BLIND Portrait Drawing – Ten Minute Power Hour

♪ *jazzy intro* ♪ [Arin] Tucker, what the fuck. [Danny] Tuck– what’s happening, Tucker? [Arin] Why did you… They’re not
even facing the right direction… [Danny] Stop moving the camera,
and just tell us what you’re doing. [Tucker] They’re the same dinosaurs, I don’t know the problem is. [Arin] What do you mean you
don’t know what the problem is? – The problem is it’s a f–
– [Tucker] They’re the same– It’s the dinosaurs, right? Is that– isn’t that the right dinosaur? [Arin] These are the correct dinosaurs, yes– [Tucker] So why are you questioning me? [Arin] Because they’re pictographs! Of– of– Three-dimensional figures! [Tucker] You can’t even tell on camera,
it looks the same. [Arin] All right, well… [Danny] Aw…. Oh… Welcome to Ten Minute Power Hour, I’m Danny. (cutely) And I’m Arin. Sorry, I should have asked permission before touching your face. What are we doing today, Arin? [Arin] I have you doing assault crime on camera! I’m gonna use this to get money from Dan. – [Danny] Okay, all right.
– [Arin] For that 20 bucks you owe me. – [Danny] I don’t…
– [Arin] I’m gonna sue you for it! Ahhh! All the shit fell on the ground. Boom! [Danny] What is this a bag of hair? [Arin] We’re farting, I mean arting. Sorry. Why are there razor blades? [Danny] What? We have those? [Tucker] To sharpen the pencils. [Arin] Oh, to sharpen– [Danny] That’s the most fucking
dangerous way to sharpen a pe– – Tucker–
– [Arin] These are like caveman pencils, look at this! [Danny] I can spear a mammoth with those. [Arin] The idea is, Dan… It’s a blind contour drawing, [Danny] Which is what? [Arin] Which means that you’re going to be drawing my face. – Me!
– [Danny] Okay, all right. [Arin] But you’re not gonna be able to look at the paper, and you can’t lift your pencil. This is a real exercise that artists do. [Danny] Okay. [Arin] It helps expand their… mind. [Danny] I think maybe you should start doing one of me first because you’re, you are the
more *burp* artistically inclined. [Arin] That’s not true, Dan.
You’re an artist in your own right. [Danny] Thank you, A– [Offscreen voice] You okay there? [Danny] Yeah I’m great. Do you need me to be nude? [Arin] Would you? [Danny] Draw me like one of you French baguettes. [Arin] Alright, I’m going eye, and then going upper eyelid, and then I’m going fshfshfsh. Djdjdj with the eyebrow. I’m going underneath the bags under the eyes, then I’ll… [Danny] What do you mean, “bags under the eyes?” [Arin] You got some bags! You got some baggage, everyone’s got a little baggage! [Danny] *inaudible* [Arin] Aw dude, man. Fuck you. [Danny] *laughs* How fucking dare you? This is fucking unfair man. This al– like I’m looking at it it already looks like something like a human face. I’m not gonna be able to replicate that. [Arin] And then I’m going to get a little eyeball, you gotta fshfshfsh. Ah fshfshfsh. [Danny] *snorts* [Arin] And then I’m going to go back down the nose, and you got a little… – [Danny] *laughs*
– [Arin] Line in the… Stop changing your mouth shape! [Danny] I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It’s just the one eye– well… I don’t want to spoil this for you. Wh– it– one eye is a little Sloth-y from Goonies. [Arin] I’m gonna go for the butt chin! [Danny] Yeah, I don’t have a butt chin. [Arin] You got a serious butt chin, and you need to fucking admit it and use it. Wshwshwshwsh. I can’t even– that’s too much… It’s too much contour. I’m just gonna– shit. [Danny] Yeah. That’s not a good sign. [Arin] I did it. [Danny] *laughs* It’s– I mean… [Arin] Wow. [Danny] Is that my hair overlapping in the center of my eyes? *laughs* [Arin] Well, you’re like an emo boy. No one understands the bands I like. [Danny] Fallout Romance. Panic! at the Boy. [Arin] *laughs* [Danny] Panic! at the Chemical Boy. [Arin] I kind of like it a little bit. It’s like Picasso-esque? And you can really see like, that’s his face and that’s his butt chin, his very pronounced butt chin. And here’s his…sultry fucking lips that everyone wants to kiss. [Danny] Thank you. [Arin] I feel like I could just Photoshop– Like… lasso tool and then just… DONK over there. – [Danny] It’s pretty great.
