BFA in Studio Art at NYU

(Voiceover) When something like the arts values are
abstract but also very important. Why you you have this blank canvas and what you
decide to talk about comes down to what you care about what’s your priority. At
the end of the day I think that can be the most difficult part about art is
like figuring out how to say what you want to say but also how to say it in an
effective way. Art school is about feeling and it’s about allowing the
student to take risks and to test their own boundaries. What brought me here was the art school
within a university. I knew I wanted to study art and NYU offered sort of this
best of both worlds situation where I could I could go to an art school but
then I could also be a part of a really significant research institution. NYU is just my dream school. I knew that I wanted to be in the city, yeah, I
like that this program had not only the art requirements but also the liberal
arts requirements so I could study outside of just art. In reality, artists
don’t just wake up and go to the studio and make art and then go home.
Artists need to meet people, they need to meet gallery owners, they need to
negotiate and they need to know how to present themselves. There is a lot of
facets of life that requires knowledge in other areas. The thing that’s
interesting about art is that it pulls from every other field and I think
another thing that’s nice about being here is that the the research status of
NYU has drawn some people who are working in wider fields both from the
research standpoint, from a science standpoint. I could and have taken
courses in almost any medium from video and painting and sculpture, performance
as well as being able to take top courses in philosophy. You have so many
great actual working artists teaching here
like in and out of this building, being here I had the opportunity to develop a
knowledge of art history that is invaluable to me now. It gave me a
greater sense of where my work falls in the greater timeline and my being aware
of that, I think becomes a more powerful gesture because I know the history of it. New York City has been… a really
interesting wild experience. It’s great for the art scene. It’s very vibrant, very
full of energy. It’s sort of an epicenter of not just fine art, like painting
and sculpture, but also like theater, so it’s great being here. Students are not
just making drawings in their drawing class they’re writing reports on drawing
shows that they’ve gone to see at any of the area museums or in the galleries in
Chelsea. I can go see a Jeff Koons retrospective that people at other
art schools have to go on trains for a couple hours to get to. From the minute
they get here, there’s an intention that they become participants in the local
community. I think New York City can be great because you do have so many
working artists in the city and you can reach out to them. This past semester I
worked as an intern at a gallery on the Lower East Side. I’ve been doing
internships in Hong Kong in Florence and in New York City. I worked at a
Contemporary Art Gallery when I was studying abroad in Florence which is
also something really great about NYU is that it really allowed me to see New
York City is actually just a stepping stone and that there’s a lot of other
places in the world that I can go to and that has a lot of creative potential for
me to nurture my artistic skills. We used to say that New York was the center of
the art world and increasingly that’s New York is becoming sort of one of the
four most important nodes of the art world. That’s something that NYU has been
really great about, the global university concept really dovetails quite
specifically with the ambition of the global art world which essentially has
been a global economic and cultural entity since the beginning of the 20th
century. I think in a lot of ways the arts have led
globalization. Everything that’s good about globalization. Artists bring
cultural information and we transmit it and we spread it. We’re sort of like
pollinators in a lot of ways. And we want our students to have that sense of adventure
and that sense of anything-goes and anything is possible. I went to NYU
thinking I was going to be an artist. I enjoyed drawing and enjoyed painting so
what was really great about the program that I went into, the Studio Art Program,
was that I was provided a lot of tools and I think that they gave me the tools
to start my own gallery which is what I did. There are four artists that I
represent that I met at NYU and that was in a large part because of the community
that we had, that provided this really great structure for us to collaborate
students to hang out socially, attending exhibitions together, starting
exhibitions on our own, providing exhibition spaces for us to
create shows. A lot of collaborations grew out of the NYU program. Art is about
sharing and sharing your knowledge being inspired by one another and what NYU
does is it helps build this community. I recently just helped my friend in a
photo shoot and now she’s helping me with my sculpture project. We learn from
each other and that’s what’s great about NYU. Instead of being, like a lone wolf in
this huge city and program, with the community I feel like I have other
people on my side .They really push me to do things that I’m good at and things
that I want to be good at. It raises the stakes, you get here and you’re just like
I want to reach that much higher, I want to go that much further, I want to be
that much better. I didn’t want to be limited by my school and NYU really
was the perfect choice. The program really has created a space that expands
beyond the confines of the institution when the students leave with the notion
that there is possibility. A much wider horizon of possibility than they maybe
imagined when they started. We ended up leaving this department, you know like
really really sad about leaving and everything else and I remember finally
saying to someone I’m not afraid of the future that’s not why I’m sad, I’m sad
because I love this place but I’m really excited for the future
and I’m really confident that’s what this department gave me is like, I know
that I’m capable and I know that there are opportunities out there for me.

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