BEST HAND I’VE EVER DRAWN | Redrawing Your Art in My Style #drawthisinyourstyle #drawthiswiffwaffles

hey guys today I’m gonna be taking some
of the art that you guys have made and asked me to redraw and I’m going to be…
you know: redrawing it uhuh [mouth click] ♪ starting with this awesome drawing by
xojoshox I picked most of these at random but I really wanted to draw a
male body type so I might have snuck this one in there when redrawing this illustration I decided to change up the pose mostly
because when I was looking at this drawing there were certain things
obviously that stuck out to me – one of the things I noticed right off the bat
was this character has some pretty predominant facial features and I really
wanted to explore that myself and doing that meant zooming in on the character
and kind of cutting off the leg so it’s a much more cropped illustration it
didn’t end up being full-body but I think it was all for the best because I
really had a lot of fun drawing this character’s face and then there’s two
other pretty predominant things that I definitely wanted to carry over: the big
dark black circle engulfing the character and then of course I think
that’s an iced coffee so I want to make sure I incorporated that as well OH! and here I am trying to figure out what a hand looks like when it’s holding an
iced coffee – here I’m actually just like looking at my own hand and trying to
recreate it but then later I actually hold some thing cylindrical and
I realized that I was drawing that hand kind of wrong so it’s always important to
use references especially with hands then I had pretty much the entire
drawing done so I just did like a final pass of going over like the entire
character darking up the bits that I really liked and making sure that there
was enough detail there to add color without making any huge mistakes and
then I started going in with the line art and the first thing I did for the
line art was that big black circle that I really wanted to do so I
actually used an Ohuhu brush marker and I use the chisel tip first and I
outlined the whole circle to make sure you know it was a circle then I actually
switched to the brush tip on the other side of the marker and use this to
outline the character because it gives me a little bit more flexibility to get
into tiny nooks and crannies whereas coloring in the outside of the circle I
wanted it to be kind of exact so by using the chisel nip it doesn’t vary in
width at any time so it works really well for that then I just went in and
colored in the entire circle then I finished up the rest of
lineart using a regular fine liner this one’s in the color black so I was very
careful about where I used it because I wanted the lineart around the skin to be
a lot softer so I left that till later so I could use like a dark red or brown
for that part of the lineart oh and this is just me showing off this hand because
I was really proud of it [laughs] see what happens when you use a reference? and
then I started coloring in the character I ended up choosing colors that are a
lot more saturated than the reference image so I kind of like have to do some
like backtracking later on in the drawing and here you can kind of see me
trying to darken up the hair without it blending in with like that dark black
circle so I’m kind of glad that I did that black circle pretty early otherwise
I think I would have just color it in the hair completely dark and then when I
went into add the black circle we would have run into some problems then I found
a really good imitation for the blue so I use that to color in the stripes I
think a lot of my markers are getting very very low in the ink Department so
it takes a few layers for me to get an even tone and then here for funsies I
decided to add a white border around the character to just make the hair pop a
little bit more like it obviously could be worse but I feel like this really
helps make the hair look separate from the background then I switched to this
like dark maroon Ohuhu fine liner and I use this to add
all of the line art around the face this is something I’ve been doing a lot
lately sometimes I do it after adding the color but here I was kind of nervous
about losing some of those facial features so I decided to do it before these fine liners work pretty well and hold up well next to copics and that’s
what the line art looked like after I’d finished it and then it came down to
trying to find the right skin tone I tried blending a couple markers but
none of them were quite right I ended up using E11 and R83
so E11 I used to color in all of the skin obviously and I used the R83 for anything
that I want it to be a little bit redder like around the eyes maybe the cheeks
the nose and the ears and then any elbows or fingertips that I felt needed
to have a little bit more reddish hue to them shading faces with like a little
bit of blush it’s definitely my favorite thing to do with alcohol-based markers I
think it just works really well and lends well to the way I like to
