waiting for the moment when she moves the cards and gets a little surprise I think Sandra is going to fall into this one Welcome once a again to this channel and to a new video Today I have a video and is going to be amazing While ago I made a prank video to my mom with a realistic drawing by me. Do you remember? and I drew a broken egg If you haven’t seen it I’ll leave it in the corner and is a video you guys loved so much So due to reason that you like it, I thought we have to make a second part to this video and this time we are going to be very very bad. And the prank is going to be on Sandra Cires Art. Is going to be amazing If you know her, you’ll know she’s afraid of bugs specially to cockroaches. She cannot even here their name. She’s very afraid of them So I said “Harold lets draw a realistic cockroach” we’re going to sneak into Sandra’s house and hid it anywhere to see what happens Lets start you guys!! the first thing we have to do before drawing is finding a good picture where you can actually see every detail of the bug a disgusting one. But yes, we have to be friends with the cockroach for a bit until we’re done drawing. Lets look up a good photo *searching* cockroach as you can see here, all the details that the wings have all the hairs, the feet, I never thought I was going to say this, but this cockroach is spectacular I cannot believe I’m going to draw a cockroach Is gonna be worth it, because is going to be an awesome prank Everthing is ready so lets start with the sketch. The first one I did, the cockroach was little bit too big I would love to draw it bigger so it can be seen to make more details but it doesn’t going to be realistic for the prank I erased it and started to make a cockroach with a smaller size, a more credible one but still big I like the form, is really easy now the good part starts! the coloring part I just want to finish to make the prank with this drawing Lets start painting. For that we need to put a base color with markers. That’s what I’m going to do here I have the copy markers and I have to choose the ones that match with the real colors I made a swatch tested in the paper to be sure. So I chose this red color for that top part and this light brown for the fairest parts this part of the process doesn’t take to long you have to colored with the idea to cover all the drawing with a color that’s why is a base color. You know that I like making this because makes everything later way easier you only have to worry about details Here comes the difficult part the part where you do the details. For this part I would use pencil colors I’m going to use the Caran Ache if I want an amazing result and using a gel pen for making the highlights in the cockroach is very important because gives it a realistic air to it. Something that I did and now I know the difference is the texture that has the wings is a bit nasty to talk about details in the cockroach but guys we have to make this good the cockroach has intersecting lines I drew that and gave the drawing a realistic air that it was missing it looks like is there I think we’re going to make it Also I would draw all the hairs that the feet has on them that gross hairs but we have to make every detail of this beautiful cockroach So the drawing was very small and I had work with the pencil colors using a sharp point to have more precision where I was going to make a line or a shadow I late a few hours in this part because it has a lot of details. I think it looks very realistic but it was missing a detail to make this cockroach more real. And is the shadow When a light hits at it, it makes a shadow so I create that to make seem like the bug is on the paper. I create this using a pastel color and blending smoothly. After that I have to touch up the hairs and at the end, I think the result looks like a real one. If you look super closely you immediately notice is a drawing. But if you look from a far, jumm You can possibly fall for it and more if you’re scare of them I think Sandra is going to fall for it You’re going to see her with a HD camera and a zoom so you could see all the details but if you look it like this looks like a real one. Look at this thing all the highlights and shadows make a difference for me the drawing is really good. If I had to give it a negative point would be for the size of it Because is very big for a cockroach. Even tho exist cockroaches like this. But still I was going to say another design of cockroach but is a diffent type one Sandra hates them, so I’m sure when she sees it she’s going to get scared Lets take the camera to Sandra’s and see how are we going to do the prank I’m going to Sandra’s home and of course with my beautiful cockroach we have to put it a security belt We have arrived and casually Titi is picking the mail so I can talk to him about it Titi: is looking good Titi: she’s afraid of them He’s telling me that is a great option I’m taliking low because Sandra is upstairs putting it here near all the daily mail there it is We have to wait until she moves the mail to see the cockroach We’re hiding the camera We’re thinking something to make her go downstairs I don’t know, tell her that she have received a mail from youtube Come here and say Hi to the visit What are yo guys hiding there you have a mail from youtube you have a mail from youtube Sandra: From youtube? Sandra: Is it a prank? you put a dead cockroach there? I don’t know if is dead or alive I just don’t want to see it it disgusted me so much Sandra: I can’t believe is a drawing Sandra: They know what I’m scared of I now tonight I’m going to dream with that. Harold: Lets take some pictures She’s just going to lick it take out your foot! look a that! take out your foot! now has a mark we’re going to give away this drawing I want harold to let go this drawing the comment with more likes is the one you’re giving it away Like if you want me put it a corner of the room. Now i like the cockroach we have to name it comment down below a name for the cockroach Martina Cockroach the cockroach of this sizes bite the have like a i can’t even look at it one time a cockroach walk in my eye while I was sleeping, I thought was my hair and when I open my eye the hairs they have in the feet hurt my eyes Take it, I just don’t want it Well guys! this is everything for this video I hope you like it! and if you did give a huge thumbs up. Remember you haven’t seen my best and my worst drawing so subscribe if you aren’t and see you in the next one


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