Belvoir Terrace Girls Camp – Printmaking Teacher – Raluca Iancu

so welcome to the print shop this is where we do printmaking and watercolor so for printmaking we do an array of techniques we do we use the etching press and we do monotypes and dry points and we even do edging for the older girls um and then we also did I mention screen print monotypes um so I have the girls design a poster for the screen print and then we even put on t-shirts so that’s always popular ah we also learned how to do watercolor and sometimes we combine it with the printmaking especially with the dry clean set the etchings and I’ve also started teaching them book hearts so we’ve been making some accordion books for watercolor I think it’s so unique because you get to I mean as I wish I had gone to a camp like this because you have printmaking watercolor painting drawing ceramics sculpture foundations and that’s only on the art side that’s without even thinking about all the dance at the theater and the music so I think it’s really amazing an amazing opportunity for the girls because they have such a well-rounded performing arts education and it’s fun and it’s great because the girls want to be here and they’re motivated and we work together on projects that they’re really invested in and it’s it’s a fun time for everyone involved

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