s make pancakes!
– Let’s make pancakes! – I do it. Making a blue pencil. – Is that your pencil Parker? This is no competition. – I know. I’m done. That’s the fastest pancake
art I’ve ever made. Can you please be done soon?
– Yeah. Are you done?
– No. – Are you done?
No. – Almost done! I am done. – Let’s flip it! Hiiiiyah! (slap sound) – I can’t do it. – Woop! – I can’t do it! – Okay now go like this and go, woop! – Woop. No I didn’t! (giggles) – Yeah! – Yay! I did it! Mine is better than yours. – Oh. Oh, well. Let’s check out who did
the best pancake art. – Mine looks like a turtle pencil. – What? What’s a turd pencil? – No, a turtle pencil. – Oh, a turtle pencil. (laughs) – Stop laughing! Boss baby… – Steven… Boss baby. – Steven! – No, Boss baby! – Steven! Boss baby! – Parker, should we take a bite? – Of course! You need to eat Mr. Pencil. – What? – Where’s the fork? – Next round we’re gonna draw paper! – I’m gonna eat paper? Let’s get started. – I am drawing a white
square, perfectly symmetrical. Then I’m gonna put black
lines all throughout it. – I’m making a crabs. – A crab?
– Yeah. – You’re supposed to make paper. – I’m making paper. A paper crab. You’re making a paper crab? – I’m gonna do the lines with black. – With black! – I’m making a mess. Mine look delicious. Give me the green! – Do you mean blue? – No, this. – That’s white. – I want white. – I’m all done. – I need to get all the
pink mixed together. – You’re not supposed
to mix them together. – I’m all done. I mixed it together. – Ew! – Now I need to cook. (children beeping) Let’s flip it!
– Let’s flip it! (whipping noise) – Okay, okay, okay! – I’ll slip it. – I made a brown piece of paper. – I (mutters) I think I won this one. – You guys are the judge of who won. – I am the judge.
– No. – Hot, hot. (exclaims) – I’m gonna eat paper now. Tastes like pancakes. – Mine tastes like little pancakes. – Well, that’s it for us. – Goodbye. (claps) – Hi guys!
Hi guys! – I’m going into fifth grade. – And I’m going into third grade. – I’m so ready to go back to school. – I’m so ready to go eat some pancakes. – You can’t go to school
without a backpack! (clapping) – Alright guys, you are going to choose who has the best backpack! I’m gonna start with the straps. – I’ll do this real quick. – Whoa, that was cool. (giggling) – My backpack is gonna
be a yellow backpack, it’s my favorite color. Okay, so that’s all I need, and a zipper. (mutters) – I would love a backpack
like this in my life. Cuz I’d eat it. (chuckles) – A eatable backpack? I’m totally in! – I love eatable things! – Me too. – Who you guys are judging on. Who did the best effort. – It looks like a monkey! (laughs) – No. – Mine’s done and I’m
just letting it cook. (giggles) Are you making a backpack still? – Am I? – I’m almost done. – Are you guys excited
to go back to school? I’m in jail, let me out, let me out! – What? My last finishing touch. – Finally! – And I’m done! – Mine’s burning up! Like hot stuff. – What is this? It doesn’t look like a backpack. – Let’s flip it!
Let’s flip it! (slap noise) (muttering) – Oh mine is ready. – Mine’s not. – I think I burnt it. (exclaiming) – Flip. – What did we do? – We made a masterpiece pan- We made a masterpiece. (giggles) – Are you guys ready to see what we did? Wa-bam!
– Wa-bam! – But it’s actually this way. Sad face. (giggles) – Good for you! – Mine is going down. – Uh, you guys have to vote for mine. – Vote on this side, please! – Do we dare eat them? – Yes I do, I dare. – Okay, I’m ready. One, two, three. – Mine’s delicious. The next pancake art we’re going to do is, whoa! A crayon! Let’s do it!
– Let’s do it! – How did you know? (giggles) – Good. – I’m gonna do a black outline. – I’m gonna do a yellow crayon. – That’s what it drew, it
just drew a circle because. – It looks like a lady,
– I don’t want it to fall. – With a black shirt,
and with a yellow face. And black hair. – Whoa, you’re right. Okay, I’m done. Before you again. – Art takes time. We finished that in record time. – Let’s flip it!
