BELLE VS GASTON PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE. We Make Frozen 2, Beauty and the Beast, & Lion King Pancakes.

Later in this video. We love pancakes, woo.
Aaah. [music] Hello, everyone, Gaston here, welcome to my home. I know what you’re thinking
“that’s not Gaston, That’s Prince Adam”, but believe me, this is a wig. Ha ha ha. Anyway,
I sent Belle on a scavenger hunt from Prince Adam, but, in reality, it was from me. She
should be here any minute now. Okay, I take three steps to the north, dosey doe and I Prince
Adam will be there. Oh, Adam, oh my gosh! Why are we in Gaston’s house? Hello, Belle.
Aaah. It’s me, Prince Adam. You’re not Prince Adam, you’re Gaston. What – what is this?
Well, she saw right through my disguise. Ha ha ha. Anyway, Belle, come have a seat. What
– what is – what are you doing? We’re doing the pancake art challenge. Wait, what? this
is from you? Yes. Oh my gosh, okay, well, since I’m here and I do make a really great
pancake, I guess I’ll play along. Oh, it worked, it worked. One of my plans finally worked.
Okay, so just remind me, so this is the pancake art challenge. So that means we’re gonna get
a series of pictures and we have to create a pancake that looks like that picture, right?
Exactly, Belle. What do I get when I win and you lose, Belle? Gaston, you’re the one that
set this all up. I thought you would have it all planned out but, um, okay, uh, how
about this. Normally the winner doesn’t get anything but the loser has a punishment, so….
Okay, if you lose I have to give you a makeover. What! You’re gonna give me a makeover? Oh
no. Okay, well, then if you lose I give you a makeover. Oh, I am not going to lose, Belle.
Ha ha ha. Alright, Belle, are you ready for the picture number 1 that Lefou printed out?
Picture number 1, ugh, Lefou, yeah, I’m sure it’s going to be really hard ’cause Lefou
printed it. What is it? Let’s do it together. One, two, three. Huh. Maleficent, uh! Maleficent!
Oh my best acquaintance. Of course, you’ve been – okay, you’ve got a lot of best friends.
You’ve got like Jafar, Maleficent, Hans, Ursula. But number one is you. I don’t really like
Ursula, ha ha ha. Just kidding. Okay, I’m nervous. Alright, I guess I’m just gonna outline
her- you got the collar, oh goodness. Okay, and she’s got horns, okay. And then some more
horn and then we’re coming down and then we got some more collar over here and then, okay.
I think I messed up, Belle. I think I messed up too. Um, yikes. You guys like making pancakes?
Let us know. Do you like eating pancakes? You know what my favorite kind of pancakes
is? What is it, Belle? Blueberry pancakes. Blueberry, blueberry, blueberry. Is
this hot, ouch! Don’t touch it, Belle, it’s hot. Gaston, don’t touch, you knew it was
hot and then you touched it again. I did. Oh her eyeballs, you know what, we’re not
giving her eyeballs today, because it doesn’t fit. Wow, your horns are just – it’s so good.
Mmm, aaah, no, Belle. That’s not fair, ha ha ha. Some misfortune, Belle, some misfortune.
And that looks like a zombie. Zombileficent, oh, no I forgot her purple. Before we know
it, Halloween is going to be here in like two months. So what are you going to be? I’m
gonna be, Gaston. No, Gaston for Halloween you have to dress up as somebody else, you
can’t just be Gaston. Okay, well, I’ll dress up as prince Adam, I have the costume already.
No, you can’t just be us. And then maybe you’ll marry me. Well, now that’s more of like a
plot. That’s not really like a fun – like I think I might go as like, a ghost. That’s
scary, Belle. Well, I don’t know. Or maybe – maybe a clown, I don’t know. Ha ha ha, yeah,
I like clowns. Oh, oh, jenga. Like Jafar says, it’s gonna be, fire! Um, I’m gonna try to
like piece it together. You know when you color pancakes with syrup, you don’t even really
know what they look like. With syrup? Yeah. Guys, let’s see how this one goes. It might
look like, Belle’s. Oh, I thought you were gonna say was gonna look like me. I was like,
I don’t think. [laughs] Belle, it’s all yours. Thanks. Okay, I’m gonna kinda – uh, it’s still
– yikes. Oh, her head’s coming off, Belle, her head. Oh, no. Whoa, no her horn. It’s
alright, Belle. Alright, everyone. There it is. Hold on. Here’s my Malef, here’s
Gaston’s and here’s Belle’s. You did a wonderful job everything you do, Belle is perfect. No,
that was not perfect, but thank you. That’s really sweet. Alright, next up, Buzz Lightyear!
