Ceramic Club’s Public Art Installation

(upbeat music) – The Ceramics Club is an art club where we mostly focus on pottery making. And kids will come in, either and we’ll do group projects or we’ll start them on their
own individual projects. The City of Riverside is doing this Monarch Migration
Walk along Line Creek Trail, and what they’re doing is
they’re commissioning artists to support monarch migration. They picked three schools: one elementary, one middle
and one high school. So, we’re the high school that they picked, and then they also picked
some commissioned artists to also do some pieces along the trail. As we started creating more tiles, obviously we can’t hand
paint so many tiles with only three or four people, so we started recruiting other people in the art classes at Park Hill South. And that’s how we got most of them created and made to assemble for the project. Now that each tile has
been painted individually, we’re going to assemble them
on this bench-like structure. It’s a big cylinder. We’re going to put all the hand-painted ones, the ones that are in really detail on the top, so that people can view them and really see what our theme was and looking into monarch migration. And then we’re going to cover the sides in these small, multi-colored tiles, just for the fun effect. It’s great in both senses. One, in for art, because
it really gives you a theme that you can work toward. So, the theme was monarch migration, so you can look at the butterflies; you can look at the life cycle; you can look at the patterns on the wings and all those types of things. And then the second part is
community service, right, in a sense. And so, having a piece that
you know that will last for 10 years in a place that you’ve lived and that you worked
next to is really great, and it makes you feel like
you’re contributing things. (upbeat music) (children cheering)

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