Beginners learn to paint Acrylic | Aurora Borealis Landscape | The Art Sherpa

[opening music begins] [music fades] Cinnamon: Hi. How are you guys doing today? I’m Cinnamon Cooney. I’m your art sherpa. Welcome to the live event. And if you’re here on replay, thank you for coming, and going ahead and giving this painting a try. Today, together, we’re going to paint this wonderful aurora borealis, inspired by Acadia National Park. [inhales deeply] Let’s all take a deep breath. Woooo! What a time of year, right? John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Oh, I’m feeling it. Are you feeling it, John? John: Oh, I am. Cinnamon: Today my co-captain, John Cooney, is with you. He’s gonna be directing the camera so you can follow my craziness around, and paint along easily. John: Pushing buttons. Cinnamon: Pushing buttons. We’re gonna tell you everything you need to know to complete this painting. So even if it’s your first time painting, you’re gonna have enough information to get a painting done. That’s gonna be really exciting to you and a lot of fun, so…. I’m looking forward to doing this with you guys. Everyone here who’s live, how are you doing? Happy holidays. Are you surviving the stress? [chuckles] It’s really quite extraordinary out here in Humble. The, uh- Oh. Stunt Hands is adjusting the camera. Um… Yay, Stunt Hands! [exhales] It’s been really intense on the roads, right? I mean it is kind of the rest of the year, and people will be painting this painting all year so wherever you are in your year, [inhales deeply] Let it go. Release it. We’re gonna paint it out. We’re gonna get rid of it. We’re gonna talk about materials real quick. I’m gonna put this painting up. Show you again what you’re gonna be doing. Now, in the comments below, if you look down, if you click down, there’s gonna be a link to the full painting. I highly recommend that you either print out the finished painting or have it up on a screen. Cause that will really help you follow along and make things much more calm and much more relaxing, and that’s gonna be the theme of today. Just calming it down. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Just relaxing it out. That’s what we’re gonna be about today. I’m painting on a pre-gessoed sixteen by twenty canvas from Michael’s. Many of you ask me if you need another coat of gesso for your canvas. And the answer to this is…. On these pre-manufactured canvases, especially the economic ones, the coatings are not really consistent from canvas to canvas, and if it’s bothering you, I would say go ahead and hit it with another coat of gesso, but remember, gesso is absorbent. So that’s something that will impact you too, but it can help your finish, and you might like that. Um, also today let’s cover our fun materials. We have a few special materials today. The toothbrush. An old toothbrush that no one in your family is ever going to put in their mouth ever again. I mark mine with tape so these people will stop taking it back to the bathroom to brush their teeth. I also have sponges. Now I got a package of different kinds of sponges from Michael’s for about four dollars. You could- This is gonna be for a future painting. I really liked that sponge. These are just natural, free form, shapey sponges. If you didn’t have an ability to get one of those, you could take a kitchen sponge and kind of tear little bits out of it and make it an unusual, free form, weird little shape. If you can get these, for the convenience of not having to fidder with a sponge, I would say do it, but if you’ve gotta pull one apart- I’ve certainly done it before, and it will work. The other, um, thing that’s gonna help us today is fluid- See the Golden fluid paint here?
John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Now, here’s the thing. Artist Loft now makes a fluid paint. It’s like a dollar. [chuckles] So. Um, the only thing to watch on that is that it’s not chunky or gummy. So you don’t have to spend the money for the Golden. I’m using the Golden today cause it’s very consistent and I can count on it. And I’m gonna give you some more tips on how to get a successful spatter, cause I think that’s really been challenging everyone, and that’s sort of the secret to the stars. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: The other kind of unusual materials. Quinacridone Magenta. But what if you couldn’t get quinacridone? Well, any bright pink magenta would work, guys. John: So you could substitute passamaquoddy pink in there and be fine? Cinnamon: You could totally substitute passamaquoddy pink. And then the other two colors that I’d like you to have is either some type of Aqua. Some type of turquoise. This is Liquitex Bright Aqua Green. But you know I also love me some Southern Ocean Blue. So, there’s a lot of options out there. And then of course, our Dioxazine Purple. Our Phthalo Blue. Our cad yellow. Our black. John: Mm-hmm.
Cinnamon: Right. Mars Black. John: Mars Black. Cinnamon: But listen. On this kind of painting, if you happen to have carbon black, your painting isn’t ruined. Don’t worry about it. And I also like to use a transparent mxing white. Now, yes, there is a student grade transparent mixing white. Zinc white also works, and if you just have regular white, that will work too. And there is an exchange, if you find similar or approximate colors is craft paints. You guys are not in any way lost. I’m still celebrating my… Cause I feel this is spacey. I’ve got- I don’t know why I feel Batman ties into the aurora borealis today, but I did, so. I’m wearing the Batman. Cause the bat signal would be in the night sky, I guess is what… The process was. How’s everybody doing? John: Oh, they- It’s quite a lively crown with us today. [Cinnamon laughs] John: I’m surprised. We got about seventy five people out here, hanging out with us, on this, you know, wonderful Christmas eve. Cinnamon: [chuckling] Clinging to art for sanity, I imagine. John: I’m just so happy that we have such a big family with us today. Cinnamon: It is a big art family. John: Yeah. That’s a real blessing. Cinnamon: It’s our calm supportive family.
John: Yeah. [both laugh] John: So, we have a lot of wishes coming in today. Cinnamon: Yeah, I would like to definitely- Cause it’s the holidays, because we have a lot going on, I’d like to do some wishes. Wishes, if you’re brand, brand new, go ahead- If you’re not into wishing you can fast forward but I highly recommend you try this experiment cause it makes you feel so much better. A lot of artists, like art journalists, like to put words or wishes or intentions in a canvas. Hopes. Deams. They can be serious. They can be silly. It can be like, I really hope this piece sells. It’s all good. It’s just the idea of being just a little bit optimistic and hopeful, which you have to be, to paint a white canvas and think you’re gonna get something out of it. Do you have a wish for us, John? John: We have- I have some wishes up for us. Yeah, we have a couple quick wishes and then we have a special wish that we’re gonna do here. So. You know, a lot of our community have been sending out light and love to all of- all the people out there with crazy weather and crazy driving and crazy stuff happening. It’s- You know, this time of the season there’s a lot of… A lot of risk in going out there due to weather or just crazy drivers. There’s been a lot of car accidents, so we wish a lot of light and love to all those who are out there traveling. That they have safe journeys and get to where they’re going safe and warm. Cinnamon: So what I have written is light and love for the craziness. Safety to travelers. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: That’s a wish that we have. I’m writing these in watercolor pencil. Don’t do these in pencil or pen cause it can bleed through your paint. You can do it in chalk though. Kid’s chalk will work too. Or you can always write on the back here. Works too. John: We’re gonna send out a couple of special- We’ve had some family losses ins ome of our community members. Cinnamon: Oh… Uh- oh. John: Bonnie M. her, uh, her brother’s wife, uh… Her brother passed away last night. So, you know. Cinnamon: I’m so sorry Bonnie. John: Yeah. We’d like to send love to her family. Cinnamon: Bonnie….
John: Her brother’s wife and children. Cinnamon: Love and strength to your family, Bonnie. We’re very sorry for your loss. John: And to Sue Clark, who also had a loss in her extended family on the twenty first. Cinnamon: Oh, Sue. I’m really sorry. To all of you tonight, and into the future that run into this video, if you’re experiencing loss, our heart is with you. And we just wish you strength and love. Cause that’s what it takes to get through. Strength and love. John: And we’re gonna end with we wish that all the little brushes out there get all the gifts that they ask for. Cinnamon: Yes! We wish ALL the little brushes…
John: And big brushes. Cinnamon: All the little and big brushes. All the gifts, spiritual and physical, they wish for. John: Mm-hmm. And for all the mommies looking for little packages. New buns in the oven…. [Cinnamon chuckles] John: Babies, we wish all that too. Cinnamon: We wish all that too. John: So, you know, love you guys. Thanks for all those wishes. Cinnamon: And I’m gonna put a wish out there. I wish hart party keeps growing. John: I do too. Gosh. You know, I’m just so epically grateful. Cinnamon: And as it grows, I wish that it stays so loving. And supportive. John: Me too. Cinnamon: Alright.