To infinity and beyond! Ha ha ha. Did you see the new Toy Stoy? I did, I cried.
Really? I just thought Forky was so cute. Belle, I’m so glad you came over and stayed,
this is a lot of fun. Well, as soon as this is over I’m outta here. Okay, he’s got on
big strong chin like Gaston. You want me to do impersonation of people, can we do that?
Yeah. Let’s do impersonations. Yeah, Elsa and Maleficent did that. Alright, let’s hear
your best Hans. Hello, my name’s Hans of Westergaard. Not it’s not good, that’s me.Just sound like
you. Hans of Westergard, I don’t know how to do it, it’s hard, Belle. You do it. Oh,
my sideburns are extraordinary. Oh, my sideburns are extraordinary. I don’t know, Belle, was
that okay? Yes. I wanna actually hear your Elsa impression. That’s a – that’s a. Hello,
my friends, it’s me, Elsa. I love magic, I am magical. And then okay, I want you to do
um, um, Merida. I’m so excited. What is she excited for? I don’t know she’s always really
excited. Do an impression of – your impression of Jafar. Hey, whatsup guys, it’s me Jafar,
everything’s fire. That’s okay. Alright, gi-give me one. Alright, I want you to do an impression
of, huh, oh, Malef. Uh, these pesky princesses are so annoying. That sounds like your friend
Mell. And then she gets her aura back. Yeah, Mell kinda like Maleficent. I mean Maleficent
made her. What’s your favorite breakfast treat? Is it pancakes or is it cereal or? I – what
do you like to eat for breakfast, Belle? I don’t even wanna say this, but I actually
do love eggs. Are you okay? No, I’m good. I think I’ve waited the appropriate amount
of time and now I am flipping this. Take your time, Belle, take your time. This, uh, it’s
all coming together. Careful. Aaah. Yes, Belle, oh my gosh. I did it, I did it, I did it.
Oh, my gosh. Wow, wow, you guys it’s not great but it’s in one piece which is a feat for
Belle. Okay, I would like to thank my friends, Elsa and Anna for teaching me how to make
pancakes. Um, I had to watch their videos and I think I’m finally understanding. What’s
happening over here? I think I broke it. Aaah. Belle. Wow, yours turned out so good.
I -I didn’t think it would. No, I mean, no I did not think, wow. So here we go, this
is my Buzz. And that’s Gaston’s he turned out really well. Gaston’s, Belle’s. I think
Belle wins. Oh, no, we’re being really nice to each other. What’s happening? Let’s reveal,
one, two, three. Oh. Ariel. It’s Ariel. So what I’m doing here, I’m doing a new technique
it’s called, join from the side. Looks just like her, Belle. beautiful flower in
her hair. It kinda looks like a chihuahua with red hair, okay. Why don’t they give us
eyeball color? Doesn’t Anna have a chihuahua with hair? Do you guys have dogs? She does
it’s name is snowflakes she’s snow cute. Oh, this one is, aaah. Ha ha ha, this looks so
scary, Belle. I actually kinda need – aaah. Well, they look very similar now. Oh, there’s
Elsa, Elsa’s here. Hello, El – let me go get her, be right back. Okay, go get her. Mine’s
not done. I really could use your help. I – I. Here she is, hello, Elsa. What? That’s
not Elsa. She’s coming to help you with your pancake art. That’s an Elsa doll with a mustache.
No, what mu – oh, yeah. Wait, why did you put a Mustache on Elsa? Oh, it really stuck
on there. Remember that time I went to the car – we went to the car wash and we washed
your car? Oh yeah, in Barbie’s carpool? Yes, well, here it is. Here’s the mustache. Oh,
wow. You definitely got the colors down. Her eyes kind of melted together. So, she has
like one eye. Is that one big eye? It’s one big blue eye, yes. Kinda like Cyclops, which
is like a sea creature from the mythology right? Yes, Belle. You’re so smart, she reads
books but you know what else is from mythology? What? An ogre. Okay. I don’t know any ogres.
