Balloon Painting | Fun Arts and Crafts for Kids

Whooooooa! Hey guys this is Trinity. We have another super fun craft. We’re going to be doing balloon pop painting. I’m so excited. So let’s get started. So what you’re going to need for this craft
is a canvas in any size you’d like. Your acrylic craft paint in any colors you
want, water balloons, some tape, and a push pin. So all you need to do is fill your water balloons
with a little bit of paint, and then blow them up and then tape them to your canvas. So we’re going to blow ours up and fill them
with paint right now. So we’ll be right back. So our balloons are all filled up. Lets get popping. Ohhhhh!! This is going to look pretty
This is so fun! You should try this at home. I’m going to have to have a shower after this. Oh my. My hands are all colorful. That is so cool
Whoa! Whoa
This is so cool. Last one. This is so cool. Look at this balloon. Wait look at it. It’s so colorful
This was an awesome craft. I’m going to have to go have a shower now. In the comments down below tell me if you
ever did this craft. It was so much fun. And make sure you like and subscribe. Thanks for watching guys. See you next week. Bye. I have colorful hands

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