John: Ok. Cinnamon: Now, I could really scribble on my canvas today, because we have to do kind of an underpainting in phthalo blue and dioxazine purple, which is why I hadn’t put all the paint out. Cause I wanted to deal with this first, to get this first coat in. This is a really important coat on your canvas. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: You gotta- To get this space, you have to get a really rich, deep, deep base. Started before you start sponging. John: Oh, yeah?
Cinnamon: Yeah. That’s one of the tricks to it. Space be deep. [both laugh] John: I love your space paintings, and while you’re doing that, there’s some- Cinnamon: I’ve gotten- I’m using a really big brush. Just cause I want to enjoy just getting the paint on easily. This is a number sixteen Pro-Stroke by Powercryl Creative Mark. These brushes are crazy expensive except a couple times a year. Jerry’s Artarama puts them on clearance and then they’re like five bucks. John: Oh! Cinnamon: And that’s why I can have like, I don’t know, I think this brush is like forty five dollars regularly. So. Definitely watch for those Jerry’s sales. I don’t know how long they’ll keep having those wonderful discount sales, but they- In twenty fifteen, coming on twenty sixteen- John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Bonus sales. So I’m getting my brush a little bit wet to prime it and warm it up. And I’m just gonna grab an even mix of dioxazine and phthalo, which look probably exactly the same. This is the purple and this is the blue.
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Notice that I don’t just mix these together. John: Oh yeah. Cinnamon: I am always in the habit of working from the outside of my paint plops. And I do use water. To thin my paint. Um, right now in acrylic the thinking is is that you should be using mediums or flow agents to thin your paint. But I have to tell you, that while that’s wonderful in a fine art practice, um, it’s very expensive. John: It could be cost prohibitive? Cinnamon: It’s cost prohibitive and this paint is designed to be thinned up to thirty percent with water. You know, all these companies have, um…. A lot written up on their websites. They all have websites with information. And they’ll tell you what their extensive testing has shown their paint can withstand, and they’re generally pretty right. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: So just putting this nice… deep indigo up into the sky here. John: While you’re laying that in there, we’ve got a couple birthdays among us today. Cinnamon: Oh! Do we have some birthdays? I love birthdays. John: Yeah, we have some birthdays. Uh, I saw- Let me scroll back up here, as soon as you switch back over. There you go. Let’s see here. I think Cleo and I think, uh….. There’s one other up here that I missed, but…… Cinnamon: Happy Birthday, Cleo! John: Happy Birthday to everybody who’s having a birthday. I think there was some- Cinnamon: Shout it back up. If we miss it, shout it back up, cause we love giving you birthday wishes. John: Yeah. And we’re gonna send some extra love out there to Jacqueline’s, uh… Let me go back and check, I think it’s her cousin. So. Cinnamon: Awe. Love to Jacqueline’s cousin. John: She needs a little bit of that out there. Cinnamon: You know! I honestly think that there is tremendous power in wishing someone well. John: I- Well, yeah we do. [both laugh] John: We kinda commit to it!
Cinnamon: I do! I think that that has meaning in the universe. I do. John: And, I think, uh…. I saw that- I think it was- Let’s see here. I saw some good news come up here. Cinnamon: Oh, I love good news! John: Ste- Oh, there we go. I pushed the button again. Stephanie Bergason’s- Cinnamon: Bergeron.
John: Bergeron. Cinnamon: I’m probably saying her name wrong too. I don’t know why I corrected you. [both laugh] John: I think it was saying, had some good news there, if you ever want- Cinnamon: Oh!!! Is, um-
John: Mom? Cinnamon: Your mom is ok? I really hope your mom is ok.
John: Feeling better I think is what it was. Oh, good news about my mom turning the corner for the better. Yes. That’s what it’s saying. Cinnamon: Oh, fantastic. I really been thinking about you, Stephanie. And your family, and just hoping that she was ok. And I’m so glad to hear that. That’s very very good news. John: Yeah. So, I apologize for my butchering of the, uh, general name pronunciation. [both chuckle] Cinnamon: Online monikers. Yeah. Not- Again, not that show. [chuckles] How to correctly pronounce names. Not our YouTube show. I think I’ve just painted my hair dryer again. John: I think you can survive. Cinnamon: I’d like to personally send out some congratulations. John: Oh yeah? Who to? Cinnamon: Well, to my mom and Lindsay, cause they both had big milestones on their YouTube channels. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: And they give out so much. And they do so much for everybody, and I love that. And, um… I don’t know. I was just excited for them. John: Oh yeah. Cinnamon: It’s a big, big deal. Oh, doesn’t that look beautiful? Isn’t that color just gorg? John: I love it. I can’t wait to hang it on my wall. [both laugh] Cinnamon: You like these. So this was sort of inspired by photography done- There’s a bunch of space photographers that go to Acadia National Park. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: And… They take these pictures and they must do it- You would know this cause you’re so into telescopes and things. Um, they really do a lot of filters and UV filters and things on their telescopes when they take pictures. So, suddenly this color, this amazing sky appears. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: And then I was very excited about- I’m gonna put some more dioxazine back out. And some more phthalo blue. Um, and the rest of my palette. They were very, uh. They do some really beautiful stuff and, and then I got really excited about the fact that- Dioxazine here. Phthalo over here. Sometimes, if you can’t see the difference, one, don’t think you’re weird. It takes a while for your eyes to learn to see the difference. You might not know that. John: Hmm. Cinnamon: Little yellow. And because I’m sponging I’m gonna space things out just a titch. You don’t really need that much of this yet. John: Oh yeah? Cinnamon: Mm-mmm. So I’ll wait to put it out. Cause that’s really for the aurora. You know, we only have about a- What, like less than a year left to see the aurora borealis. John: Oh, yeah. Before it tilts. Cinnamon: Yeah. So I thought this painting was a good time to do it. So that we could have it. You know. In our lives. John: That’s something that I’d really like to see someday. Cinnamon: Me too. And I don’t think we’re gonna pull it off. [John chuckles] Cinnamon: For this run. Mona’s getting to see it. Aren’t ya, Mona? John: Yeah. She’s up high enough. She said that she had missed it the other day but hopefully was gonna get out and, uh… see them next flare. Cinnamon: I’m gonna hair dry and John’s gonna talk to y’all. About- About space. [Cinnamon laughs] John: I’m gonna talk to you about… Space, I guess. That’s really strange. So, uh, yeah. No, I wanted to say is that, uh…. Thank you guys for coming and hanging out with us. We’ve got today’s broadcast, of course, live. We’re gonna do another one New Year’s Eve. And I think that Cinnamon is recording something here this week. To drop a little bit later. Uh, in the next day or two. I’m not exactly sure. We’ll have to get her info on that. But, yeah. If you guys could come and hang out New Year’s Eve, we’re gonna do some live stuff then. I think that we’re gonna be doing a dragon, and uh, probably gonna glitter it. And hopefully we’ll do some other shenanigan fun stuff. While all that’s going on. So… Yeah. I think that’s about all I have left that I could possibly talk about, so hopefully she’ll come and bail me out and be done any minute now. Or any second. Cause… I could just make up stuff. To talk about. But that would be incredibly boring for both you and me. So, this is just me trying to fill the air with- Oh my gosh! She’s back. Thank you so much. Cinnamon: We’re you left out there alone, babe? John: I was like, at the end, I could just keep talking to talk. [Cinnamon chuckles]
John: But I don’t know what I would say. [John laughs]
Cinnamon: So here’s a little trick. Sometimes when you’re a new painter, it’s hard to know without things laid out and how far you should take a technique or effect or a thing.