color faces you can kind of see the process of how I’m doing that I like it
darker around the center of the face and then it kind of gets lighter near the
top and the bottom and I just had to color in the arms as well and then I was
pretty close to being done and I realized I didn’t finish the drink in
their hand so I finished up like the ice cubes and
I also just darkened the drink overall originally I had it so you could kind of
see the hand through the drink but it made it look just so watery and kind of
gross if that’s supposed to be coffee so darkening it up kind of like
thickened it up and made it look less transparent and I think it looks a
little bit more appetizing now Oh I forgot I added bubbles so now it kind of
looks like Pepsi or Coke or something I’m new to this drawing..[pauses for emphasis:] liquids so here
is xojoshox’s drawing and then here is my recreation thanks so much
Josh for letting me recreate your character it was a lot of fun and it was
really helping me practice my male anatomy so thank you so much for asking
me to redraw it next up I hope I’m pronouncing this right: this is a
drawing by ruki-kruki-art anyway I fell in love with the patterns and the colors
of this drawing so I was really excited when it popped up and that’s what I’m
going to be recreating starting off again with a prismacolor col-erase
colored pencil in the color ‘rose’ I started sketching out the character I still don’t want to like recreate the drawing exactly I wanted like switch it
up a little bit like kind of just draw it the way I would if I had sat down to
draw this without the reference image I am keeping this one a lot more similar
than maybe the last drawing we just did but I’m also just trying to make it my
own as well so what I kept was the hand in the pocket and obviously the entire
character looks like the same character hopefully [laughs nervously] something I didn’t realize
when I first saw the drawing and realized once I started trying to
recreate it was that the original drawing has like sort of a drop crotch
in the overalls and I had a hard time trying to recreate that I just I was
like “well how do I make it look like the pants are ending there but like honestly
the body isn’t ending there?” so I had kind of some proportion issues
where it just looked like the torso was really long
which obviously if you’re wearing clothes that are hanging that low
they’re going to make and elongate your torso but like when someone’s wearing it
usually can tell like oh that’s not where their actual waist is so trying to
recreate that in drawing form and really try to say that this is a drop crotch
(that’s such a weird thing to say) but like [laughs] it was it was definitely a fun
challenge trying to figure it out and I might not have gotten it exactly but I
definitely made some improvement from my first attempt — something I changed was
for the background I made the shapes vary in sizes more so I took three of
them and just made them huge and kind of like filled in the background of the
character and then used little ones surrounding her just like the reference
image and then even though I was pretty close to being done something wasn’t
gelling right about the pose so I ended up moving that left leg under her a
little bit more because I looked at the reference image and it kind of looks
like the characters floating a little bit so I wanted to use that to my
advantage and by pulling this one leg under a little bit I feel like it made
it a little softer her like floatiness whereas when the legs were further apart
it had a bit more of a stiff like inorganic pose to it the next step was
line art so I took that same dark brown maroon red color for the fine liner and
I used that to outline all of the skin and then I used a dark purple to do all
the rest of the lineart so like the clothes and the hair and the shoes and
everything like that then for coloring I used this very pale pink to color in the
overalls I thought this looked very very similar to the reference image so I was
really happy that I had this marker then I used this slightly desaturated blue
for all of the blue sections and added in shapes I wasn’t super exact with my
shapes it’s kind of just trying to throw them in there and make sure that they
like no two triangles we’re next to each other no two circles were next to each
other – you know – varying the pattern that I kind of forgot that I’m
drawing shapes so some of them ended up looking like blobs and this is a little
bit different from the reference image the reference image looks like they kind
of used like a red or a hot pink for the other shape but I decided to just use
like a darker version of the overall kind of like just keeping the color
scheme more intact I thought it looked more cohesive but i don’t know – it was a choice I
made and that’s what it looked like I did end up going over all those pink
shapes with something a little bit more saturated just to make them pop a little