Oh no, Belle. I like pancakes, you like pancakes. We like making pancakes together. So anyway,
guys, for you at home. Here’s my Ariel. Here’s my Ariel. She fell. One, two, three, it’s
Elsa. Elsy. It’s my best friend, Elsa. My best friend Elsa. Wait, is your best friend
too? Alright, here we go. We’re gonna get started. Here we go, go, go, go, Belle. Elsa
I’m gonna try to do you justice wherever you are. Wherever Elsy is. Elsa, aaah. Is she
using her powers here, Belle? I don’t know. I don’t know what that was, but it happened
you. That was so weird. Oh, you know who I miss? Who do you miss? My best buddy,
Lefou. I know, he’s really busy this cat videos have really been taking off. Gaston,
I told you don’t need that. Well, I just made her eye way too big. Elsa, I am so sorry your
eye – you got one big eye. Well, she does have big eyes in general, Belle, let’s be
honest. Aaaah. It’s Prince Elsa Adam mustache. Uh, she’s giving you an egg – she’s giving
you an egg, take it, take it. Oh, thank you, thank you. Aaah. [?] That was really weird.
Alright, I’m gonna sing a song, ready? It goes like this. Oh please, don’t. “I’m doing
my best, I’m doing my best, I’m over here just doing my best”. That was beautiful, Belle.
Yeah, because I’m doing my best. Let me give her a little more like here [?] . What’s
your favorite board game, Belle? My favorite board game is kind of monopoly. Reall? It’s
a really difficult the amount of multitasking…. Aaaah, it’s me! Thanks, ghost, thanks for
doing me that, ha ha. Who is she – Are you asking Gaston or me? You, Belle, it’s obv
– oh, wait. No. You – this is. See, I told you they were amazing and so friendly. Belle is almost done, don’t worry. You know what, let’s – I’ll sing a song to you to calm you down.
You guys know Prince Adam, please tell him that I am here. That there are ghosts and
Gaston… We don’t have service here. I’m not uploading this till tomo – a while, Belle.
When you have white hair and you just don’t care. You have ice powers and you have friends.
Aaah, oh my gosh. Aaah, Belle, Belle. Wow, Gaston, you better get away from us. Belle,
get away from Belle. Ouch. What just happened? A ghost threw an egg in my eye, Belle. Oh,
she’s gorgeous. I really want to send this to Elsy. Kinda looks like one of those like
pop-funko dolls, I’d say. Kind of, you know what I’m saying. Mine looks like Elsa. His
looks like legitimate Elsa, like he’s really talented and really good at this, so. And
we’re back. Live from Gaston’s cabin. It’s Gaston. And Belle. Woo, ready for the last
round of the day. I think I am, Belle. Let’s hear from the anchors on – in the field. They
already too. The anchors are, us. Ha ha ha. One, two, three. Huh, aaah, yay. What? How
do you even print this? This is very, very, very, very, hard. Tell me about it. I’m gonna
make his eyes… Mine kinda looks like a bull. A little bigger because I – his tiny eyes.
Sometimes it’s hard to control this. Alright Gaston, so do you have – I – recently I saw
you have like a family barbecue. Yes, oh my family, they’re so funny and wild. Like, tell
me, do you have like brothers and sisters or you just have like a lot of cousins? Well,
Belle, I – I have family. Um, they are very nice people. Oh, that’s good. Like me.Like
are they cousins are they brothers, are they? Belle, they are my family. Okay, the Beast
is coming along. The Beast, you admit it, Ha ha ha. Well, that’s what – okay, this is
him in beast form, okay. Okay, the beast has so much detail. I don’t even – I can’t, I
just can’t. You can. I can’t, okay, I can, I can. Mine looks like a really nice beast,
or like a pig. Mine looks like a pig. To a little bit of this and a little bit of that.
And you shake it all about. You do the hocus pocus. Right? Yeah, something like that.