John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: I know this under the lower thirds portion of my canvas is going to have these trees. And I’m gonna want them to be solid from about here and then they break up above this. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: So I’m just- Now normally I wouldn’t give myself this. I’m gonna give myself a little light chalk mark that’s gonna evaporate into the paint. I don’t want too much of it there, cause it can gray out my black. Just enough to go, I have to take my space effect at least to here. I’m gonna get my brush- I mean my sponge. [chuckles] Brush, sponge. Whatever this thing is. Uh, damp. In it’s own little bowl of water. I’ve got these little towels if I need to drag out some excess water. John: Uh-huh. Cinnamon: Cause if I have too much water it will bubble. John: Oh. Cinnamon: And not give me an effect that I really like. And I’m gonna just get right into my phthalo blue. And my white. Maybe I’ll tip with a little bit of purple and back into the white. And I’m gonna start my sponging. This is, and I bet John can already guess. What is this painting technique all about? John: Uhhh….. Layers? Cinnamon: Layers! [both laugh] Cinnamon: I’m a bit like Dorsey, when everything is Akhenaten. Remember him? John: I do. Cinnamon: Yeah. There’s just gonna be constant, constant talking forever and ever and ever on our channel about layers. When you guys ask me how to do paintings, and I never ever mind that, sometimes the answer’s a little more complicated than you might think because it’s about understanding how to layer the piece. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: And I’m gonna pounce over here. If you can find a space picture that you love. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: That can also be helpful. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Sometimes I’ll go and get some just blue and come back and pounce some of that just blue in. And you’ll find there’ll be little pockets of color. This is about rolling with it. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: You roll with it. You go, okay, I understand that this is what I’ve got going on here. And I’ve got to work with this. Because these are like clouds, and they’re shaded a little bit like clouds. And so we gotta break up shapes. We don’t want to clone. Uh, those of you that paint a lot with my mom know not to clone your trees. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: I might even pick up some of this over here. No need to waste good paint. [both chuckle] Cinnamon: And I’m just pouncing. Pouncing my canvas. Pounce on it like a little kitten. That’s what we’re doing. Isn’t that not stressful? Pounce on it like a little kitten. Kittens are not stressful. John: So, Jane was saying doing the pears was a bit more challenging than she thought. Cinnamon: Really?!
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Well, I appreciate you going for the challenge, and taking it on. Because that will be the thing that you’re so glad that you did later. John: Yeah?
Cinnamon: Yeah. I grabbed a little purple there. Pouncing it here. And I might go ahead and get a little more white on here and lighten up some more little bits of… sky that are coming up, and… John: Wow. I have to say thank you. We have, like, ninety five people out here with us today. Cinnamon: I love that ninety five of you went, “You know!” “It is- It’s crazy out there!” John: It’s painting day! Cinnamon: It’s painting day! That’s what I’m gonna do! I’m gonna paint! John: Are you sippy sippy-ing? Cinnamon: I am sippy sippy-ing.
John: What are you sippy sippy-ing? Cinnamon: I am sippy sippy-ing water. John: Water. Cinnamon: Yeah. Not that exciting. John: The bi-hydrogen oxide.
Cinnamon: I put it in an exciting cup, though. John: It is an exciting cup. Cinnamon: I put it on a very exc- I’m gonna put a little bit of lightness up here. John: You’re hyyydratin’! Cinnamon: I’m hydrating. So I think it’s fun, this type of photography. You know. And if it just starts to go away on you, you can just get right in there. And I- This is really fun for kids. But it’s also sort of fun to find the kid in your grown up. [chuckles] Does that make sense, John? John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Just to get the kid back in your grown up. You can’t really do it wrong. You know. I know you guys will write me and be like, “I did it wrong!” [Cinnamon laughs] John: There’s no wrong!
Cinnamon: But you really can’t. It’s just…. This is one of those wonderful things that you’re just doing because it makes you happy. You can get your sponge a little bit wet. You’re gonna get a little dirty on your hands. John: With the sponges? Cinnamon: Yeah.
John: Yeah… Cinnamon: Alcohol. Rubbing alcohol, will soften acrylic paint.
John: What are you doing over there? Cinnamon: So, if you’re like, “It’s all over me!” Acrylic paint. You’re fine. Off the floor. Our of your clothes. It takes it off. Let me grab a little more of this, and a little more of this, and… Just be pouncing around. This is- I- I’m so glad to be doing this painting when we are because it is- Oh! This is so relaxing. You wanna just completely unplug, do this on a wall. John: Oh yeah. Cinnamon: You’ll be like, “I feel better…” John: I can imagine.
Cinnamon: So much better! Than where it was, and I feel so much better. And again, if you notice that you’re getting bubbles, you just have too much water on your sponge. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Right. I do. So just get it into your towel and squeeze it out. John: Oh. That’s cool. Cinnamon: And then pounce out the bubbles. Don’t worry. Your canvas has not turned on you. Sometimes it’s nice to also turn your hand with the sponge. John: Oh yeah?
Cinnamon: Yep. John: Oh. You get the shape changing?
Cinnamon: It will help break up those shapes. And that’s what you’re doing, is you’re… Trying to break up shapes. And this is a great place to, uh, work on that skill. You know. Space is one of those fun things to practice again and again and again. Because it will help you with clouds. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Right? See as I’m going along, be like, thinking- I’m just thinking about a little cloud here. And that’s helping me. Turning my little sponge around to make sure I’m breaking up the shape. How nice is that? John: Yup. Cinnamon: Just good stuff. Good little space. Beautiful galaxies, far far away. All our little problems on this planet, don’t even stress out the universe. The universe makes stars. John: Well, we are made of stardust. Cinnamon: We are made of stardust. It relaxes us. Just look up in the night sky. You’re part of something so big. That is infinite. We just watched Martian last night. John: Mmm. We did. Cinnamon: Oh, that was so good! You haven’t watched Martian…. So worth watching. John: Yeah. It’s a… Cinnamon: It’s a get up out of your chair and cheer movie, wasn’t it? John: It really was. it was- It sort of was a, you know… A very happy ending journey in space. Cinnamon: [laughs] Yeah. It was a pretty happy ending for actually what was going on. John: It’s like…. Yeah. I mean, there’s some- There’s, you know, when things go wrong in space, they generally go epically wrong. Cinnamon: Because it’s space. [laughs John: Because it’s space. But this was a really awesome movie. Cinnamon: It was and it- I was saying to John last night that this is why human beings are wonderful and if we spent more time being like this and less time hurting each other, we would be the most amazing miraculous beautiful thing in the universe. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: I know that sounds goofy. But it’s true. If we spent as much time figuring out how to move each other and inspire each other, and…. Solve our problems, as how to just hurt each other as a solution, the power of us would be extraordinary. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: I feel like for sure the universe would take notice. John: Yes. Cinnamon: So this is fun to do, and I can get just really lost in this all day. I’m gonna come over and get some purple and really load my sponge with some purple this time. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: I like to do that. I’m gonna get some white. And lighten that purple. And then I’m gonna think about maybe… adding some of that tone. Value. To what’s happening. And you can see how it does require a sponge to be an uneven shape. Which is why, if you’re doing a kitchen sponge at home, you really really want to make it be a weird shape. But I have done this with kitchen sponges. So I know for sure it’s possible. I like that little bit of purple tone here. These little tones are worth it. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: When you’re working your sky. These little bits of effect. Make a huge difference in what you’re doing. I think there’s- Is it an arm of the Milky Way you can see from Acadia? John: You know, uh… You should be able to see most of, you know, we’re in the Milky Way. Cinnamon: No, but I mean, I feel like they’ve got a strap of it that- John: Oh! You know, I don’t know.