Let’s flip it! (slap noise) (exclaims) – I actually like my crayon. Maybe I should bring this to school. – Let’s show off our masterpieces. – Wa-bam!
Wa-bam! – Look at it, in the eye. – It’s time to color. I’m gonna draw the sun. – I’m gonna draw the camera. – I read somewhere that you’re
not supposed to eat crayons. – Wait, what? All gone! Best crayon I’ve ever eaten. – Well that’s it for us! Comment below, who you think won. (claps) – It’s our turn now!
It’s our turn now! – I’m starting first grade! – And I went to college, awhile back. – But I’m the best pancake art person! – What about me? – And mom. Wait, you’re the second best. (laughs) – Thank you. – The first things we’re
gonna draw is, a math book! Dun! Dun! Dun! – Do you like math? – Kinda. I like it cuz I learn. – I don’t like math! (gasps) – Shh, don’t tell. – Let’s do this!
Let’s do this! – Alright, I’m gonna
start by writing the word, math! How do you spell math? – M-A-T-H. – Good, okay. It’s been awhile since I went to school. – You look like you have the word “math”. – I just realized, that I wrote math, so when I flip it over it’s going to be “H-tam”. I messed up. – You should have wrote it, M-T-A-H. (laughs) – Alright, I have to try
to fix what I messed up. – Mom, can you give me the black please? – The black? – Yes. The black. – I’m gonna make my book blue. You know, it seems like a math
book would be blue, right? – Nope. – I’m making the largest
pancake known to man. It was not my intent. I can’t eat this whole thing. Someone’s gonna have to
help me eat my math book. There’s too many pages. – I will, no, dad will! – I’ve never eaten a textbook before, so this’ll be interesting. We have taken up this entire skillet with pancake batter. – Done? – You’re ready. – Make it cook, ready? Cook. Cook. Cook.
– Cook. Cook. Cook. – Let’s flip it!
Let’s flip it! (slap sound) – Okay, I’m scared of
you with that spatula. (giggles) – Ready? One, two, three! (gasps) – “Htam”. (laughs) – I made a “Htam” book. (shouts) – She’s very impressed with her htam book. – Jordan what do you learn in htam class? (humming repeatedly) – There you go. – Time to show off our school work. – Wa-bam!
Wa-bam! – Mine is as big as the plate! Comment below who did the best. Hers says, “htam”. Do you want to eat my school work? – Yeah. Tastes good. – Teacher, my mom ate my homework. – Alright so the next pancake
art we’re going to do is: Scissors!
– Scissors! – I’m gonna do pink scissors! – I’m gonna do yellow scissors! – Ready, and, let’s do it. Pink. The handles are gonna be pink. I’m gonna try and make a
smaller pancake art this time. – What the? Those look like two eyeballs. – They do. There we go. – What the?
Look at that! – You’re dripping everywhere! (mutters) (laughing) – Okay. It does look like an owl. Alright, I’m already half-way done Jordan, you haven’t even started just gotten pancake
batter all over the floor. Ah! Stop! Scissor blades. This is gonna be the hard part. This is a hard one. Who picked this one? – Me. – Once again I made a giant pancake. – Mom, it looks like one
of the, food cutters. – Scissors. – No, the big scissors. – Yeah. – I need white. – Where are your actual like, scissors, part, that cuts? – I’m just gonna, write it right down. – Least mine looks better than yours. – Okay. – I’m done! – You cut out scissors! – You’re in the wrong video professor! – Oopsies, sonny! – That was weird. – Let’s flip it!
Let’s flip it! (slap sound) – And, scissors! Voila! And, giant blob!
– Scissors. Seriously mom, it looks horrible. (mutters) – I won. – Time to reveal our works of art. – Wa-bam!
Wa-bam! – I won! (mouths words) – Time to eat my scissors! Don’t do this at home guys. Best scissors I’ve ever eaten. I shortened them, it looks even better! It’s the kindergarten scissors. Well… – We’re out!
(claps) Hope you guys liked our back to school, pancake art challenge! – Subscribe to our channel. – Comment below. – Give us a big thumbs up. – I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Bye!
– Bye! (playful guitar music)

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