Banksy ‘prank’ sees £1 million artwork shredded | ITV News

and with Commission that’s more than a million pounds this is one of Banksy’s most iconic pieces but just moments later it seemed to drop through the frame and appear shredded into pieces a stunt that sent gasps through the cloud reaction to last night’s self-destruction was captured on camera by this artist we were there and then there was action and then suddenly everything was people are laughing and joking and looking around turning like something happened or something fell down everybody didn’t believe that it was real and that was the great thing that we came out thinking it’s a joke Banksy first started out with a series of graffiti pieces on buildings across the country and is well known for his stunts in 2013 he set up a stall selling what appeared to be fake vac C’s for $60 was later revealed they were the real deal and worth up to 20,000 pounds each in the early hours of this morning he posted a picture of his latest stunt on Instagram writing going going gone I think he was there I know he was there we artists we feel each other’s we feel the vibration I think he was there and he was laughing well we don’t know who filmed this was it Banksy himself perhaps the latest twist in the tale of street arts most subversive character Helen Keenan ITV News you

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