Cinnamon: Yeah. John: They may have a particular view on the, you know, like the western arm or something. Cinnamon: Yeah, there’s this beau- There’s this series of photographs that space guys like to take where it shows some pretty neat stuff. I was fairly inspired by that. I’m inspired by the aurora borealis. A good friend of mine, um, she loves it. She’s always posting things. See? Isn’t that lovely? John: That really is. Cinnamon: It just comes in and comes in. Now I’m gonna get some quinacridone. On here, and some more white. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Fun to do, fun to do. I’m gonna think about where that could… May be living. The other thing, you know, don’t underestimate dabbing lightly and dabbing hard. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Because they will give you different effects. Play with that. Take this time to just be like, “You know…. Whatever else is happening today…” Whatever else is happening in my life, this is simple. This is just color on canvas, and color that I like. John: Happy little stars. Cinnamon: Happy little stars. The stars are all happy. For sure, all stars are happy. Because they just are what they are. They don’t try to be something else. They just are who they are. And they just shine. And they don’t worry about upsetting the star next to them because they’re shinging. They know that all of them shining together lights up the night sky. Stars have wisdom. [both laugh]
Cinnamon: John is like, “Oh, no! She’s going on her star speech again.” John: No, I think it’s great.
[Cinnamon laughs] John: I do. Cinnamon: Just lo-
John: I like all the layers there. Cinnamon: Add a little bit. It’s wonderful to add it. Just to tell it. Just to tell it. Fun places to tell it. If you need to get some more of it to tell it, get some more. And tell it wherever you need to. And see, these things will peek out behind your trees. It creates layers and effects. That you will love. Fun stuff. Little ghosts. Little stories far, far away. Maybe up over here. Some person just like you is painting. Looking back at your planet, covering your arm. You don’t know. You don’t know. John: All the little layers of clouds. Star clouds. Cinnamon: Star clouds. I like that. See, so we’re getting that there? John: Well, they aren’t clouds. Cosmic dust illuminated by inner starlight. Cinnamon: Clouds of cosmic dust. Isn’t that wonderful? Isn’t that beautiful? And yes,your hands will be dirty. [laughs] But they clean.
John: They do. Cinnamon: They clean. You don’t have to worry about that. I’m gonna get some white. I might let a little blue be on it but mostly I want it to be kind of white. Some white. Maybe I’ll get a skoch, a smidge of the yellow. Just a smidge, though. John: Just a smidge.
Cinnamon: Just a smidge. John: I don’t even know what a smidge is, but just one of those. Not two smidges. Cinnamon: Not two. Just a little bit. Dab your palette paper. This is Strathmore Acrylic Palette Paper. Dab your palette paper. And then just tell the story. There’s some- Maybe there’s some…. Something happening here that’s a little bit lighter looking. Turn your sponge around and blend it in. See, acrylics actually blend quite nicely. John: Oh, yeah. Cinnamon: You know. The idea that they don’t is not really true. Like, we love how watercolors… You know, give us that…. Give us that nice watercolor blend. But acrylics give us a lovely blend too. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: And you’ve just gotta… find it and… work it. Just be like, “Oh! This is ok…” John: Cari was just asking if we had seen the first of the bingo game that she was working on. Cinnamon: Nooo! John: No. So we’ll have to get her, yin min, and everybody in so we can, uh- Cinnamon: Sherpa bingo! John: Sherpa bingo. She had- I think she had suggested that the other day. Cinnamon: Yeah.
John: So…. Cinnamon: So there we go. We have a little bit happening there. Anywhere you feel like you want just a little highlight… You know, and just pounce it in. Pounce on it. Go kitten, kitten, kitten, kitten, kitten, kitten. John: Oh, yeah. And congratulations. We have a hundred people here with us today. Cinnamon: We have a hundred people with us today?
John: We broke a hundred today. Yeah. Cinnamon: Thank you so much for coming today. John: It’s always nice to know that we got over a hundred people hanging out with us. Cinnamon: It’s just incredible. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Awe, look at that. Isn’t that beautiful? John: I like it.
Cinnamon: It’s really pretty! John: You should just do a walk around the stars with a close up camera. [Cinnamon chuckles] Cinnamon: Well, alright. You wanna see the clouds first? John: Yeah. Walk around there. Show us what you do. Cinnamon: I’m gonna get the nausea cam going. There it is. So there we go. Can we see the stars? Can we see all the color? I’m not really sure all the color is translating on that. John: It’s full of stars. Cinnamon: It’s gonna be in just about twenty seconds. So here’s the deal, guys. I’m gonna put up- I keep telling you, when you wanna do splatter, have practice paper. John: Oh!!! That’s what that was for! Cinnamon: That’s what that was for. Construction paper works. Any colored paper will work. Here’s a tip. Golden fluid paint. Fluid paint. Not soft bodied. Fluid paints. John: Mm-hmm.
Cinnamon: Right? And then take a sippy sippy and a deep breath. John: And cover all your cameras. Cinnamon: You do want clean water. [chuckles] So you’re gonna wanna use some clean water. Get your brush wet in some clean water. John: All I see is the top of your hat, which is very cute, by the way. Cinnamon: Clean water. Top of my hat. And then you’re gonna just take your brush. And go like this. John: Can you push that forward a little bit on the camera? Cinnamon: Yeah.
John: Oh, yeah. Thanks. Cinnamon: Alright. So I’m going like this in my fluid paint. Right? Again, my hands are gonna get dirty. I’ve got my practice paper. And I’m gonna see how my brush is unloading. Now, you can literally do a test splatter, go it’s good, and then splatter on your canvas. Test splatter. Oh, it’s good! Because what’ll happen is sometimes you guys, if you have too much loaded, you can get that. Right?
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: If you’re too close and you’re getting that effect. Though, I want you to think about this for a second if you’re trying to do a comet. John: Yeah. And there’s also dense patches of star. Cinnamon: There are dense patches of stars. And so, experiment. Like if I flick like this, or I flick like this. If I flick like this, if I flick like this. If I flick like this. Now, I’m not stressed about what’s happening here. John: Get your flick technique down. Cinnamon: Cause I can get it down before I take the piece that I’ve just been pouncing. You know. Pouncing, pouncing, pouncing. And that’s what I mean by practice. Practice, practice, practice. Alright. Let’s give our sky some stars. I love giving my sky stars. John: BOOM!
Cinnamon: Huh? John: I said, “BOOM!” It’s got stars! Cinnamon: Yeah. And I do like to have big blobs and small blobs. John: Yes. Cinnamon: And patches that are… John: It looks awesome! Cinnamon: Doesn’t that look amazing? Now let’s take a walk around the stars. John: Ahh. Cinnamon: Now let’s definitely walk around the stars. And I just want you to see what my splatters look like. Cause sometimes you see my canvas from far away. And when you stand back five or six feet everything looks good. John: That’s really awesome.
Cinnamon: Isn’t that wonderful? Just a beautiful starry sky. I’m gonna sippy sippy. I want everyone to take a deep breath. [inhales deeply] Whatever’s been weighing on you lately, just let it go. We’re just gonna put it into this canvas. We’re just gonna paint it out. Like you think, this woman with the yellow chicken feathers, what could be weighing on her? [chuckles] John: Yeah. Cinnamon: I got three kids. You know. We all have stuff. We all have traffic. We all have things happening in our lives and… [inhales deeply] Sometimes you just have to put it all down. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Put it all down. John: So I’ve noticed, and Kim noticed, that you have a couple techniques for making star splatters. Cinnamon: I do. John: So, what do you prefer? The toothbrush or the two brush? Cinnamon: Ok. So, if I’m thinning down thick paints, prefer the thick brush. If I’m doing the tops of waves, I don’t even get into my toothbrush at all, unless it’s on a teeny tiny canvas. If I’m doing stars, sometimes I prefer the toothbrush. John: And sometimes you’ll use that toothbrush for like spray, in the- That little edgy spray crest in water. Cinnamon: Yeah. Where I need a finer mist. Toothbrush. Where I need round little perfect spots, I’ll use the brush. And I’m pretty good at deploying my… My paint. I can- This has gotta dry for a second. I can show you all… John: Yeah, you-
Cinnamon: The brush deployment. John: Yeah, you-
Cinnamon: For just two seconds. Cause it doesn’t hurt me and we still have some canvas that can show it. And you’ll see the difference in the… In the splatter. So the two brush technique… John: Show the brushes you got there.