– [Arin] And then it would be fine. ♪ It takes to make this contour round! ♪ [Danny] Start with the outline of the head… – [Arin] ♪ I’m gonna keep my face really steady. ♪
– [Danny] Kind of stays like that. And then… Andres and Allie, don’t look at this yet. It’s not– it’s like a masterpiece that hasn’t been– [Arin] Just go just go man Just go, don’t even stop. Don’t even think about it. Just fucking contour it up. [Danny] I’ve completed the outline of your face. [Arin] Yeah, I’m sure you have. [Danny] I can’t take my… charcoal off the table. – [Arin] Nope, you can’t.
– [Danny] So– alright. Okay, here’s the eyebrow. And, here’s an eye. And get a little… Eyeball in there and some lashes– – [Arin] You have to– you can’t pick it up!
– [Danny] Oh, sorry sorry sorry. Lash, lash, lash lash. [Arin] It’s perfect. [Danny] And this is where your nose would probably be. [Arin] Yeah, that’s pretty close. – [Danny] Uh-huh, there it is.
– [Arin] You’re doing a good job. [Danny] It feels good. It feels like a good job. Whenever I see people in the background, their heads moving as if they are laughing,
I know that I’m really nailing this. *laughs* Get some big, luscious lips. *laughs* And there’s some mustache… *laughs* And around here is where you chin was, I believe, so that’s gonna get the beard. [Arin] Oh. [Danny] Some lines for the forehead. [Arin] Don’t pick it up.
[Danny] Can’t pick it up, can’t pick it up. And let’s just… Sign this.
[Offscreen] *giggles* [Both] *laugh hysterically* [Danny] It’s… you know what?
[Arin] It looks like me a little bit. [Danny] It’s not as bad as I thought it might be. I gave you kind of like a mohawk. Like those Simpsons eyebrows that hover above the eye You shut the fuck up Chris which one is the real Aaron which one do I shoot? We’re doing shoot Thank you. Thank you that this this came out really well. I’m very proud of this. That’s really beautiful I want to try it with the charcoal No Just doing the the charcoal ritual It doesn’t feel great oh I gotta get your teeth now, uh-huh Oh God that’s what you look like then just kidding. It’s good And there’s a lip that goes around and then you got your glorious glorious butt chin. So here’s the other eye Don’t move your eyes. I’m on your eyes right now This is like HR Giger shit back up to your hair And then let’s go down your neck okay fucking jerk can’t you an Adam’s apple it’s not gergiches family Done that is a nightmare Where is everything these are the teeth This is an eye, I believe. How did this happen? That’s how I feel. No Yeah If the whole thing keeps shifting mentally were you Where is it? There’s rush. Yeah. Yeah that I said What is this supposed to be? I don’t fucking know you drew it look great. I feel great. That’s exactly you Or that’s exactly it This time give it your all now that you’ve learned what it means to be your sack of shit I gave it everything I had well I’m not implying that you didn’t give it your all I’m just saying this time also giving your all maybe if you did it the first time which I don’t believe they Give me a new pose So this has a little bit of a perspective shift are you regretting this Yeah, right. It’s not easy Here’s the air You know and let’s get those four headlines in there. And uh Huh that Looks good. It feels good and Here’s my breath here. Some works of art No shit So here comes the nose And get some nostril in there yeah. Oh, it’s great. Thank you Thank you and I believe the Chin’s out here, so we’re Okay. Yeah get comfortable. And there’s the soul patch Aaron Hanson, ladies and gentleman. I’m a thank you. Thank you so much. I’ll walk you through my process This is your chin. Okay, there’s the soul patch and the lower beard nailed it. But thank you. Thank you Here’s your hair. So, uh The beard doesn’t fully connect with the chin these are your forehead lines and These are eyes obviously there’s your nose and there’s your Grody ass fucking nightmare mouth cause you really like really simplified it down to its basic elements when I look at you That’s what I say Don’t blame me Aaron I am merely a vessel for God to work through Well On the turkey trees are coming in beautifully this year That age-old Turkish Beautiful hurricane – but It’s like the clean pile of duty That another but on top in the first but yeah this but had a bud tattooed on it about So he felt inspired and so he proved it, but it’s all on one Giant butt cheek. It’s all a tattoo Stop me if you can’t keep up Yeah, that one’s bigger that was bigger he didn’t he didn’t do glue today in a balanced manner It comes to a triangle point these big dumb fucking toriyama ears Oh god It all did come together and it really looks Dragon Ball Z ish all of a sudden and then he’s got like the big widow’s Peak, you know, like a huge widow’s peak and then like the anger line Turn turn turn turn turn turn turn. His neck is bigger than his head And then he’s got the things like these things that these things, you know, because he’s wearing a singing armor its Vegeta now But yeah here wait, hold on what sigh? I think I can finish this There’s the butt cheeks I’ll give him some shoes. That’s nice Wow, it’s going in the opposite direction that he’s pooping He’s pooping forward in time Thank you so much for joining us on the tip of the Power Hour. It has been a treasure as always

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