bit more and I definitely think that like pulled it more in the younger
direction which I think this drawing is supposed to be a younger character so
that helped a lot then I switched over to my Ohuhu brush markers, potato brown, I
like to use it whenever I can and it looked pretty close to the reference
image so I use this for the skin it’s a little bit more saturated I would say
but you know it’s pretty so I’ll take it I didn’t do as much shading in the face
as I did with the last drawing mostly because it is just so small but I did
add those purple lips that I’m looove oh and then for the hair instead of making
it straight black I decided to kind of incorporate some purple into it because
the color scheme is a little bit pastel for the most part and I thought
incorporating purple kind of like the Pink’s of her outfit would look good I
don’t know if that’s how color theory works but I still like it and then
instead of laying it with just a black marker I used a neutral gray a very dark
one and I filled in the top section of her hair with that and then layered that
over top of the purple sections as well and it just made it look black (I’m using
air quotations) but it’s also still kind of like fits into the color scheme which
i think is really pretty and then since that was so dark and saturated up at the
top I decide incorporate some more of that neutral grey down at the socks just
to kind of like balance out the color scheme oh as well as the watch then I
used a pink marker to add some shading kind of just underneath like the arms
and especially that right foot because I wanted it to look like it was going
further into the distance and then I started coloring in the large shapes in
the background here it’s pretty obviously those markers running low
[growls low and gurgly] [sarcasm:]
it’s not frustrating at all I love this color it’s such a it’s like a perfect corally
desaturated pink instead of following the exact colors that the original
artist used I made sure I stayed within my color scheme for the background
shapes and then I also took my white gel pen and added a little bit of a border
around it that’s just like a personal little touch here is the wonderful
original illustration by and here is my recreation it was kind of
fun creating a crazy pattern and trying to keep it into a cohesive color scheme
something I definitely need to continue practicing in the future next up!! jelly_splish
created this illustration and honestly I’m just too excited I really want to
start drawing it so yeah let’s let’s move on! so I might have been a little
too excited I did create a bunch of thumbnails in my sketchbook to kind of
come up with how I wanted to tackle this illustration in particular and yes I did
ignore them all when I finally got out my piece of paper
so naturally I didn’t really care for where this sketch was going after about
10 minutes it was very stiff the characters weren’t
very believable and I just wanted to give it another go
so I did I flipped over the page and started drawing on the other side this
time purposely avoiding all the things I didn’t like about the last drawing and I
thought it’d be fun to again tackle this the way I would draw it if I had come up
with the idea I’m not creative enough to have come up with the idea but if I had
how would I draw it? and I thought: “obviously it’d be so fun if they were bestfriends!” I mean obviously it says “me and my friends”
but I decided to draw them more as like me and my best friends so they’re like
hugging mm-hmm and they’re all just happy to be around each other and
drawing the little faces on the little like ghosty jellybean things oh it was
so much fun drawing these like goofy faces – I was very loose and soft but
the pose making sure even though she’s like holding on to two of these ghosty
jelly bean things (I really don’t know what they are) but they’re awesome
I made sure all the lines were very soft and swooshy and this just makes her look
softer and swooshier and not so stiff like my original attempt now these faces that have drawn on the ghosts aren’t really my style
they’re definitely jelly-splish’s style more than mine but I did want to
kind of create them the way they had drawn them but I also decided to create
one look a little bit more the way I would draw it so I made one a blub-ghost
you can see him up at the top right there: cross-eyed and a tongue sticking
out. classic. then for line art, things have been going so well for the last two
drawings I decided to use that exact same dark, I don’t even know what color it is, it’s
just like a dark red mm-hmm and I used that to add all the line art to the face
and around the skin and then I used a black liner to add the liner to all of
the black elements you know like her outfit, I do have a pretty particular way
of drawing like the tops of heads and like the way hair parts but I decided to
make it perfectly round for this character to kind of imitate the way the
little jelly beans in the background looks so that they kind of have a little