Cinnamon: Is to grab two brushes. So I have- You can see this is- has painted many paintings. This is a natural hair bristle round. He’s about a twenty two. I think. From this company. And then I have just another kind of heavy brush. I’m gonna get this brush a little bit wet. Dab it off. John: Now this could be for snow, stars, rain…
Cinnamon: Yeah. John: Any dab-it-ied…. Cinnamon: Yep. John: Sprayed…. Cinnamon: And I whack. See the difference in the splatter? Can you see that? Are you on close up cam? Get on close up cam. See the difference? John: Yep. Cinnamon: So you can definitely see where it gives you a type of splattering. It reminds me of snow. It reminds me of the crest of a wave, if I need say, Oh, this wave is cresting right here. John: Yep. Cinnamon: That’s what it is. I don’t know if that’s helpful. John: I think that is helpful. Cinnamon: But! I- Oh! The other thing you can see this- This will be a little waterier. John: Oh yeah. Cinnamon: Right? So, there’s a lot of ways- Oh, I’ll tell you what I really am not loving. So, these things. I’m gonna put out some more of the fluid so you can see the difference while we’re here. If nobody minds. John: Y- Ah, I don’t think anybody minds. Cinnamon: I’ve got some fluid paint on here. John: There’s a hundred people that showed up to paint with you today. Cinnamon: If you were to, say, see this online and go, “That would be great.” Can you get the close up camera on there, John? This is the type of splatter. I’m gonna- John: Are you supposed to bang that against the other brush? Cinnamon: There’s two ways to deploy. There’s this. And… That’s the splatter you get from this splatter brush. John: So, it’s similar, but tighter… Bigger. It looks like it even squirts out bigger. Cinnamon: Yeah. John: So interesting. Cinnamon: Now you know more about splatter than most artists. [both laugh] John: We’ve done…. That was a little splatter guide. Cinnamon: That brush is also very nice for pouring mediums and string mediums, if you’re trying to create a Jackson Pollock effect. Which we will be doing. We’ll be learning all about that. John: Who is Jason- Jackson Pollock? Cinnamon: Who is Jackson Pollock? Controversy is who Jackson Pollock is. John: Interesting. Cinnamon: Controversy with a bottle of Jack! John: Mmmmm. So how’s your- How are we doing, do you think? Cinnamon: I am doing brilliant! And I am ready to start thinking about- Oh, I gotta dry this. John: You gotta dry it?
Cinnamon: Yeah. John: Ok. I’ll… Cinnamon: Just to make sure. For the aurora.
John: Ok. Real quick. Cinnamon: Ok. Ready?
John: Yep. Go. John: And she’s drying it off, real fast. Just to make sure. And she doesn’t use heat. She just uses air over that. Im, it… Uh… It doesn’t require the extra heat to dry. It’s just about air flow, apparently. Uh, so low or no heat, and just air blow. Is the best way of doing that. Sometimes if you put too much heat on those, it can actually cause, uh…. the paint to crack, which is what I think she’s actually checking for there. Is to make sure she’s not causing this to dry too fast and crack. Cinnamon: Alright. John: So you don’t use heat there, do you? You just use air? Cinnamon: I just use air, umm…… Acrylic paint is highly temperature sensitive. Umm…. Golden and Liquitex and Matisse are designed to be more resistant to that temperature change than say craft paint. If you’re painting with a craft paint, that can really accelerate your color shift. Which is one color when it’s wet, and then it gets much darker when it’s dry. But someone wrote me, and they were like, “Hey, I love my craft paints. I’ve been painting with it five years.” If you’ve been painting with a product for five years, you’ve probably already made adjustments. In your art practice, for the fact that it’s gonna dry darker. Or maybe these colors mix in an unexpected way then you might think. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: So there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just knowing, well, ok, so the benefit to craft paints and, you know, things like Americana or Folk Art or Deco or, you know, any of those paints, is that they’re really easy on your wallet. Easy on your wallet is a good thing. Right. But they have color shift and color mixing issues and they can dry a little matte. And they have those kinds of things, and they’re not archival. John: Hmm. But- Cinnamon: That’s all it is. John: When you’re-
Cinnamon: Yeah. John: When you turn out some artwork? To… That’s ok. Cinnamon: That’s ok. So for the aurora borealis, I’m gonna take this aqua. John: Which one? Show me. Cinnamon: This aqua…. John: That aqua. What aqua is this? Aqua… something… I can’t read it. Cinnamon: Bright aqua green.
John: Ok. Cinnamon: Heavy body acrylic by Liquitex, professional paint. Right. There it is. John: Little dab of it. Cinnamon: Right. Little dab of it. You got some yellow out if you want it. This is your aurora. I’m gonna get the transparent mixing white cause I kinda contam- Well, I guess it’s ok. Cause it can be contaminated in this particular case. It’s gonna be an aurora. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: I’m gonna put out a little blue here. You could add a little yellow into it. You could add a little quin. I put out more paint than you guys need in a painting. Because I’m putting out what you guys can see. If I was putting out my usual little dabs. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: You might be like, “Wow!” John: But we want you guys to see what color we’re playing with, so we, you know. Cinnamon: Yeah. We don’t get crazy with it. So I added just a little mixing white to my aqua. And I’m gonna come here. Up at the upper part. Let me- I wanna make sure that we can really see it. Yeah. Ok. John: Zoom it in.
Cinnamon: Yeah. I zoomed. John: Well, you’re just a little off the camera, so- Cinnamon: And this is like a ribbon, cause the aurora borealis is like a ribbon. So I’m gonna come down- do do do do do do do- and then I’m gonna make a little turn. And then it’s going to end there. John: Ah! Cinnamon: And it’s gonna have a little friend. Who, maybe, starts off canvas here. Also does a little turn. And ends there as well. This little ribbon just lets me know where I’m starting. Right? That just lets me know where I’m starting. I’m gonna get a little of my aqua, and a little of my phthalo and a little of my white. They’re sort of loaded on the brush like this. See? See how it’s loaded? John: Yep.
Cinnamon: Yeah. And I’m very lightly going to just brush up. In as straight of a line as I can handle. Light pressure. And I let- The transparency of the paint really helps me here. Right? This is what I’m doing. I’m taking, just telling this little story. John: So, Bonnie was asking, can she, uh… Cinnamon: There we go. John: Could she take a little phthalo blue with some white and a tad of yellow to get that shade? Cinnamon: Yes she could. John: Well, there you go Bonnie. From the Sherpa’s mouth. Cinnamon: Yes you could. You can, um… Yeah. Definitely phthalo blue, a little yellow. And white, and you’re gonna get all kinds of turquoise, and that’s what you’re trying to get, is this turquoise. As I’m doing my aurora, I’m take my little- It sort of fades out. I’m gonna make it a little stronger up here. Right. See how that goes? The transparency of the paint is helping me. All of these colors are slightly transparent. That definitely works in my favor. And what you’re just trying to do is this upward stroke. That’s a little challenging, but you can get it. The other thing I’m doing is not too much…. Not too much…. Pattern. Gonna break it up. Some of these little things go up a little higher than others. And I’m just tapering down. Just tapering down. Every once in a while flip the brush on its edge, pull one of these up high. And then this disappears. Right. So there they are. Two little ribbons. In the sky. And obviously I put out way more paint than I needed. And that’s what we mean. Way more paint than is needed. [chuckles] John: But at least you can see what’s going on. Cinnamon: Though the black probably I’m gonna need quite a lot of. So… Here is the trick. I have a nice half inch sharp bright. John: Yep. Cinnamon: Right. This is by Creative Mark. Pro Stroke. And Powercryl. Pro Stroke, It’s a numb- This- Four. It’s a number four on this line. But you can see the size, and that’s what you’re looking for. There’s some great Simply Simmons versions of this. And I’ve got my little line here. And here’s what I know. I’m gonna move my little camera over just a titch, where it’s gonna be. So you have the up close as I’m doing this. So I’m gonna take, on my edge, over here towards the left. A nice, straight, upwards line. And I’m gonna take it up… To about, oh, there’s about four fingers where that stops. Right? And then next to it about three fingers over I’m gonna make another little tree. This one is gonna have like a little shorter line. And then, a few fingers over, another little short tree. This one’s gonna be quite short. And maybe a little closer, slightly taller friend. This is one way to prevent getting too repetitive with your trees John: What’s that? Cinnamon: Where you sort of plant in the lines. That way you can look. Is this one a different height than this one, than this one. You want some different distances, right? Maybe a short one there…. And a little slightly taller but still short. Way over here to the right… Right. Way over here to the right. Give yourself another fairly tall tree. Close to him maybe a slightly shorter tree. A little further off, maybe. A tree a little taller than that. We are going to vary up this trees. That’s important. And that, that is my forest line that I’m gonna start working from. I’m gonna load up my brush. And that’s gonna be- Well, actually, here. I’ll wipe this off so you can really see the load. I’ll rinse it and wipe it. Gonna load up. My brush. See the load? John: Oh, very good. Yeah. Cinnamon: Right. There it is. And I’m gonna come to the top of this tree. And I’m gonna make these little dabs. And he’s gonna have two little dabs up. Short little dabs. We’re pouncing again, really, but we’re just pouncing with the edge of our brush. I;m on the edge of my brush. And I’m thinking about these little branches coming out. Being different from each other. Right? These little spruces. Reload as you need. Some branches are shorter, and some are longer. It’s ok if sky is showing through. It needs to show through. It’s ok. See the dabbing? It’s how we get that pine in. Can we really see that? Do I need to zoom in, John? John: Yeah. That’s good there.
