Cat Ruined With Paint On The Inside And Outside | Animal in Crisis EP3

Informer: The continuous screams, shrieks and cries drove me crazy Tsk tsk how did this happen to you Baby… A green cat has something all over itself… Informer: It can’t move easily and looks sick. It looks uncomfortable too PD: Ah, it passed by here and it got smeared Informer: Yes, it jumped over and it got smeared on the body PD: It looks like it happened recently Green traces are found But the cat can’t be seen Installing cameras around the food PD: It looks like it’s that guy Weary of its surroundings Eating up hurriedly to fill its empty stomach But its whole body is covered It looks more terrible up close Where did it go? Does anyone know about the green cat? I haven’t seen it It was sitting on the forklift truck PD: You saw it? It dirtied the forklift truck but I don’t know what happened after it fled Fortunately, there are traces of green left PD: Is it green on the Styrofoam? The traces lead to the riverside PD: It’s excretion PD: It’s green Something is heard from a distance There is a cat! It’s escaping again It didn’t even finish eating Will it be able to survive in the cold…? Veterinarian: The excretion really is green Veterinarian: Cats have tongues that look like a needle and are animals that take care of themselves But it keeps grooming itself to get the paint (like consistency) off So, it ends up eating the paint The toxic from the paint on the skin is a problem But it’s eating the fur with paint on it So, there is a danger with bad ingredients digested into the body We have to rescue the cat without delay A different cat… appears after a long wait It enters the cage But the green cat appears later on Will the rescue fail..? Luckily, the cat leaves and the green cat enters the cage Informer: It’s okay You’re safe now The fur is full of paint We hope it isn’t in severe condition.. Hurriedly trying to wipe off the paint But it’s not easy Veterinarian: The front and back legs are all covered in paint The fur in the inside is also covered with the green liquid Veterinarian: Oh dear, the stomach is full of green pigment Veterinarian: What’s surprising is the huge amount of contents inside The contents doesn’t look like regular food The stomach is full of green pigment PD: It’s throwing up There’s no choice but throwing up on its own.. What exactly is this green liquid? Paint company staff: It’s urethane waterproof agent *Pigment used to produce paint Paint company staff: It can’t be dried out when smeared on its own The identity of the liquid has finally been revealed How did it end up in this state.. The cat lived near a factory complex Did it fall in by accident? Veterinarian: What’s interesting about a cat is… They struggle when they fall in something but this one has paint covered till its face And no paint on its back Did someone who hated cats… dip the cat in paint while holding it? The back and back of neck are not covered in paint It may not have fallen in by accident Who did this awful thing to the cat? Veterinarian: There is less pigment inside its body than before So, there are less risk factors in regards to that More than anything, the liver and kidney functions are almost back to normal Happiness… might’ve never been… felt again What a relief and thank you♡

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