bit of similarities between them two without obviously she’s being much more
complicated and detailed compared to them but I thought it kind of just made
them look more like family I didn’t add any line art to the jelly beans because
I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to do that yet so I moved on to coloring
in the hair and I used I think neutral gray 6 for this because I thought
black would be a little too harsh I wanted to kind of keep it a little bit
lighter and then for her shirt since it kind of overlaps some of her hair I also
mixed it with purple kind of like we did with the last characters hair and I
think it definitely separates it from the hair and makes it look a little bit
more like kind of shiny fabric and then I colored in the pants with just the
same color I use for the hair since they don’t intersect in any way it worked
just fine and I also used a little bit of a texture the way I layered it to
make it look kind of like the pants were fading then I took the lightest skin
tone I could find and colored her in that way although it’s not quite as
light as the reference image it’s the closest I could do and it’s it’s alright completely forgetting to color in her one arm I moved on to adding liner to
all of the jelly beans faces trying to imitate jelly_splish’s style –
they’re just so adorable and then there’s the blub -ghost, he’s
adorable too after finally coloring in that missing arm I I kind of tried to
erase some of the pencil but I was still very unsure of how I was about to color
this I really didn’t erase much and then I started using some purples and trying
to blend them out and trying to color in this ghost and as soon as I started
doing this I looked back at the reference and I realized wait a minute
pretty sure jelly_splish used watercolor for this … [slow claps] bad if I had realized
that earlier I totally would have done that as well but this paper it’s a no-no
for watercolor so I had to do my best blending out the little ghosts with my
Copic markers which it sometimes it worked really well and other times it
just some reason didn’t want to blend which I’ve never really had problems
blending two colors together but this dark dark purple just didn’t want to
blend I don’t know what would have what I was doing wrong but it was not happy
with me – did that stop me? no I did try to avoid it for the most part though like
there really dark purple because the other ones were blending just fine I did
make the one ghosty in the background a little bit darker kind of like make him
look like he’s further back and then I also purposely made the little ghost
that she’s hugging a little bit lighter to kind of make this one stand out from
like the ghost surrounding it – i sat down and started coloring these ghosts and I
was like oh I don’t have to be anywhere for an hour I’ll have enough time to
probably color this in right? uhuh….no. I had to take a break and come back these things
took a while but I think the effect was worth it I also think you can definitely tell that the ones I did later on so like the
last couple ones I did definitely turned out a lot better than like the first
couple ones that I did and I was definitely like learning from the
experience then I actually took that pretty dark purple that was having a
hard time blending and I used this to just add a little bit of shading around
the sections where a lot of the ghosties were intersecting to kind of like
separate the shapes and also add their little tails lower in the illustration
because I realized there was a lot of white space down there and if they’re
all these little ghosty surrounding her they’d probably have the
tails falling behind her so I just added some simple shapes back there to kind of
just hint at that idea then I used a ruler to add the border around the
character and then wrote out the words at the bottom here’s the original
drawing by jelly_splish and here is my recreation this one was a lot of fun and
I don’t think I got quite the right color for the little ghosties and little
guy in the backs a little dark and he kind of stands out but he’s adorable so
that’s fine. definitely drawing something that I’ve never drawn before
which is always a blast and trial and error but I do want to thank jelly_splish for sharing this art and allowing me to recreate it I want to thank
everyone who added art to the tag on Instagram #drawthiswiffwaffles
I do pick these at random (aside from know the one I mentioned earlier) so I
want to thank you all for just including such fun art to recreate in the tag if
you’d like the chance of me recreating one of your illustrations in the
future you can use the hashtag: #drawthiswiffwaffles on Instagram, Twitter, I
don’t know anywhere you can use a hashtag and then you can also send me an
email if you don’t have any of those social medias I also want to thank everyone for
watching and I hope you all have a delicious evening full of waffles! BYE! ♪

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