Cinnamon: Ok. We really wanna just see how that’s going in. You know. Dabbing that little pine. Justing pouncing it out here. Pounce. Pounce that out. Maybe he’s getting a little bushier down here. My brush pressure is getting harder as he gets bushier. See? John: Yeah. And it’s ok that little spots of sky are peeking through these pine needles. Even awesome. That little spots of sky.
John: Yeah. It really is awesome. Cinnamon: And you will have taken your sky much further down than you need. But the wonderful thing about having done this Is that if you have little spots of sky showing out. John: As you do. Cinnamon: As you do. Like ya do. John: Like ya do. Cinnamon: Like ya do. It feels as if you are camping. That you’ve gotten away from the city. That you’ve gotten away from the things in your life that are causing you any aggravation. And you’ve gone to these beautiful, perfect woods. The woods in your mind. John: What about fan brushes? Cinnamon: What about fan brushes? John: It seems like a fan brush type. Cinnamon: It does, doesn’t it? And yet I don’t… You do get- You can get a pine effect. There’s a bunch of YouTube tutorials. And we’re gonna cover this in the pears. John: Yep. Cinnamon: The way a fan brush gives us a pine tree. John: Oh. Cinnamon: We’re gonna definitely cover it. John: But not today! Cinnamon: But not today. John: Today is not a fan brush. But if you wanted to play with a fan brush. Cinnamon: This is an ok place to do it. And if you’re very familiar with the fan brush technique, right, that you can get, then it would be an ok place to think about that. John: Or you can explore your fan brushy-ness. Cinnamon: Yes you could. But this is how I actually like to get this type of silhouette pine. John: I like these little pines. I like that they- I like the way these look. Cinnamon: I like that the branches are upward. John: They’re like… astronomer pines. Cinnamon: Astronomer pines. John: And so, it’s really nice. I have to say- Cinnamon: I’m dabbing around here, creating sort of a forest line. See how that happens?
John: Yeah. I do. Cinnamon: Now, it’s gonna be all black below here. Once I get my line in, then I can paint everything below this forest line in black. John: Wow. Cinnamon: But it’s very important to get this part of the story well told. Get these passages beautifully executed. Then the rest of this is, you know- Oh, I’ve got splatter over on my other painting. It really just goes everywhere. [both laugh]
John: It does. Cinnamon: It’s a messy thing guys. Don’t do this on your goood granite. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: I mean, you can clean it off, but just don’t do it. John: And I wanna to take a chance here, and say thank you to everyone. We’ve got like a hundred and twenty people out here with us today, hanging out on this Christmas eve. And I just wanna say how thankful I am to all of you guys coming out here. And you know, I appreciate, you know, if you take the time to click that subscribe and like, comment buttons. You know, it really does help YouTube know that you guys were out here and enjoying what you’re seeing us do. And, uh…. You know. That makes a big difference for us, so. Cinnamon: Yeah, it really does. The shares do too. I love- You guys, I have been seeing the shares on Instagram, and Twitter, and Facebook and Pinterest, and uh… Yeah, I’m in all those places. Big time, big time, big time. And it makes a real difference. Because I’ll tell you what. You, you know. You guys see shares. Maybe they don’t necessarily get as many likes or whatever. But then I’ll hear from somebody that said, “My friend shared this on Facebook.” John: Yeah. Cinnamon: And I- Or I saw somebody’s post- Like you know how Facebook does the friend of a friend of a friend thing. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: You know. It’s a really weird, unconnected person who somehow saw your post because of the privacy settings, and then, it’ll be like, this is exactly what I needed. I was going through this crazy time, and I saw this, and I just decided to give it a go, just a whirl, and I really appreciate it. So all of those shares really help. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Get that word out. John: Yeah, really like, you know. Cinnamon: I’m just making sure on the all pines I’m putting on. John: There you go. There it is.
Cinnamon: There we go. Little short pine. Little buddy. This little buddy stands very close to his friend. They’re good. They’re close. John: Buddy pine. Cinnamon: They’re buddy pines. All the pines are buddies, and they talk to each other in the wind. And their roots all touch. They’re family. John: So we have An Ocean Breeze from Russia painting with us. Cinnamon: Hello Ocean Breeze from Russia. John: And I think that’s funny. Cinnamon: I love that.
John: That’s awesome. Cinnamon: They have some beautiful, beautiful landscape. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Just gorgeous. John: You know in some parts of Russia you can just walk out and look up and see this. Cinnamon: Yeah!
[both chuckle] Cinnamon: Exactly this! John: Yeah. It’s like-
Cinnamon: WIthout a filter! John: Cause there’s like big areas where there isn’t light pollution. And Cinnamon: Yeah…
John: Really awesome, beautiful trees. And sky. Cinnamon: Yeah. One of our favorite programs ever was The Long Way Home. John: Yeah. Well, Long Way Round? Cinnamon: Long Way Round. If you haven’t seen that documentary, you should watch it. If you like motorcycles, and the world, and sort of believe in the brotherhood of man and all of that John: Or the actor, uh… What’s his name? Cinnamon: Uh, well who was in The Martian? It’s the same guy. John: Ewan, uh… Cinnamon: Oh, Ewan McGregor.
John: Yeah. Ewan McGregor. Cinnamon: Ewan McGregor was the guy.