So, Belle, do you have any siblings? I never asked. I know Mel is a fake sibling, I learned
that – we learned that one. Yeah, what did the 500-pound canary say? What, Belle, what?
Sure. That’s really good, Belle. I love it. Why was the teacher cross-eyed, Belle? Why?
’cause she couldn’t control her pupils. Oh no. Oh, this purple, I don’t have really much
luck with,so. Alright, I did this in the – in the um, dry totally challenge. We’re going to
dance it out, ready? And five, six, seven, eight. Are dancing, we’re dancing, we’re making
pancakes and dancing. Dancing and dancing. Pancake dance come on, uh. Pancakes, pancakes,
we love pancakes. Pancakes, pancakes, we love pancakes! Woo! Aaaah!!! It’s gonna mess up my
pancake, Belle. It’s stealing my yellow, Belle. Get outta here. Aaah. Belle, I was so scared.
But you really – you were really strong during that time and I’m so proud of you. Okay, I’m
almost done. Again this kind of looks like a pig. Belle, that looks so good luck. It
looks like half regular Prince Adam, half Beast. Aaahhhhh!!! Oh my gosh. Prince Adam!
He got out of the basement, aaah. Are you turning into a beast? Okay, I’m so sorry,
Prince Adam. Okay, we gotta get Fairy Godmother in here. We gotta get you turned back up immediately.
Gaston this is how you help me? I have the portion, okay, I have the portion. Okay, I’ll
be there, I’ll be right there I’m just gonna finish this pancake and then I’m gonna get
Fairy Godmother and we’re gonna save you. Ta da, look I did a bell. Whoa, what are you
doing? I’m actually drawing myself. You’re making a pancake of yourself. Yes, Belle.
Oh, no, it’s not get in my Adam, my prince Adam. You just have one leg. I have one leg.
Wow, wow, wow. You are so good at this. Thanks, Belle. This is your hidden talent. Hidden?
I think I always knew I was great at art. Wow, I was hidden – I didn’t know you were
amazing at making pancakes. Thanks, Belle. Alright, Gaston. I’m going to do a series
of rapid-fire questions and you answer them. Ready? Yes. Favorite color? Red. Favorite
food? Uh, eggs.Favorite movie? Uh, Beauty and the Beast. Favorite book? Beauty and the
Beast. Favorite friend? Belle. Favorite hobby? Following Belle. Okay, favorite animal? Uh,
chicken. Favorite celebrity? Belle. Oh, you think I’m a celebrity? Okay, my favorite celebrity is… Are you broken?
I don’t have a favorite celebrity, Belle. It’s okay, we – you don’t have to answer.
I think I need to flip this. Who is your favorite celebrity? Um, my favorite celebrity is… Oh,
no! It looks so good too since your hair is getting everywhere. Oh, no. Here, let me help.
Help me. Yay. Okay, alright, I did one thing. Alright, you ready? Um, well, I gotta put
him back together, one moment, please. Alright, guys. Well, There he is. Belle’s beast and
Gasy’s beast. Just focus on half of his face. Show them your bonus, Gaston. There he is.
Wow, I’m impressed. Can you see him camera? Alright, you guys thank you so much for tuning.
My guess that’s done now I have to get a crazy makeover. This is gonna be so much fun, you
guys, just wait. But before we do that you guys, make sure you subscribe. And hit the
bell notifi – oh. Hit the bell notification. Oh my gosh, she made a bell and don’t forget
to leave a comment. Let us know what you thought of the video and what you wanna see. Yeah,
make sure you like this video. Alright, you guys stay tuned, here we go crazy makeover.
Ha ha ha ha. Alright, all my Gasy muscle funs, it’s time to reveal Belle’s new look. Even
though she’s perfect the way she is, I decided to change things up. Here we go, one, two,
seven. Ha ha ha ha. Oh, Gaston, this is crazy, so, okay, it looks like you combined all the
characters we did from pancake art. Yes. And made them my costume. We have Maleficent horns,
Elsy’s hair, Buzz Lightyear’s purple futuristic collar, Ariel’s dress, and. And then what?
Wait, where’s the – where’s the Beast? Aaaah. The ghost, Gaston. Run. We gotta get outta
here. That way, the door. Bye.


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