Brasilien: Abenteuer am AMAZONAS – Begegnungen der besonderen Art – ZEITreise Ep 23

in the last episode we drove 6 days across amazonia to reach the mightiest river on earth Last kilometer to the Amazon! are there real piranhas in there? definitely and how many? lots of them. Thousand! Of course it is not enough for us
to drive TO the amazon… Of course we also want to go OVER it We now cross the Amazonoas and then we arrive somewhere and then we buy everything and … that was exciting, backwards over the
ramp? fortunately the ferry has a railing Children, we’re off! the crossing brings a real spectacle of nature Now we’ll get to the place
where white and black water join. this looks very exciting. this is the white water of the Rio Solimões it flows together with the black water of Rio Negro and they together form the amazon. is the Amazon made from thiswater? Yes. And from the other too. look there is the limit! now we are in the black water! the waters have such different textures, that they flow side by side for more than 100 km before mixing. Black! Are we already there? Yes! Yippieh, now we are on the other side! Finally, after six days of travel across the Amazon, we did it! it was clearly not enough mud for Duro! We have to come again in the rainy season. the amazon is the lifeline of this
bizarre city right in the jungle and its main connection to
the outside world we’re a bit overwhelmed by the
urban bustle after so much loneliness and wilderness but civilization
also has its sunny sides… mmmm tasty. I got another one. can you share this? Best ice cream in months! was worth it to come here only for ice creams sake, right? the only sensible thing to do in this temperature … manaus is a metropolis of millions-
about the size of Munich. but you can feel that the
rainforest is not that far away perhaps the weirdest bulding of manaus
is its opera house. In the 19th century the city was filthy rich and very wordly. the colonial elite imported all materials except wood from Europe. golden taps, plush seats, each
tile and even the cobblestones – really weird. the bloom of the city is long over,
but the cause of this wealth can still be found in the woods: the white gold. for 100 years, manaus the only place in the world that exported rubber a few rubber-barons
got really rich first pour latex milk then over the fire. The heat transforms the latex into rubber, and the smoke turns it black. With each bath, the bale grows. For a 50-kg bale you need one week. For such a bale? Yes. Hello from the rubber Museum! This is a giant rubber ball from the 19th century! But the real wealth is of course the immense diversity of the Amazon region. to wander around in the most diverse habitat on the planet feels great. but here you can also explore forests,
which do not take root on dry ground Here you can do the walk in the woods swimming. if you dare … okay – I did not have to be very brave or crazy because we are at the most beautiful beach of manaus: Praia da lua. white sandy beach, tea-colored water and a flooded forest it must be the amazon … that water has certainly 30 degrees. more likely … 33 we drive upstream on the río negro and enter the entirely different world of an indigenous tribe travelers are invited
to get to know their traditions traditional food: smoked fish, tapioca, and a particular specialty: ants! I’ve never
eaten ants before… who has ever eaten ants? crispy as chips! tino is brave! We want to continueupriver, but first we need gas. not a problem here on the highway… a floating gas station! we must fill up? I think so perhaps today a life dream comes true for me and I do not mean a boat ride on the amazon, which is also pretty sensational, we are on the search for very special, mystical, rare animals. you need a bit of luck to see the shy Amazon residents and patience… they can be up to 2,80m long… But the fish-lure is just too
tempting my god they are so big! a dolphin! big! Look, it really has almost no eyes! Mindblowing! here comes another one! look at that! amazon river dolphins. mythical beings
for many indigenous tribes. some believe that at night, the dolphins come ashore in human likeness and get young girls pregnant. Very clever… but apparently there have been women, who indicate the pink river dolphin as father in the birth certificate of their babys… why do you always say boto? it is also called boto. and it can locate its prey with ultrasound. because the water is so cloudy that it often cannot see anything. there are river dolphins!
which are pretty big … sensational! theyare very
careful – fortunately! pretty big animals … 2 meter, 200 kg …
they could if they wanted to … this warms my heart,
that we can experience something like this. But it gets even better:
we can get into the water with the animals! So I’ll take me a life vest now so I can go into the water to swim with the dolphin. is it making ultrasound, mami? are they completely blind? No. they see more than we do. and they can also see colors rarely, maybe never on this journey has an experience moved us so deeply as the encounter with these charismatic animals Who is happy? I’m so happy that I have to… swoon! Many thanks Amazonia! we had the greatest time here. soon we leave you but at
least by the coolest of all routes: the waterway! we go down the Amazon, 1500km. and the best thing is: we do not need gas! Floating down the Amazon this is the boat which pushes us 800 hp! I had such nightmares. I am so scared that one of the children fallsover the edge no railing, no life jackets, no rescue rings … we still had quite a few cool camps on this trip, but this tops it all: on a raft on the greatest of all rivers and amazonia moves slowly past… could not be better!


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