Badanamu Arts & Crafts EP8: Let’s Draw Mipi

Hi boys and girls! Welcome to a brand new episode of
Badanamu arts and crafts. Can you guess who we are going to learn to draw today? She’s pink. She likes wigs. She’s cute as a button. It’s…… Mipi! Handy Helpers! Oh, Handy Helpers?
Where are you? Oh Handy Helpers, there you are. Looking cute as usual. How are you today? Great! Handy helpers, can you show us
what we need to draw Mipi the pig? Yes, you’re right! We absolutely need paper. And what else? Hm.. Let’s see! What are Handy Helpers get… huh? Another piece of paper? Okay! Two pieces of paper today! One, Two! Okay! What’s next Handy Helpers? Scissors. Wow!
Looks like we’re going to do
some c-c-c-cutting today! What else do we need, Handy Helpers? Right! Our trusty black marker! And what’s next? Hooray for crayons! We love color! I see browny brown and pinky pink! Handy Helpers, do we need anything else? Okay! Super duper! Let’s get started it! Now I want to start by writing Mipi’s name. Can you help us with that? Great! Mipi’s name is… m for /m/ i for /i/ p for /p/ and another i for /i/. Wow! That’s great. That’s m-i-p-i, Mipi! Handy Helpers, what should we draw first? Ah-ha! A nice circle for Mipi’s head! Let’s try it! That looks nice. What’s next? I see. Triangles for Mipi’s ears! Two big triangles and two small triangles! For four triangles in total! That’s great! Wow! Those ears look excellent! Handy Helpers, can we draw Mipi’s nose next? Okay! For that, we’ll need three circles. One bigger circle and two tiny circles! Let’s start with a big circle! Ready? Go! That’s it. And now let’s try two tiny circles inside the big circle. Wow! I can see a piggy! What do you want to draw next, Handy Helpers? Wow! Great idea! Let’s draw two circles for Mipi’s eyes! One. Two. Wow! There’s Mipi! I see her head, her ears, her eyes, and her nose. Hey Handy Helpers! Can we draw her body next? What does it look like? That’s right! One big oval. Here we go. Looking great! What should we do next? Ah-ha! Very smart, Handy Helpers! Let’s draw Mipi’s legs! Her feet are like really long W. Let’s practice off to the side. Just like that! Let’s try it for real! Let’s draw four long Ws on Mipi! One. Two. Three. And four! Four legs. Wow! They look fantastic! Hm… Except those legs aren’t quite finished yet. We need to draw Mipi’s feet. But that’s really easy! We just need four little straight lines across the bottom. That’s right! Just like that, Handy Helpers! Let’s try! One, two, three, four. Wow, Handy Helpers! Mipi looks great! Is there anything else we need? Of course! You’re right. Mipi needs her curly, cute tail. Let’s draw a cute, little curly tail. Alright, Handy Helpers! Wow! So cute! Are we all done? What’s that? Handy Helpers think we need to draw something else. I wonder what it could be. I know! You want to draw a wig for Mipi. Oh-ho-ho! I see! That’s what we’re gonna use our second piece of paper for. What should we do first? Oh right! That’s great. We need to draw one big M shape. Let’s do it. Wow! Looks beautiful already! What’s next, Handy Helpers? Oh I see. One straight line for wig’s bang. Easy-peasy! Here we go! Great! What comes next? Oh I see! Let’s just connect the S line to the straight line! Give it a try! Now we have a wig! Wow! What’s next, Handy Helpers? Oh I see! Looks like you guys are ready for some cutting and coloring fun! Are you ready? Count with me! One, two, three. Cut and color! Wow! That looks amazing! Well done, Handy Helpers! Handy Helpers,
Mipi is super duper cute when she dances her jig! Do you think we can use some Badanamu magic? Great! Okay, everyone! Here we go! Let’s count down. Five, four, three, two, one…. Badanamu! Wow! Look at Mipi! She is a pink little pig! A pig in a wig! A pig in a wig dancing a jig! Okay! Bye-bye Mipi! Wow! That was great! Well, that’s all the time we have for today, boys and girls. We’ll be back next week with an exciting surprise! We always love your ideas! So please leave a comment for next time! We’d love to hear them! Bye-bye everyone!


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