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Yeah, they did. They just got on their motorcycles and drove around the world. John: They drove. Which was like, you know… That’s back when I was driving my Ural. I was very inspired to, like, drive motorcycles anywhere! Cinnamon: And just made me want to visit more. See more of… I’m gonna just take some dabs up there. See? Sometimes I just dab up loosely and I don’t connect every dab. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: I know it’s kinda like, Oh you’re watching me dab in these trees. But when you see me work it out, when you see me break up, no clones. No genetically modified pines here. These are pines that nature gives you, and they are uneven and unruly. John: They’re nature’s pine? Cinnamon: Nature’s pine does not behave. It is what it is, and it doesn’t apologize for it. It doesn’t grow it’s needles all the same direction all the time. And it doesn’t make every branch a perfect representation of the branch before it. And because of its imperfection it is more beautiful. To the degree as artists we can embrace that. And try to mimic that. We are successful in our storytelling. I’m really like this, John! John: I like it too! [Cinnamon chuckles] Cinnamon: It’s one of those paintings. Now, if you’re following along live today and you like this, we have another live come up. We’re getting caught up on some projects, some collaboration projects that we actually missed the deadline on. John: Oh yeah. That’s right. Cinnamon: Saturday that’s what we’ll be doing. So we won’t be live Saturday even though we’ll be making a video. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Um… But Tuesday we’ll be live again. And you can go to the upcoming live events on my landing YouTube page, and schedule a reminder. John: Oh yeah. Cinnamon: If you don’t want to miss it. It’s a really beautiful painting. And once you’ve already gotten the sponge, you might as well come back and do it. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: It’s a good painting. For peacefulness. John: You just wiping your brush off there? Cinnamon: Every once in a while… The paint can start to work it’s way- Let me see if- Into this, the ferrule of your brush. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: And you can rinse it out and stuff, but I also will sometimes wipe it. You’ll see a lot of artists will just wipe it. They’re just like, “Enough!” Cause we’re trying to actually not get that much water on our brush. John: Yeah. Now, see, this little tree has peeked up over where you did your aurora and that’s why it’s nice to do the aurora before the trees. Because the inclination will be to not put our aurora work where the trees are. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: And therefore not have as layered of a painting. Even though this is a silhouette painting we can still follow some amazing rules of landscape. And we can still treat it like a landscape. When we’re talking about, you know, silhouettes when they are like landscapes. John: Hmm. Cinnamon: Making them just a little bit more. So they feel very successful to us. John: So there’s a thread going on here for a while now. Cinnamon: Oh! I’d love to hear the thread. John: And- What would you think about a Sherpa cruise? [Cinnamon sighs] Cinnamon: [sings] Aloha-oe… John: So, yeah, Pacific. [both laughs] Cinnamon: Yeah! I would love actually anywhere. I’ll go Greece. I’ll go on the Fjords. I will go on the inside passage. I will- Listen. If you’ve got a cruise ship and you’re thinking, “I need that sherpa chic!” [both laugh] Cinnamon: I’m up for it! John: I might even show up to push buttons. Cinnamon: He might even show up to push buttons. I don’t know who we’ll get to watch the kids. [John chuckles] Cinnamon: Grandparents! That’s what they’re for. Go see your family! Connect with your roots! [Cinnamon laughing] Cinnamon: Cause we gott go cruise! [chuckles] John: Right. That’s right! We got cruise. We’re probably gonna do something early next year. Cinnamon: I’m really hoping.
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: We’re looking into- See, I’m right by Galveston, which is has got an actual port. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Though I don’t know how much longer it’s gonna have the cruise ships. I think they’re closing the port, or something. John: Huh. I wonder. But that’s not to say that we’re gonna have something a little more locally than you’d… Cinnamon: Yeah.
John: You know. Cinnamon: Something.
John: A little Sherpa-in of some kind. Cinnamon: Sherpa-in, something local. Start to get a sense of what that’ll be like. John: Yeah. Try a little one, and see how they get bigger and bigger. Maybe come summer we’ll be ready for a cruise. Cinnamon: Yeah. That would be awesome. I’d love to do an inside passage to Alaska again. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: I love my Alaskan cruise on the Norwegian cruise lines. Not a sponsored video, but it could be, Norwegian! It could be! [laughs] John: Although I have to say it would be really fun to- Or [?]. Come on guys! Don’t you think we should take this on the road to many of your destination loacations? [both laugh] John: I think that going from, like, the- Cinnamon: They sent Superwoman!
John: Yeah. Cinnamon: They did. Why can’t- me? [both laughing] John: We’ll paint it!
Cinnamon: We’ll paint it. John: But, no seriously. I think that- Cinnamon: Seriously gone too seriously! John: We should look at doing like a cruise from the States to Europe. Because- Cinnamon: Oh, Gosh! John: Or from Europe to the States. You know, but we’ll- Cinnamon: Oohh! Oh I would. So absolutely. We’ll just paint the whole time. John: Mm-hmm. Yeah, and then- Cinnamon: You can paint on a cruiseship. My mom has proved it. Cause she paints on it. She paints everywhere she is. She’ll just make a mess with paint wherever she goes. She doesn’t- She’s like, “They’ll clean it up!” [chuckles] John: Eventually they do. Cinnamon: [laughing] And they do. And they do. The boat can be like this… And she’s like, na na na na na na. Na na na na na. [both laugh] John: That’s a part about being on a boat that I’m not so sure about. Cinnamon: It’s really rare, actually. It’s not that bad. Not that bad. And they have medicine for it. It’s totally ok. John: Eh. Cinnamon: And guess what?
John: What? Cinnamon: Whatever you want them to make you, they’ll make you. You could actually eat. John: Interesting. Cinnamon: Cause like whatever- If you find something you can eat and you’re like, “I need more of that!” It’ll just show up at your room. John: Hmm…
Cinnamon: Uh-huh. I’m just telling the story of the tallest pine. This is the oldest pine currently in this section of the forest. And he talks to the other pines and gives them sage advice about growing. And about the great fire. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Yeah. Tells them the stories of the woods. Probably later we’re gonna find out that these things actually do talk to each other through the root system and I wasn’t even that wrong! [chuckles] Cause I think we can all hear trees talking to each other. We get out there and we get away from our jaded, connected, wired in, tapped in wireless lives. John: Yeah. Go- Go watch the Ted from Paul Stamets. Cinnamon: Right? John: Yeah. That’s the one that’ll mess you up. [both chuckle] Cinnamon: This is a lot more like Pandora than we think. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: I’m gonna come over and tell this little tree. He’s really close. They- They are. They’re friends together. Hopefully you’re seeing how fun this is a way to do pines. And you guys have asked about, like, I really am trying to get my pines in and these are giving me grief. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: And I think what can happen with a fan brush sometimes, is cause it seems like it should be able to do a pine, and you try to do a pine with it. But it’s so technique driven. And unless you have that- It’s like Donna Dewberry. One stroke. Once you have the one stroke down, it’s super easy. But if you just had the idea of the one stroke but not the technique then it’s very challenging. Alright. So I feel like I have created a line [shooooo] John: Yeah.
Cinnamon: I can paint in black now. Did ya know that?
John: Interesting. Cinnamon: Interesting. I’m gonna find a nice bright. ooh! I like this one. I am really loving these Simply Simmons. This is a Simply Simmons number ten bright. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: I think I stole this from my mother. She came and visited.
[both chuckle] Cinnamon: She was asking, “Do you have my brush?” and I was like, I haven’t seen your brush. And I wasn’t even messing with her. I hadn’t seen it yet. [chuckles] Ok. Just come along. Don’t paint out the little nibbly bits. These little open pockets. You need them. You need this uneven edge. You worked hard to get it. Don’t paint it out. And then all of the rest is black. Are you freaking out on how cool this is? John: I think that’s awesome!
Cinnamon: I’m freaking out on how cool this is! How totally doable. How completely achievable. You know. And once you do this, you can go and do like everybody’s aurora borealis. When I- When I designed this I was actually talking to Maricha, the Junking Data Girl. When I was like, “I wanna do this!” And we all get together on Skype and then paint and goof around. John can tell you it’s a whole thing.
[both laugh] I started looking around to see, you know, what else is out there. Cause I wanna make sure that I’m gonna tell a different story than what someone else is gonna tell. John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: And contribute something different to the art conversation. And I have to say there’s a lot of wonderful aurora borealis conversation out there. John: Yep. Cinnamon: Umm…. One new place I really noticed, I really liked her paintings, was Pandemonium. Uh, Gallery. It’s a YouTube channel.
[John laughs] It’s Jane Font. What? John: So our community is wishing that our make believe Sherpa cruise gets stranded on a desert island so we would be trapped there to do more painting together. Cinnamon: Well, we could just go to the island, but have, like, you know. John: We can not be trapped there!
Cinnamon: Waiters with sippy sippy’s and we could just stay there and paint, and then get more paint. [both laughing] Cinnamon: No trap needed!
