Beginner Painters Try To Paint Like Bob Ross

– This is gonna’ get weird. (upbeat electronic music) – I love Bob Ross. He’s like “Do it this way if you like to. “If it looks different
from mine, it’s okay.” – There’s something so hypnotizing about the way he speaks,
and it’s just so soothing. – I know he’s a painter, but I totally had no idea that he was dead. I thought he had a new Netflix show, so. – Let’s do this. – Let’s go right in here, and just put in a happy little glow. – So I’m painting like,
it looks like a sunset. I think I did mine
darker than his, though. – Kay, hold on, Bob,
give me a second here. – So he does move quickly. – Eh, fine, sure, yep. – Wants it to blend now, and
I don’t feel good about this. – This is lookin’ good! I legitimately feel like
I’m doing a good job. – Bob, Shit, Oh God. – (muttering) Dammit, what, suck it. – I’m using the wrong brush, shit! – All we’re doing is applying some very, very basic little shapes. Think about the shape of a tree. – I’ll think about the shape of a tree. Oh God, oh God. (laughs) – Well that one kinda’ looks like a tree. I feel good about that. – Blending, we’re
blending, we’re blending. – I think we’re using the same brush, but for whatever reason, what I’m doing is not what he’s doing. – Trees look a little bit like penises, but you know what, what are you gonna’ do? (growls) – The left side looks
better than the right side. This looks like trees,
this still looks crazy. – And here, maybe, lives
a happy little bush. This is what keeps the little
rabbit warm in the winter. – It keeps a rabbit warm in the winter. Ugh, heartfelt, this scene
is not just a painting. There’s life in it! – I think this is salvageable if I just stick to the lower half. – Bob’s voice is what I
imagine like, if Mufasa, Morgan Freeman, and God decided
to teach a painting class. (tapping loudly) – I think these are supposed to be bushes. I can’t be sure anymore. (sighs loudly) – If Bob and like the Reading Rainbow guy, did they ever team up? Because them together, like if Bob and the Reading Rainbow guy, I can’t, I think his
name’s LaVerne, a duo. It’s not LaVerne? – Okay, so now we’re basically making the whole ground with
this nice blue, which, I’m finally getting the knack
of not having too much paint. – I guess Guy Fieri is
kinda’ the Bob Ross of food, just way less likable. Was that kinda’ mean to say, sorry. Shit, what, what, what? – My confidence is back down. I felt great, and now I’m like, “Oh, Crap. “Mine doesn’t look like that.” – Maybe today we’ll have a big old cabin. – Cabins, I was always
amazed by his cabins, because like, “What?” He’s like, “Three strokes, and “there you have it, a beautiful cabin.” – Touching and pushing at the same time. – Can we paint it something
cooler, like a bear? – Oh God, I don’t know how to do this. – I can’t even imagine like,
if you’re watching this IRL, commercial television, you can’t pause. Who did this? – Oh, yes. – I just like the sound
of this. (scraping) – The knife is always my favorite part, because he works some fuckin’
magic with this thing. – Okay, so it’s like a Christmas
getaway for me and Bob. The economy’s bad, so
no gifts this year, Bob. – I’m just not even
gonna’ try the windows, ‘cuz it’s clearly gonna’ be a hot mess. – Um, I’m not feeling great,
this feels a little bit crazy. He’s crazy, everyone’s crazy, I’m crazy for thinking I could do this. – I think we’ll call that
one finished, in fact. – Wait, we’re done? What? (laughs) – Thank you Bob, I’ll see you next time. Um, okay. (laughs) – Yeah, I think I’m done. (orchestral music) – I had to pause multiple times, and mine looks like complete
garbage after like an hour. My trees are definitely gonna’ need some therapy before they’re happy trees. – I am most proud of my
tree here on the right. It looks like it’s ready for Christmas. He has a special place in my heart that only Bob Ross can have. I feel like I was about to
cry and I don’t know why. – This looks like a
thing, like a human person would be like, “Hmm, sure.” I made this, and how
many people can say that? Thanks, Bob. – I’ll see you next time. (orchestral music) (squeaking)


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