[both laugh] Cinnamon: Plus, guys, we’re like here all the time! Are you like starting to stress out, like, “I’m really not liking Monday!” Where there is no sherpa painting! [both laughing] John: We must trap them on an island so that they can paint all the time! [both laughing] I think that’s awesome. I wanna do it! Cinnamon: I know you do. But then he would sit there- He would actually walk out with Nagualero into the woods. You know. John: I would back pack out my equipment. Cinnamon: You know, there’s some really good painting’s cousin to this right now, too, on Clive’s channel. Not aurora, but some neat stuff. Once you do this, there’s more to do is all I’m saying. On Monday and Wednesday when we’re not here. Don’t feel like there’s nothing. [John laughs] Cinnamon: There’s other stuff. [Cinnamon chuckles] We’ve seen some really good watercolors but I can’t remember the name of the YouTube channel on the top of my head. John: Hmm. Cinnamon: Which is kind of a bummer. I try to pay attention to see what’s out there. That way, especially if I don’t have something but you need something, I can go, “I don’t have it but so and so has it!” John: Yeah. Cinnamon: So you’re covered. And I’m just gonna make sure that I have a nice even coverage of black. Everywhere, that the paint is covered cause that’ll be part of the effect of this looking nice. John: Now, let me ask you- Cinnamon: Down here in what’s supposed to be solid. You’re gonna freak out cause we just finished the painting, John. John: Oh my gosh! Well, do you do the edge and the bottom there? Do you paint the bottom of this kind of canvas, or is this a- Cinnamon: Oh, you can totally paint it! Ok, so this isn’t really- Ok. They’ll say it’s a gallery wrap canvas, and because the definition is is that the canvas is wrapped around it and stapled on the back. So you can then paint it. John: Gotcha. Ok. Cinnamon: And, um, but really if you’re talking about doing one of the canvases that doesn’t require framing you need a thicker stretcher bar. John: Hmm. Cinnamon: Like about a two inch stretcher bar, one inch stretcher bar, so that the canvas has structure and shape. But that’s just- That’s like if you’re showing. But if it’s in your house and you’re like, “I really…” “Do not wanna go to Hobby Lobby and get the fifty percent off frame,” for whatever reason. Right. Like you just don’t want to. Paint around the edge. John: And- Cinnamon: There’s no real rules in art. There’s just- There’s recommendations. John: You know, and we have, uh, Autumn was saying that it’s now snowing where she’s at. Cinnamon: Autumn! John: So I think that it’s awesome, that it’s snowing there. Cinnamon: See if we can… John: Oh, yeah. Wow, I like how the- It- The- The way that you painted in the aurora, it really does look luminescent. Cinnamon: It does, doesn’t it?!
John: It really does. Cinnamon: That’s what that aqua is for. Because this is, um… Because this is such a blue with the red, and this has the bright green in it. And reds and greens are contrasts. This is color theory! [both laugh] Cinnamon: It’s like when you’re like, “I just need a little color theory to make this thing work…” Oh my gosh, I’m really happy with this. Now, I personally am gonna varnish this. John: Yep. Cinnamon: And here’s my- I have to make a note on varnishing, cause you guys might varnish. If you’re painting student paints, and you’re doing a brush on varnish…. Your black might smear. John: Ooh! Cinnamon: Do do a spray.
John: Spray varnish? Cinnamon: Yeah.
John: Spray varnish. Cinnamon: If you’re painting student paints, or craft paints, or any paints where you’re not sure that black John: Mm-hmm. Cinnamon: Is staying put, spray varnish. If you don’t want any brush strokes, and you’re not an experienced varnisher, spray varnish. I don’t spray varnish cause I’m- I do but John has to do it for me cause I’m really really sensitive to the chemicals in the spray varnish. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Yeah. But if you’re not- John: Yeah, but take it outside. Grab a can of spray varnish. Throw it down on there, cause you know, uh… Cinnamon: Yeah. It will- The gloss will deepen these colors. I’m gonna hit it with a high gloss varnish and that’s gonna make my space pop and my black seem very black. It’s gonna unify the shininess of my paint. John: Do you have a brand you prefer? Cinnamon: I like Liquitex.
John: Ok. Cinnamon: Cause I just trust them and I know them. I have a varnish video. Um, and it is… I mean, I explain things about like, you know, don’t do it thick cause you’ll get brush strokes. But people will still get the plaid, and I still haven’t figured out how to get the plaid out. I’m not even sure you can get the plaid out. So you have to varnish, but varnish is one of those things where it’s like I gotta do it But I’m, Mm! Varnish comes in matte. Which is flat. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Semi gloss, and gloss. It comes in brush on. Right, and spray. John: Wow. Cinnamon: So.. John: Now, New Years Eve-
Cinnamon: And my mom has a good varnish video too. John: Yeah. Yep. New Year’s Eve we’re gonna do a- We’re gonna do a dragon. Cinnamon: Yep. John: And, how long do we expect that to be. It’s a dragon. Long time. Scales. [Cinnamon laughs]
John: That’s… Cinnamon: Scales. John: So we’re gonna be broadcasting for a while What-
Cinnamon: Yeah. John: Are we gonna start that earlier in the day or are- Cinnamon: We’re gonna start that earlier in the day. I’ll try to get that posted up. I gotta you know choose a sign for it. I’m like cause I’m trying to decide if I’m gonna do smough. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: Or like, a dragon we know from a- From a story we know. Or a new dragon. I haven’t found my- My dragon in there. And so I’m gonna find my dragon. I think I’m gonna have my dragon probably in flight or perched. Right. Something like that, and I just need to decide what kind of dragon… John: So it could be an angry dragon or a happy dragon. It could be flying or perched. It might be red or green, and we may or may not glitter it. Cinnamon: [laughs] You have summed up New Year’s Eve! John: Cool! So we might start in the morning, but it’ll probably be in the afternoon. [Cinnamon laughs] Cinnamon: Yep. John: Cool! So then you can go.
Cinnamon: I just- Whooo! On John’s birthday. [laughs] John: And we’ll be doing that on my birthday. So, uh- Cinnamon: And I think I might do a bigger canvas. Ok, so if we’re gonna be here for a while and it’s just for our community, we want to do a bigger canvas. John: Well, yeah. And KimSim was saying that craft shack is also doing a live with CC at nine pm. Cinnamon: Hey craft shack! That is awesome! So definitely be sure and do that. John: Yeah. So, they’re also doing that too. Cinnamon: That is awesome. I think it’s very good for us to be on, if we can be on. John: Yeah.
Cinnamon: On New Year’s Eve. It’s better than us being out driving. So definitely check out craft shack. Can you- Kim, can you spell that, cause I think there’s a couple that have a similar name and there’s a spelling difference. John: Yeah. So she’ll put that up there in the comments for us. So, yeah. We’ll have a lot of stuff going on. New Year’s Eve. Cinnamon: Do you want me to- Yeah, anyways. So, yeah. I’m gonna varnish this. John: Yep. Cinnamon: And it will make it all shiny and the colors all deep, but then it won’t photograph very well. John: But we’ll figure that out Cinnamon: We’ll figure- Actually, there’s some varnish right there, and I could put on the smaller one, and they could see it. John: You could. You could just do that. Cinnamon: Oh, I don’t know. We’re good! [both laugh] John: I think we’re ok for today. Cinnamon: We’re gonna do this on our book. John: Yeah. Cinnamon: We’re gonna cover all this stuff in our book. You guys. You have a happy holiday. Be safe. Be warm. Be ok. Love yourselves. Be kind to yourselves. Take a deep breath and don’t let the crazy get to you, cause the stars don’t care. And if you’re just, like, feeling really lost, just look up and realize that for billions of years, it’s all been fine. John: All good. Cinnamon: All good. John: Love you guys. Cinnamon: Love you guys. See you at the easel really soon. John: Mm-hmm. Bye bye. [closing music] [It’s not about perfection] [It’s about the connection] [Now put it on your canvas-]


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